Monthly Archives: March 2012

Welcome to 5 stars


  At first glance, the L’Auberge hotel looks rustic.  But once you tour the place, you start to notice it’s all a facade.    With satellite TV (not that I wanted to watch the Kardashians on vacation) and high tech gym equipment (in the tower’s top floor) and multiple places to ...

Tempeh, corn & rice


Tempeh is…hearty, nutty, and packs your meal with oomph. And it’s ridiculously simple to sub in your regular recipes in place of meat. Like instead of ground beef in tacos.  Or Bolognese in lasagna.  Or chicken in a wrap.  Or tuna in a sandwich.  Or meat in a stew.  You get ...

A mid-shift rendezvous


          I worked both days this weekend.  I should have called in sick - at least one of the days - but I'm trying to save my sick days.  It's harder to staff weekend shifts so it always looks a little shady when you call in sick ...