Daily Archive: January 24, 2013

38 week check-in

I know what you’re probably thinking.  Didn’t I just post about week 37?  I was kinda behind with that one.  This post, however, is on time.

What’s there to say really?

I’m uncomfortable.  Real clothes sucks.  All I want to do is wear PJs all day long.  And do anything but sit.  Sitting is not at all comfortable.  Standing or lying down is fine.  Although it takes me half an hour to get from one position to the other.  Now I know what women feel like during the last few weeks when they just want to be done with pregnancy.  Let’s freakin’ get things going already!! 

Can you tell I’m ready? 

The nursery is ready, too.  100% good to go.  We have everything we need.  It’s all washed/set up. 

Seems like the little man is the only one who hasn’t gotten the memo.  Hey hippie junior – it’s cool, things are good on the outside, come on out and play.

I’m currently up 19 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but it feels like much more.  My appetite is on and off.  Sometimes I am super hungry, even though I’ve just finished a meal.  And sometimes I feel so full that the idea of food is revolting.  It’s definitely one of those extremes though.  I don’t seem to have normal days of eating anymore.  And my reflux issues have resurfaced even though I’m still on the same antacid regimen.  Almost all food is now aggravating.  And drinking large volumes of liquid is a definite no-no.  Same with leaning over after eating.  I really think my esophagus (and the sphincter) have given up on me. 

GI wise I’m just hanging on, knowing that eventually things will return to “normal” (which is not a real normal in my case, but rather an abnormal that I can work with).  I feel bad for my bowels because they are probably totally squished and displaced, but I’d much rather have a big healthy baby than a comfortable digestive system.  Of all the times I hate my guts, this is not one of them.  But, yes, I’ll be excited to get GI things back in order post-partum. 


As per recommendations in my last pregnancy post, I made a list of things we still needed to grab for the hospital bag.  So that way Kyle can just refer to that, rather than have me try to focus my attention elsewhere during contractions.  I have zero idea what that will be like, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be fun (so the more I plan ahead, the less there will be to contribute to the chaos).  Most of the stuff is food related because all the other crap is ready. 


Here’s what we have packed so far:

  • two cameras (one with a video recorder)
  • camera battery chargers
  • iPhone charger cord
  • some toiletries (chapstick, hair tie, face/body wipes, oil)
  • pediatrician info & birth certificate form (already filled out)
  • rough birth plan
  • gum
  • robe
  • sports bras & nursing bra
  • lots of underwear
  • two changes of clothes for Kyle
  • car seat
  • newborn onesie, socks, & hat
  • swaddle blanket

And here’s what we still need:

  • food
    • vigilant eats cereal cup (it’s awesome because you just add water)
    • granola/oatmeal packets
    • dr mcdougall’s instant soup (the ramen ones are basically healthy cup-o-noodles)
    • kind/clif bars
    • baggies of trail mix, roasted nuts
    • rice cakes w artisana nut butter packets
    • hummus & veg
    • PB&J
    • mini almond breeze carton
    • tea
  • going home outfit (t-shirt & yoga pants)
  • toiletries (toothbrush, face wash, face lotion, shampoo & conditioner)

I’m guessing you can pick out which items are for me and which are for Kyle.  Most of the food is for him.  I’m not too worried if we only get a portion of it (I listed a lot so that he’d have ideas/options when he’s going through the pantry/fridge).  Let’s be honest, the hospital has food (you can order it like room service).  I know both the patient and cafeteria menus backwards and forwards because it’s the same place I work as a nurse!  We aren’t going to starve. 

The going home outfit isn’t packed yet because it includes my comfy yoga pants that I still wear all the time.  They are basically the only comfortable pants I own right now so I’m really really hoping my water doesn’t break while I’m wearing them.  I should probably just suck it up and buy another pair, but I’m too cheap.  Is there any chance I’ll have time to do a quick load of laundry after my water breaks??  [I think I know the answer to that]  Pretty sure Old Navy has inexpensive lounge pants that’ll do the trick.  I should just get some extras now.

So what else do I need?  The hospital will give me a few diapers (if we need them on the ride home or something) right?  I kinda figured the same with pads (for me).  Any other baby items?  Nursing stuff? 

While I’d love to be entirely on top of it and leave nothing behind, I know in the worst case scenario we have friends we can call to help.  And hopefully our family members won’t be too far behind. 


So when is this going to happen, huh?  I have been instructed by my sister about when it can’t happen.  She has LASIK surgery today and will be traveling to Philly the second week of Feb, which leaves me a very specific window.  As if I have any say in the matter (if I had any say I’d be in the hospital right now!). 

I’ve been bouncing up and down on my exercise ball trying to get him to engage, but no luck so far.  The walking doesn’t seem to be doing much either.  Time to bust out the raspberry leaf tea.  Other tips are welcome :)  I already looked into the "maternity salad” at Caioti Pizza Cafe, but Studio City is really far away, so I’m thinking that’s probably not the best option.  If anyone can figure out what’s in their magic (labor inducing) dressing, please send me a recipe!