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Wedding, Beach & Tennis

What a weekend.

It all started with a Friday wedding.


Ok, actually it all started with a really awesome breakfast.

IMG_3935 IMG_3936

Oats topped in a perfectly fried egg and avocado.

Kyle came home from work early, so I got to eat lunch with him, which was a nice change in routine.


I had Amy’s golden lentil soup.  It was stellar!  I have already gone to the store to get another can, that’s how much I loved it.  I think this is now the best Amy’s soup I’ve ever tried.


On the side I had carrots and hummus.


I got a shipment of Sabra hummus a few days ago.  And by shipment I mean SHIPMENT!!!  Holy crap did they ever hook me up.  I have enough guacamole, hummus, salsa, and yogurt dip to last me until 2013.  But, since it’s me, it’ll probably only last me until next month.  We shall see…


The wedding had hummus too!  The apps included pita chips (Stacy’s!! love!!), hummus, veggies, and three kinds of hummus.

I knew the guy who was planning the food, so he clearly had my vegan interests in the back of his mind.  So nice awesome to have options.  There were skewers with tomatoes and mozzarella as well as pesto shrimp that people really seemed to enjoy too.


Couple shot.

IMG_0824 IMG_3951

The dinner was buffet style…veggie highlights included the massive spinach salad and the curry vegetables.

IMG_0825 IMG_0826

Even labeled as vegan!  The “spicy” rating deterred me at first, but I’m glad I still took a decent amount because it was delicious!  The perfect level of heat.


The appetizers were still out, so I grabbed more veggies and hummus too. 🙂


As you can see there was also a rice dish that was made with black beans and coconut milk.  It was soft and creamy – complementing the veggies so well.

IMG_3953 IMG_3961

After the speeches and dances, it was time for dessert.


Can you tell what this line-up is about??  Probably not (no thanks to my shoddy iPhone camera work).

IMG_0830 IMG_0831

Menchie’s!!!  They had tons of flavors – red velvet, grasshopper, chocolate, vanilla, swirl, sorbet, etc.  And then a whole line up of toppings – berries, candy bars, sprinkles, etc.

So cool! Definitely better than cake in my opinion.  And seemingly everyone else’s too – it was a MAD rush for the fro yo!  Kyle and I split it, although I only had a few bites.  The portions were monstrous.  I felt bad because it seemed like a lot went to waste.

We danced well into the night, then walked home to see the final bit of the opening ceremony.


I snacked on these addicting little buggers before passing out.  Lesser Evil veggie krinkle sticks taste like a combo of veggie chips and pop chips and snapeas.  They are totally delicious.  I made the mistake of letting Kyle sample them and he quickly took over.

The best part is the stats.  They are made with real veggies (like spinach, broccoli, potato, & corn) as well as whole grains (like wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, and white corn).  Totally awesome.


The next day we got up early (who knows why) to get some stuff done in the morning.

I had toast with Earth Balance – the last of my home-made loaf.  I’ll have to make more soon.

[For those who keep asking I use a Sunbeam breadmaker and I love it.  I make the basic whole wheat loaves all the time and they turn out fantastic.  I haven’t had the same kind of success with my gluten free loaves though.]


For lunch I grabbed a vegan pizza from the co-op (since we were doing our weekly grocery run anyway).

IMG_3973 IMG_3976

The carrots on the side made it a little more well rounded.  I had 3 of the 4 slices.

After lunch we met up with our amigos to rehash the previous night.

IMG_3977 IMG_3979

We lounged on the beach for a few hours.  The boys played football (which is apparently illegal now) while the girls chatted and watched a lifeguard rescue mission (successful).


We all went home to shower and then re-convened for dinner in Westwood.

Kyle has been to The Glendon before, but this was my first trip.


We got a few drinks and a few starters.  I had a few of the garlic fries (I picked the garlic free ones).

IMG_3983 IMG_3984

Left: my Healing Hippy salad with kale, spinach, grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, almonds, balsamic dijon vinaigrette.  I added avocado after I saw how badly it needed an ingredient boost.

Right: Kyle’s vegetarian pizza.

We watched the Olympics, got more drinks, and eventually headed back to a friend’s apartment to continue the Olympics viewing.

By the time I got home I was hungry again (that salad wasn’t the most filling), so I had the last slice of my vegan pizza.  And then hit the hay.


The next morning was another early one.  What’s with me not being able to sleep in?


Toast, fried eggs, iced tea with almond milk.


Then we headed to UCLA for the Farmer’s Classic tennis finals.  It was home-town stud Querrey vs. a random dude from Lithuania named Berankis.

IMG_3991 IMG_3992

We grabbed lunch at Whole Foods first.  A veggie sando with soy cheese, avo mustard, vegenaise, cucumber, tomato, & lettuce.  Plus Kettle’s (new) organic sea salt krinkle chips.


The sandwich was delish.   I liked the chips okay, but I prefer the salt & vinegar ones (as well as the salt & pepper ones).


Our seats were supposed to be in the 12th row, but we got upgraded to the 4th row once they saw Kyle in his UCLA Anderson shirt.  It pays to be an alum!


It was SOOO hot.  I was covered from head to toe in sunscreen, but I was still sweating like Ms. Lohan in court.  Kyle forgot to apply sunscreen anywhere but his face, which meant he looked like this for much of the match.



After Sam Querrey dominated, it was time for the doubles final.  That was much more fun because it was really close and exciting.

For dinner we went to my cousin’s house for dinner.


She had made vegan (and gluten free) mac ‘n cheese with quinoa pasta and Daiya cheese.  Am I spoiled or WHAT!?!?!

It was delicious, and I even got to take home the leftovers. 🙂

We also had carrot cake for dessert – mine was separate with it’s own non-dairy frosting.  Heaven.

And that’s how the weekend went down!  Phew!

Yoga girrrrl

I’m sure at least a few of you saw that video way back when right? It’s now the anthem I sing in my head anytime I go to yoga. Normal? Nah.

[Side note: Kyle wants to meet DJ Dave in a huge way…and since he’s clearly a Santa Monica resident, I think it’s only a matter of time…I just hope I’m not with him when it happens]


I started the day with a non-cereal version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Aka toast with Earth Balance and sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top.



Since yoga was at 12:30 I was stuck with the dilemma of timing when was best to eat lunch. Yoga with a full stomach is no fun, but yoga with a growling stomach is worse.


I had a few pineapple rings and peaced out of the casa at noon to walk over to the Montana Ave YogaWorks by 12:15.

Post session, I stopped in at the WF across the street for a carrot, beet, apple, kale, ginger juice.


It was absolutely the best. I wished I’d gotten the larger size. Or five more. I had slurped it all down in a matter of blocks.

Once home I made a more substantial meal for lunch.


A vegan sando with almond mozzarella “cheese”, avocado, spinach, mustard, & tomato.

With two raisinet cookies for dessert.


For dinner I had an insanely protein packed meal – complete with quinoa, seitan, and fried egg.


Carrots and hummus not pictured due to obvious (and implicit) inclusion in every meal.

On the late night, I had a serious ice cream session.


Holy. Wow.

Mocha Almond Fudge was my favorite flavor (back in my youngster days). After swim practice my sister and I would cycle all over town, eventually ending up at Baskin Robbins with our hard earned summer cash. Mocha Almond Fudge is not the typical cone order for an 11 year old, but it’s what I got. Unless they had Mocha Fudge. Which was far superior, but rarely available (because most people like almonds). I, however, had no qualms with spitting each almond out as I came across it.


Nowadays, I’m much more refined. I eat nuts (minus a few I still can’t get on board with) and I don’t spit out my food (unless people lie to me and tell me something is vegetarian when it’s in fact pork).

If you’ve never tried So Delicious’ almond milk ice cream, do it NOW.

My 4 latest obsessions


This cd is so much FUN.  Pun intended.

IMG_3678 IMG_3680

Iced tea.  Can’tstopwon’tstop.

IMG_3791 IMG_3716 IMG_3684 

After buying a big boy at le bux, I opted to brew my own at home.  And I can’t tell you how awesome it is to start my summer mornings with a nice cool drink.  Plus almond milk and maple syrup.




Home-made bread.


I eat these loaves faster than hummus.  And that’s saying something.


This sauce.  With anything and everything. 

IMG_3753 IMG_3606 IMG_3608 IMG_3794 IMG_3833 IMG_3748

Baked potatoes.  Eggs.  Hash browns.  Toast.  Quinoa.  Pizza.  A spoon. 


You name it, I’ve tried it with this stuff.  It’s been on breakfast repeat for the last week.  No shame.

Raisinet cookies by Dreena


When I was a tween (old enough to go to the movies by myself, but still requiring my parents’ economic assistance to do so) raisinets were my movie snack of choice.  I was never a popcorn or sour patch person.  I wanted raisinets. 

For the record, my mom didn’t give us extra money for crap food.  We got just enough for the movie tickets.  So after my mom had dropped us off at the Orinda theatre, we’d quickly hit up the drug store across the street before heading into the theatre.  To get candy of course.  We’d stuff them in our socks – thinking we were so clever – simultaneously sneaking one past the theatre and our parents.  I don’t think my mom ever found out…but I bet she’d be proud to know that I avoided the insane theatre prices. 

Anyway, the point of that tangent trip down memory lane was to illustrate how much I love raisinets.


So can you imagine my delight upon opening Dreena’s latest book Let Them Eat Vegan to see this cookie recipe!


Yes please!!

IMG_3840 IMG_3841 

I was completely certain these would be perfect since her home-style chocolate chip cookies are a staple dessert in the hippie household.  Plus, Dreena’s cookie recipes are so simple and quick.  From picking out the recipe to pulling them out of the oven, it took under 30 minutes.  Hard to beat that. 


Between two baking sheets the recipe yielded 12 cookies total.


The only tweaks I made were swapping carob chips in place of the chocolate chips (because I prefer carob chips) and adding a tbsp of steel cut oats (because I like a little crunch in my cookies).


And they turned out heavenly.


I cannot WAIT to try the rest of the recipes in this book.  Dreena is just plain amazing.  What she does for vegan cooking and baking is wonderful.  Plus, this book has a ton of wheat and gluten free options.


I think my priority is tackling the cookie chapter first.

Do you like raisinets? 

Planned dinners

The weekly planned dinners have continued with major (budget saving) success, but since I’m serrrriously behind in blogging, I figured I’d give you a teaser of what’s to come.


Wednesday dinner: veggie burger


Thursday dinner: veggie sausage, brown rice, spinach salad


Friday dinner: crock pot veggie chili

Saturday dinner: BBQ


Sunday dinner: night shift @ work


I brought my standard seitan, quinoa, & carrot combo as a main.


Monday dinner: brown rice and coconut/peanut tofu stir-fry


Tuesday dinner: pesto pasta


Wednesday dinner: veggie sausage and sweet potatoes