Monthly Archives: April 2011

Maiden loaf


There’s nothing like a new food appliance to get you excited and inspired in the kitchen. After years of ooing and aahing over home-made breads, I finally made the plunge and got what I was lusting after.  I did a fair amount of research prior to ...



You may have noticed that I took some time off from blogging this week.  Many people turn to rules and the likes to get back on track, but I prefer the opposite.  Personally, I equate rules with restrictions, and I'm not ok with that.  If that works for you, great.  For me, it's just unhealthy.  ...

Who nabbed Nana’s?


I have a new favorite cookie by the way. [Yes, I know I already revealed that’s how I feel about every single one of Nana’s cookies, but this time I may be telling the truth] The chocolate crunch flavor has a sinfully delicious rich chocolate flavor with the crunch ...