Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wedding, Beach & Tennis


What a weekend. It all started with a Friday wedding. Ok, actually it all started with a really awesome breakfast.   Oats topped in a perfectly fried egg and avocado. Kyle came home from work early, so I got to eat lunch with him, which was a nice change in routine. I had Amy’s golden lentil soup.  It was stellar!  I ...

Raisinet cookies by Dreena


  When I was a tween (old enough to go to the movies by myself, but still requiring my parents' economic assistance to do so) raisinets were my movie snack of choice.  I was never a popcorn or sour patch person.  I wanted raisinets.  For the record, my mom didn’t give us ...

Planned dinners


The weekly planned dinners have continued with major (budget saving) success, but since I’m serrrriously behind in blogging, I figured I’d give you a teaser of what’s to come.   Wednesday dinner: veggie burger   Thursday dinner: veggie sausage, brown rice, spinach salad   Friday dinner: crock pot ...