6.2 dripping wet miles

Rise and shine sleepy heads…time to run a 10K!  Weekends are the best, the BEST!

Although the weather was looking pretty ominous, Kyle and I dragged our feet to the park for the 9 am start.  After we were adequately packed herded into our corrals, the horn blew, and we nudged our way forward to the actual start line…next thing I know, it’s freakin’ POURING.  Like, massive sheets of rain.  My pants, shoes, and socks absorbed so much water I felt like I had an additional 20 lbs. in my lower body.  It was like running with your feet in cement blocks. 

Not ideal race conditions.

The sky eventually cleared, and since I was already drenched at that point, I figured I may as well just finish the damn thang.  Ick.  We made it around the park’s 10K loop and immediately headed back home…oh, sweet, dry shelter. 

Shower.  CoffeeVita.  Relax.

(I’m pretty sure it took longer to brush through my ratted, tangled up mane than it did to run the actual 10K).

IMG_2438 IMG_2309

Hit.the.spot…although this flavor vita muffin kinda tasted like mediocre corn bread (no worries, a heap and a half of Earth Balance fixed that right up).

I was so tired, but I fought the urge to pass out after brekkie and opted for some old school reruns of 90210 instead. 


I still wasn’t terribly hungry by lunch time, so I had a huge bowl of cantaloupe.

Meanwhile, a fun package came in the mail from my Mom…


These were kinda hilarious!!  Look at #1 in Kyle’s book.


Does he know me or what?!

Some of the questions were really weird, and yet, our answers were often verbatim what the other person said.  Pretty much confirmed we are perfect for each other equally dysfunctional.  In a good way…?

It worked up an appetite.  Lunch time.


I lathered the Alvarado Street bread with mashed up avocado, then added in sprouts and seitan cutlets (home-made of course). 


Sammie porn!

What’s a proper lunch without dessert?  I present to you, Fig Newmans. 



IMG_2494 IMG_2495

FYI, those dainty digits on the right belong to Kyle.  I really like Fig Newtons, so not surprisingly, the Fig Newman’s were just as tasty.  I could have eaten the entire box, but instead settled for one row 🙂

After lunch I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


Check out my new kicks!!!  Asics GT-2140 with Duomax technology.  It was love at first step

Adios to these oldies (they are on the windowsill because they are SOAKING wet, and I was trying to help them dry faster).


Hello to these new beauties!


I hadn’t planned on getting new running shoes today, but before the race in the park, I looked down at the sea of sneakers, and realized mine were the grossest and oldest by far!  I know you are supposed to get new running shoes far more often than I do…but I don’t exactly have the funds to keep up with what’s recommended.  However, given the mileage I do on a daily basis, I think I’m about due (it’s been a year)…plus, my knee has been acting up a bit the past few weeks, which is generally a sign that the cushioning effect is gone.

For all the cardio queens out there, how often do you get new running shoes?

IMG_2497 IMG_2498

Here are my afternoon snacks.

I had an early dinner since we had plans to see Angels & Demons with a friend downtown.  I wasn’t that hungry, so it was fairly light.


The highlight was a new kind of hummus.


I had 75% of the tub of hummus with my spinach/sesame/seaweed salad and carrots.  It tasted healthier, probably because there is less oil and more veggies in it.  Still, I’d buy it again.


This seaweed/sesame salad is a new fave, but a bit $$ for the very basic ingredients it contains…looks like I’ll be taking a trip Chinatown!


I polished off the remaining 25% of the tub of hummus with more carrots and an apple.

I brought a dried pineapple ring to the movie, which was about as good as I thought it would be.  I read the book, and have mixed feelings about Dan Brown, but whatever, it’s a perfect rainy Saturday night activity.  Throughout the movie, I kept thinking Jack Bauer would have solved this shiz by now!


It was well past midnight when we got back home, so I had a bowl of melon and passed out.



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Comments (11)

  1. erinbee

    H U M M U S !

    im fixin to get new shoes in the near future.
    [once money starts falling out of the sky.]
    but uh. i just got my last pair over thanksgiving
    break. so i guess about six months or so ago?!

  2. FoodsThatFit

    I need to get some new running shoes as well. I don’t replace mine near as often as I should, but try to invest in a new pair about every 6 months. I used to wear the same pair for over a year or so at a time, probably part of the reason I have had so many injuries in the past!

    I am curious to hear how you like the new shoes. I have been fixed on Mizunos for road shoes the last few years, but I hear good things about Aasics as well.

    Great job on the run girl!

  3. jesslikesithot

    oldschool 90210 reruns are the best…..I just started watching them online this year, and it’s gettin’ juicyyy in season 4! haha!!

    Sorry about the rainy race, but I’m sure you killed it!

    And mmm, what a great day of food…..newman’s, fresh AND dried fruit, avo sandwiches, hummus….all that’s missing is some vegan cake!!

  4. Thinspired

    Holy cow, you just ran a 10k like it was nothin’! And in the pouring rain! That is awesome 😉
    I think I need new shoes soon but I’m not sure…they still LOOK okay since I’ve mostly been using them in the gym, but I think mileage-wise they are definitely on their last leg

  5. Courtney

    Fig Newmans are the *best* :o) YUM!

    Congrats on the 10K! I don’t know that I have ever had to run a race in pouring rain…you poor thing! I replace my running shoes every 6 months. I used to be horrible about it too and quite honestly I probably replaced them once every 2 years or something, but as I started running more my back and my bones are very grateful for the past few years of proper replacement! Have you ever tried DSW? They sell the exact same running shoes as the other “running stores” for MUCH cheaper…I don’t think I could afford to replace mine as often as I do if it were not for DSW.


  6. melissa

    wow I had no idea it was raining! way to finish! rockstar

  7. Julie

    Haha dude that sucks about the 10K but you finished it!! Very exciting 🙂

    I just got new sneaks yesterday too 🙂 They’re my first new pair in like 2 years haha SO bad.

    Uhhh I desperately want to make my own seaweed salad! Where do you go to get the seaweed??

  8. Sarah Mila

    That is some ORANGE cantaloupe, and the original Beverly Hills 90210, is my number one hands down favorite show 🙂

  9. HangryPants

    I get new sneaks every six months or so. Not nearly soon enough probably, but what can ya do!

    Love the present from your mom. She seems like a cool lady.

    Also, I saw your comment on my blog about the business of a Whole Foods and the quality of the food. I used to go to the one in Columbus Circle and it was always excellent. Now that I am in NJ, they are less packed and therefore, the food sits there longer I guess, especially some of the more “different items.” ALso, I have a problem with salad bars in general … But anyway, yeah I definitely agree that a busier whole foods is probably a better whole foods in terms of freshness of prepared foods!

  10. ChickPea

    Nothing better than downing a delicious tub of hummus:)

    I got some new kicks today too!

  11. lengslog

    Hi Elise!

    That game looks fun! Maybe Long and I should get in on it too! 🙂

    Oh, give me your email addy, I’ll send you the recipe for the focaccia bread.


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