Monthly Archives: June 2013

Workity work


Hey!  I’m alive!  Ish. This week was crazy.  [Life is crazy]  So many emotions.  Adjusting to working again after maternity leave is one thing.  Adjusting to a new hospital and orienting to the new unit environment is another.  And adjusting to spending the day away from my love ...

The last weekend


Dramatic post title, huh. Even though I’ve already technically started work, it has all been fluff stuff, like HR paperwork, physical eval, etc.  So this weekend was my last REAL weekend as a stay-at-home mom.  It’s sad.  I am trying not to think about what I’m missing while I’m away.  But I do like that I ...

Some summer produce


I know everyone loves summer produce, so why bother write a love letter to strawberries?  We all love berries and melon and corn right?  Right.   Another present from my neighbor.  I’m going to make ginger lemonade with the juicer.  My own garden is doing pretty well too! ...