Monthly Archives: July 2010

Entering Emerald City


Seattle, Seattle, where to begin?!?  Too much good stuff.  There’s no way I could fit everything in one post – and why would I want to?  No sense in glossing over the sweet eats and fun times.  Soooo, now that I’m back in the Bay Area and doing ...

Vegans in Vegas


I know I said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… BUT… …there was (slightly) more to my Bachelorette weekend than boozing and dancing. And, by that, I’m referring to the food. So.  Now that I can look at the weekend’s photos without feeling nauseous, I feel it is my duty (as a blogger and a girl on a ...



I’m going with a minimalist approach.  Inspired by the farm fresh produce of the area, the day centered around fruit.  Four courses of it to be exact. Pluots + pink ladies Ditto + raspberries Apple count thus far…four. ...