Monthly Archives: May 2011

Adios and bonjour


As promised, here comes the Euro flashback series…out of order, mind you, but better late now than never. Paris day 1: May 20th Once upon a time, two girls left Madrid to play in Paris.  Ok, I’ll cut the sh!t.  Laura and I said adios to Spain and ...

Feliz apple pie oats


There are one million reasons my mom deserves a party.  The most obvious one is that today is her birthday, but the most important one is that she deserves it.  She had the grueling task of raising three kids who didn’t say no to a single activity.  I love you mom.  ...

“not very good”


I gave France multiple chances.  One, two, three seven strikes you're out... I wanted very much to prove that you can in fact be a vegan in a country that celebrates meat and cheese.  And maybe it's easier if you speak the language, or aren't in touristy places, but knowing ...