Monthly Archives: October 2009

Nursing on my day off


“Please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting another.” In nursing school, they taught us we had to take care of ourselves before we could take care of others.  Sometimes, I forget that advice, and sometimes, it just isn’t possible.  Last night my ailing fiancé went to bed really early (we’re ...

Just add peanut butter


I had probably THE worst night last night.  “Que paso” you ask?  Well, the abbreviated version goes something like this: boy catches cold, cold causes hideous symptoms, symptoms keep girl up all night, girl sleeps on couch.  Boo.  I stumbled back into the bedroom after Kyle left for work, and (fortunately) ...

Zucchini pasta weekend


If I had to design a perfect birthday weekend, I definitely wouldn’t include two days of work.  Unfortunately, my boss didn’t agree.  I guess I can’t really complain about it though, since I just got back from a week vacay in CA.  I was totally prepared with a buncha pre-packed food. ...