A bowl of beige

Normally I like getting color into my meals – green being the most important, with oranges and reds close behind. 


This meal had none of that going on.  It was predominantly beige.  Presentation points – none. 


I was so short on time in making this meal, that I cooked the rice with everything else.  Including frozen corn, orange cherry tomatoes, and (already cooked) chickpeas. 


After the rice cooked, I added garlic infused olive oil, TVP and a dash of soy sauce (tamari).


At least it had all the major food groups covered. 

I’m not sharing this as a recipe to brag about, it’s mainly to show you guys that not all dinners are gorgeous or refined or planned out.  Sometimes you just have to scrounge and throw things in a pot and hope for the best.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jin

    throughout the years I’ve seen many of your mono-colored meals. you know what I thought when I first saw this post?

    “thank goodness I’m not the only one”.
    I’ll happily chow down on rice, corn, and chickpeas…then have squash for dessert. hah!

    hope all is well with you 🙂

  2. Lou

    Every one needs a bit of beige now and then 😉 Man oh man, you should see some of my meals – I eat some WEIRD (ick) looking concoctions.

    It’s funny, I think there is always this perception if you are a food blogger, that all your meals must be amazing/beautifully presented/wonderfully creative. Ha, at the end of the day, food = fuel …. doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as it does the job.

    I’d eat your bowl of beige any day!

  3. how to shop for prescription glasses

    Wow looks delicious! 🙂 Wanna try to make this one.

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