Daily Archive: July 20, 2013

Elise Lately [VI]

I’m loving how much [free] produce I have access to living in the ‘burbs (slash farm country).  My garden is going bonkers, but I’m also reaping the benefits of others’ prolific gardens. 


The peaches were a gift from a former patient’s family.  The lemon cucumber (??) and melon are from Kyle’s work shop’s owner’s fields (along with an unpictured zucchini the size of my leg).  And then there’s the cabbage and peppers that I’m currently fermenting…fingers crossed!


Since we don’t have cable, we are big into Amazon prime and Netflix instant streaming.  Has anyone seen the new Netflix original Orange is the new Black?  We love it.  Three episodes in and it’s only getting better!  I especially like the fact that Netflix is starting to have it’s own shows (this is me giving the finger to comcast [and the rest of the cable providers with a monopoly over the system]).


P is teething.  We’ve tried a few things with marginal success.  He makes the most hilarious face when I put the frozen wash cloth in his mouth.  It’s a mix of confusion, disgust, and relief.  He has good days and bad days, but really he’s still a very mellow babe.  [I’m for sure biased, but it’s been confirmed based on comparison.  I am going to a few different mom/baby groups and it’s awesome.  I’m making friends!  I am not a total loser in our new town!] 


Last weekend we had a family photo shoot.  The photographers suggested shooting at either sunrise or sunset.  While I don’t usually like getting up at 5 am on my day off, it beats the alternative.  Patty-cakes starts to unravel in the afternoon and by 5 pm he’s not exactly camera friendly.  In truth, he’s never camera friendly.  He’s obsessed with both the iPhone and camera and gets super distracted anytime they are in our hands giving them the stare down.  Total blue steel.  He goes from chirping and giggling and making big smiles to stone faced in half a second.  I swear we will eventually get a smile on film!!


Yesterday was my last day shift.  Phew!  It was a doozy of a shift too.  I have my first night shift tomorrow night.  Not much time to catch up on sleep but that will be the story of my life from this day forward.  The good news?  No more lugging my pump to work!  No more coordinating my lunch break to meet up with Kyle to feed P.  I get to nurse at home, then put him to bed, then go to work, do my 12 hours, and come home as he wakes up and nurse him…and the cycle repeats.  Awesome. 


Another awesome thing?  P’s kinda a piglet and doesn’t seem to mind how he gets my milk.  Boob.  Bottle.  No big deal.  Lucky me!  My babysitters are pros though, feeding him in our nursing position and flipping sides half way through like he would if he were nursing from me.