Daily Archive: January 25, 2013

Creamy Quinoa with Kale


Quickie veggie dinner with mega protein – check!


While the kale simmered in a water and olive oil bath, I prepared the sauce.  I took Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and added nutritional yeast to it, then thinned it out with lemon juice and water.  The more hummus you use, the better.


Then I added the (already cooked) quinoa to the pan, cracked in a couple of eggs, scrambled the whole thing, and topped it in the lovely hummus sauce.


Perfection!  Done in under 20 minutes.  This is the ultimate hippie meal.  A classic in my cooking repertoire.  Enjoy!

That’ll do


Here’s the nice one.  The thought-out, put-together, balanced bowl of veggie goodness.

And here’s the, uh, “special” one.


The what-do-we-have-in-the-fridge, too-lazy-to-chop, mish mash pile.

Both do the job though right? [By “job” I mean, provide my body with quality vitamins and minerals]


Here’s the details on the pretty one.

Veggies: spring greens (silly that the mix is called that since it’s winter everywhere else but Los Angeles) & carrots

IMG_8669 IMG_8681

Protein: morningstar chik’n nuggets & quinoa


Dressing: BBQ sauce

I made this same medley for lunch, twice in a row, before the veggie chix ran out.  They definitely aren’t the healthiest (the ingredients list is approximately a mile long), but they are fun to jazz up a salad.  And hey, they got me to EAT a salad, so that’s really the biggest thing. 


I think it might be a good luck charm for the 49ers too (things really turned around for them once I dug in to this bowl).  If I’m in the hospital during the Super Bowl, someone is going to have to make sure I get this salad. 

The more pathetic concoction (with peas, whole carrots, cherry tomatoes, avocado, & nooch) is what happens when you run out of chik’n nuggets ambition.  It’s also proof that the combination of avo and nutritional yeast can rescue anything.