Monthly Archives: December 2010

A sweets cycle


Breakfast #1 – awkwardly photographed home-made trail mix of raw almonds, raisins, carob chips, cheerios, and Three Sisters cinnamon sweets. Eaten while Kyle drove me to work at 6:20. Breakfast #2 – quinoa, shredded coconut, chopped apple, goji berries and dried cranberries. Eaten between grand rounds at 10ish. I have discovered a new way to eat quinoa that makes ...

Three Sisters


One, two, three. We’re a special bunch. Really. At least that’s what our parents tell us. We clearly hate each other. And hate taking photos together. Aside from our narcissism and eye color, we have some other things in common, too…such as our love for good food. This is good food. So is this. This is good food in a mug. This is good food ...

Hungry Hungry Kyle


Kyle is too lazy to type up a guest post.  But ask beg and you shall receive…   Here’s a recap of his evening in the kitchen, hippie-style.  So without further ado… Candle Cafe’s Seitan Skewers with Chimichurri Citrus-Herb Sauce I found two recipes online and combined them ...