Monthly Archives: June 2010

More of Manhattan


After day one of our return trip (slash semi-vacation) in New York, I already felt like I was back in the swing of things, living the Big Apple life.  I had Healthy Korner lunches on the go… Lemonade flavored VitaminWater Zero, PowerFu salad sandwich, apple. ...

NY sizzle


Well, it’s safe to say my feelings about New York haven’t changed much.  Humidity is not my friend.  Aretha Franklin?  Nope, that fro is ALL mine.  God bless the inventor of the flat iron.  Our red-eye flight was as delightful as you’d expect any red-eye flight to be.  Luckily ...

Taco send-off


Oh hey, I know I said my blogging schedule would be jacked up with this NYC trip, but I guess I lied.  Thanks to Virgin’s power outlets I was able to use my computer for longer than 35 minutes (no lie, that’s seriously how long my laptop lasts sans power cord).  Anyways, you can thank ...