Monthly Archive: February 2010

Peace out February, you won’t be missed

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my OpenSky shop!  I have a ton more in the works, so I’ll keep you guys in the know. 


I had an accident with my froth this morning.  Disregard the mess, it tasted awesome.


Bride mag + apple = bridapple.  Sounds like a horse food.  Ah well.  Lunch was a toasty sando with roasted red pepper hummus and greek yogurt-i-fied tofu “turkey” spread.


I think I added too much greek yogurt 😕 because the “turkey” spread was a little overly oozy. 


I don’t think this sammie was repeat-worthy, but whatever, I ate it.  I mean, I like hummus, and I like greek yogurt, and they weren’t bad together. 


Hmmm…looks like I have to work on my sales pitches.  HA!


No question.  Lunch’s dessert was a definite winner.  Why haven’t I had carob covered raisins in so long?  Foodie fail fa-SHO.

My appetite was weak sauce in the PM, so dinner was more of a snack sesh than a meal.



Crack.  Hummus.  Oopma loompa carrots. 


Apple.  Steaz.  Chocolate.


Chewy chewy mango.  Caramel. 

Not exactly a normal day of eats for me, but I give my tum what it wants…and if that happens to be cookies for dinner, well, shoot, I’m a grown up and I do what I want (or at least the latter part).

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t made it to the gym in quite a while.  I have been doing a TON of stretching and flexibility/pilates stuff in my apartment nearly every day and I feel pretty good.  Granted, I miss the endorphin high that running provides, and I’ve had to put my AAAA on pause, but I’m not as aggravated by the lack of cardio in my life as I thought I would be.  If anything, I’m better able to roll with the punches now that I have accepted the fact that February is just not cooperating with my gym regimen.  March starts tomorrow though, so who knows what that will bring…

What has helped in this weather, is making sure to leave the apartment every day on my days off of work.  Regardless of the weather.  As a result Starbucks’ stock is going up no doubt…

You’re welcome economy.  🙂

Mother Nature must be mad

Can you believe this weather?  Haiti, Chile, Hawaii…makes the East Coast snow seem insignificant. 


There’s a car under there somewhere…


So I stomped my way through a good foot of snow to get to the hospital today.  Brrr.  I toted my usual eats with me too, including a big salad, a squash side dish, and apples and bars aplenty.


The big boy on the left contained spinach, steamed zucchini, carrots, brocc, chopped celery, chickpeas, and dried cranzHoly ingredients. 

The smaller side tupperware had delicata squash (I finally found it again! yes!!) with raisins.

Do you like celery? I used to love it, and then suddenly I was just completely over it.  How weird is that?  The only reason this salad had celery was because I happened to have two leftover spears from my bag of plane snacks.  I guess my main issue with celery is the fact that it is sold in such huge amounts.  Yes, I know you can buy the pre-cut sticks, but those are like 400% the price and this hippie’s on a budget.  Sometimes you just want a spear or two, but it seems stupid to buy an entire stalk with 50 servings worth, right?  I may be more apt to buy them and use them if I didn’t think that 90% of it would go to waste. 


Bars, bars, bars.  Apples and apples. 

Although I used to poo-poo the feminine focused snacks, I am getting into Luna bars more and more lately, and this Iced Oatmeal Raisin flavor was pretty good.  Oddly enough, the thing I love best about them is their less substantial nature.  Because they don’t hold me over very long, they are good when I don’t know if I will be able to go for a lunch break in a few minutes or an hour.  If I eat one, and then my patients are stable and I can slip away for a bit, I can still have my lunch without it being too much for my stomach. 


This baby, on the other hand, is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  I can’t emphasize it enough, Boomi bars are so good and they literally put my appetite on hold for hours.  The Perfect Pumpkin flavor was awesome.  The most dominant flavor was from the pepitas (my latest obsesh), and it married perfectly with the dates, raisins, crisp rice, apricots, and cranberries.  I wish I worked for this company because I think I could live off these bars.  Gah.  They are just too good!!


I loved my lunch so much that I made the same thing for dinner.  Delicata squash, raisins, and pepitas…oh, and  actually sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top after and it was sublime.


In an effort to get a nice winter tan – au natural – I had a pound and a half of sweet potatoes with dried cranz.  I’m all about the faux glow. 


And for an added sweet touch, I polished off the night’s eats with a HUUUGE strawberry smoothie.  This one was packed with strawbeezies, xanthan gum, ice, silk soy milk, water, and a few drops of NuNaturals stevia (the liquid kind).


I also had a bunch (as in wayyyy too many) carob covered raisins.  I only photographed this one because it was so small and cute.  I find it funny when raisins escape the carob, or when carob coats a non-raisin (like the mini stem in this case). 

Guess who is working again tomorrow? Yo.

The Sky’s the Limit

I have big news! 

I know I was a bit of a tease with my previous posts (alluding to a surprise and then holding out on you is not my style, so I apologize), but you don’t have to wait a second longer for the big reveal…DRUMROLL PLEASE…

I am now a shopkeeper with OpenSky, a site devoted to helping passionate people share their favorite products with the rest of the internet using world. 

I have been working a long time on getting my shop perfect for it’s grand opening, and although I still have lots of work to do, I am really excited to do a mini-debut now. 

It has several items that I use on a daily basis, and I’m sure you will recognize most (if not all) of them.  As you can see, I also now have a new tab at the top of my blog which will link you to my shop…so feel free to browse.  I will be highlighting the items here so you will know exactly what they are.  Most importantly, I want to emphasize that my blog is NOT a business venture for me, and I can give you my 100% promise that I will not be adding a single item that I don’t love and feel is fabulous.  Hungry Hungry Hippie is a hobby for me, and nothing more…so, dear readers, don’t think I’m going corporate or changing my blog in any way. 

This is only a tool to help you (since I often get questions about how I make something or what I use for another thing) and now I can show you exactly where you can get them!

Ok, enough on that…time for the food.


After a nice long weekend+ getaway, I was less than thrilled to be heading back to reality.  Starting a three day stretch on a hump-day wasn’t the most enticing schedule, but that’s why they call it work, right?  Right.  Naturally, I brought all the finest goodies to help get me through it.  If only food had that power…


This beastly tupperware had fists ‘o spinach, steamed brocc, carrots, chickpeas, and pepitas.  Simple and divine. 


This more modest salad had frozen corn, frozen edamame and dried cranz (the frozen eats thaw by my lunch time, so it’s not like I’m eating veggie popsicles for lunch).


This lover was the star of the day.  The only thing not vegan about Boomi bars is the honey, which is a pass in my book.  Now.  As we all know, I don’t like nuts, but, because I know how good they are for me, I am constantly working on it.  Cashew Almond sounds pretty nutty PLUS there were visible whole nuts.  Those are two things that generally deter me from giving such flavors a shot, but with the past PranaBar success, I was feeling ballsy, so I bit the bullet nut-packed bar and…turns out…it was DREAMY.  It reminded me of peanut brittle, but in a more chewy (bar) form.  Ok, maybe that’s not the best comparison.  It was lightly sweetened, but not sickeningly sweet (like I’d imagine brittle to be), and it wasn’t hard like brittle.  However, the flavor was a combo of nutty with crispy rice.  Like all it’s sibling bars, it held me over quite well.


Dinner was ready when I got home thanks to my food prepping.  Seitan with BBQ sauce, raisins, and pepitas.


On the side I had a few sando thins with a greek yog/nooch mixture.


It was like cheesy sauce on toasted bread.  🙂


It looks weird, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.


Yummy dessert-ables!!  Yogi-pretz, raisins, pepitas, and a meg-zoomed apple

Back to saving lives manana, so it’s time to get some shut-eye!!

Gorilla Food in Vancouver

As I have mentioned before, my (future) in-laws are completely supportive and respectful of my vegan lifestyle.  So much so, that they did research before we headed to Vancouver and had a perfect lunch spot all picked out.


Gorilla Food is right near Waterfront (where the Olympic rings and torch is), so we took the Skytrain there and then walked the few blocks to the restaurant. 


Cute no?  Despite the tree going through the ceiling, the atmosphere was cozy and the staff was really friendly (like the rest of the Canadians we encountered).  The lady who took our order even lived in Brooklyn for a few years before relocating to Vancouver. 


Most of you won’t be surprised by the fact that I chose the Falafel Wrap.  It is described as a romaine lettuce wrap filled with spicy seed and veggie falafel balls on a bed of zucchini hummus and topped with a seasoned tahini sauce and grainless tabouli.


YUM!  The tabouli was very salsa-y, so it kinda reminded me of a falafel wrap with a Mexican twist.  Like a falafel taco.  I dig. 

Kyle and his dad both got the Southern Fire stacked burgers, which came with two protein packed walnut-hempseed veggie burger patties and assorted toppings.


How impressive is that presentation!! 


They were served on a veggie-flax seed bun, which Kyle let me taste.  I wish I lived in Vancouver to try everything on the menu.

Kyle’s mom got the Main St. Monkey sandwich with avocado mash-up, zucchini hummus, tangee olive tapenade, sprouts, tomato slices, and cucumber.


Her sammie was served in a curry squash bread, and also looked pretty spectacular.


We had quite a few treats to choose form at the end of our meals…


We decided to get a couple of Chocolate Almond Pecan cookies to split.  Their cookies are gluten and sugar free and are made in a dehydrator from only soaked seeds, nuts and fruit!!


Oh, and they taste really good.

I also got a Cinnamon Almond Goji Crunch thingy for the road.


Which I enjoyed while cheering on team USA 🙂


What the Olympics taught me

1)  Canadians are super nice, welcoming, and very friendly.


(Kyle nearly had a heart attack as I took out my camera while we were passing the border patrol…whatever, I live on the edge…)

2)  Canadians are pretty die hard when it comes to ice hockey.


(These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg in fanatic behavior)


(The sea of red as we were waiting to get let into the stadium)


(Maple leaf much?)

3)  Vancouver has almost as many Starbucks’ as Manhattan (read: I was in caffeine heaven).


(I’m fairly certain that my patriotic nails were a critical factor in team USA’s win)

4)  There is no feeling quite like pride for your country.


5)  And yet, I really like fighting (when I’m not involved).


6)  It’s important to be humble and not rub in your team’s win, especially when surrounded by the losing team’s fans.


(Go USA!!!)

7)  Vancouver has some good vegan dining.


(Review and food pics to come)

8)  The Olympic torch is even more breath-taking in person. 


9)  Les Canadiens parlent beaucoup de la langue française.  (??)


10)  I am kinda obsessed with Quatchi 🙂


(Awww…he’s so cute!!)


OK, I know I promised a surprise and a restaurant review with this post, but I am still getting settled since returning to NYC, so I will be back with that fun tomorrow.