Daily Archive: January 4, 2013

Snack snack snack

I feel like this is what every third trimester soon-to-be-mom says at some point, but to hell with the cliché.  I HAVE NO MORE ROOM. 


I’m so full and it’s depressing that it’s not from food. 

Ok, that sounded bad.  I don’t mean I’m depressed that my son is a big healthy baby – that makes me very very happy.  What I’m bummed about is that I cannot honor my voracious hippie appetite in the way that I’m accustomed to doing. 

I wanna freakin’ chow down and it’s just uncomfortable.  Lame.  So much for the whole eating-for-two theory.

I do a lot of snacking nowadays.  Here’s what a typical day looks like.


Slow start.  Coffee or tea with lots of almond milk.  Maple syrup to sweeten.


Breakfast #1.  This meal is usually something with eggs and some kind of carbohydrate.  Preferably of the GF variety, but I do have wheat toast and waffles from time to time.  0.00001% of the time I’ll skip the eggs. 


If I’m going to yoga I will eat a bar on the way there (I’m loving KIND bars at the mo).  I have a hard time figuring out the timing of my meals when I go to yoga.  Doing it with a full stomach is yuck.  But feeling woozy by the end is worse.  I basically book it home.  On non-yoga days (if I’m just hanging around the house) I will make myself another small snack/breakfast #2.  The below was a mish mash of seitan, avocado, and corn.  Kinda devoid of carbs, but I felt like I needed protein. 


My next meal isn’t so much lunch, but a larger snack.  And it’s generally later because of my double breakfast routine.  I’m pretty much eating like a newborn – a little bit every two hours. 


I’ve been craving salads a lot lately.  Even though it’s cold outside (which usually translates to soup cravings), I’m really digging crunch veggies and avocado with TJ’s balsamic glaze.  It’s like I have a hankering for fiber. 


Sometimes I give in to my sweet tooth and sometimes I ignore it and go on a walk instead.  When it comes to walking it really is a minute by minute decision depending on how I feel.  Some days I don’t do a thing.  Some days I make it ~20 minutes around the neighborhood.  And on really good days I stroll for an hour.  Even though it’s not that pleasant (back strain, insufficient belly support, etc.), I hate being indoors all day.  The above is salty almonds, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and candied ginger. 


I typically eat a snack in the early evening because if I didn’t I’d need dinner at 5 pm.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of early bird specials.  But I like eating with Kyle and he’s not always on board with the senior citizen thing.


Dinner used to be my biggest meal, but now it’s just sad.  I made pizzas with bread (wheat for him, GF for me), marinara, and cheese (cheddar and parm for him, daiya for me).  Kyle had 3 pieces and I could hardly finish this plate.  So lame. 


Before I go to bed I eat even if I’m not that hungry because otherwise I wake up starving in the middle of the night.  And then I can’t go back to sleep unless I eat.  And that turns into a whole ordeal with teeth brushing and all that stuff.  Or worse, I wake up for good at 5 am, thereby starting the snacking routine even earlier.   Those are these date balls.

So there you have it.

Man that was a whiny post!