A bun rut

I have a million pics of meals with Udi’s GF buns.  I’m not kidding.  They are wonderful.  And I got hooked when they were on sale, but now they are back to the (insane) $4.99/4 buns.  Grrr.  It’s a love affair mostly exclusive to breakfast but it does make it’s way to later meals too.


Breakfast: toasted bun with Earth Balance, fried egg, and farmer’s market strawberries (SO GOOD!)


Lunch: almond butter and banana sandwich on a bun


The rest of the banana was eaten plain with extra spoonfuls of almond butter.  I was eating it out of the jar again…always dangerous…


Breakfast: toasted bun with two fried eggs


Breakfast: bun topped in avocado with two fried eggs


Breakfast: toasted with Earth Balance and two fried eggs (and fantasy football research notes)


I dunked. 🙂

IMG_4870 IMG_4871

Breakfast: (over) toasted buns with (excessive) Earth Balance and two fried eggs





IMG_4779 IMG_4784 





Lunch: toasted bun with mustard, avocado, tomato, and fried egg


Balanced on it’s head.  The rest of the tomato was eaten solo. 


Breakfast: toasted bun with Earth Balance and two fried eggs


Ok, so it’s pretty clear that my pregnancy has made me a savory (egg) person. 

I’ve heard that when you’re having boys you eat more savory and when you are having a girl, you prefer sweeter eats.  Can any other moms or moms-to-be confirm this?  I’m sure it’s one of the many old wives tales I’ve heard predicting a baby’s sex, but so far it seems to be true (I’ve asked 4 different people). 

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  1. Abby

    I hate when I buy something on sale, get hooked and then have to go through withdraw because I refuse to pay $6 for a package of four bagels or something. I end up trying to save them for no good reason instead of enjoying them and then running out. Makes no sense. Sigh…

    And I can’t help you with the egg thing because a) I eat vegan and b) I have never carried offspring 😉

  2. Gabrielle

    I guess having a bun in the oven makes ya wanna have buns in your tummy!

  3. janice

    when i was pregnant with my baby boy Jose (currently 3 months old) I ate eggs everyday! It only differed to be a hard boiled, scrambled or sunny side up type of day. 🙂

    congratulations on your pregnancy. don’t get too overwhelmed with things pregnancy/baby related.

  4. Ashley

    Lol it wasn’t true for me….when I was pregnant (I have a 2 year old boy now) I craved EVERYTHING! Sweet, savory, salty, greasy, it really dint matter lol I did read that if you’re eating like a teenage boy, you’re pregnant with one lol it was TOO true for me! Kudos to you forefor eating SO awesome though! I was pg BEFORE I went vegan/clean eating and it disgusts me now to think how I ate lol

  5. Marisa

    Nope. Expecting a boy & currently obsessed with pancakes drowned in maple syrup. On the other hand, raw juicy tomatoes with a pinch of salt also works for me, so don’t know how accurate this theory really is?

  6. Hollie

    When I was pregnant with my son all I wanted was raspberries. Unfortunately, it was winter, and I live in Canada. That was an expensive craving.

    With my daughter, I could have lived on salt&vinegar chips. It was really bad. Thank god that was only in the last trimester. Before that I didn’t crave anything.

  7. Shell

    I can’t say whether that wives tale is true or not. I’ve had multiple pregnancies (boys and a girl) and mostly, my cravings were all the same. Meat, cheese, fruit. In large quantities. Because if it wasn’t half a cow’s worth of steak, it wasn’t enough. lol Babies do funny things to us.


  8. Katie

    I have two little boys and with both pregnancies I craved all kinds of foods. Blueberry pancakes with lots of blueberry syrup – and I hated both pancakes and syrup before and after pregnancy. I craved watermelon which is also not normally a food I like. I also craved lots of savory foods as well. This will gross you out since you’re vegan but I absolutely craved bologna and cheddar cheese sandwiches on italian bread with butter and mustard! Could have eaten these every meal every day!! This isn’t something I usually eat by any means! You’re body is definitely a foreign animal during pregnancy! Enjoy it!

  9. julie

    i think you’re in a bun rut because you have a bun in the oven hahahahahahahaha i just had to – sorry.

  10. kristinp

    I don’t have any kiddos yet, but my mother couldn’t stand ANYTHING sweet when she was pregnant and she had 2 girls and a boy (at different times, we’re not freaky triplets). Seriously, she could hardly stand to eat fruit for the duration.

    Are you guys going to find out the sex? I’ve got friends that are still deciding and are keeping the envelope with the results in the freezer…

  11. Ammie

    I don’t remember craving just one or the other. I can tell you that I gained a lot more weight with my girls than with my boys…A LOT! I’m embarrassed to say that I gained 75 and 60 lbs with my girls but only 35 and 15 lbs with my boys. Extra estrogen? Who knows.

    Your photos are making me hungry!

  12. Sarah C

    Nope. Had a girl and craved samosas, bean/cheese quesadillas, and (plain) frozen toaster waffles (that is, no syrup). Didn’t really eat much sweet at all, come to think of it (still gained one million pounds, though).

  13. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Hahahaha that’s a lot of photos of Udi’s buns with eggs! I keep wanting to try their bagels, but I just can’t stomach the $7…

  14. Annewil

    Hi Elise, you’ve probably researched this quite a bit, but I was just wondering: is it safe to eat runny yolk while pregnant? I’ve always heard that undercooked eggs can cause salmonella poisoning…

  15. Courtney

    I had a boy back in January of 2011, and I craved cheddar cheese and pickles the whole time I was pregnant. I rarely eat either normally, so this was really unusual!

  16. Alison

    I have a girl and I craved savory….but sweets were up from normal. I crave cheeseburgers and pizza every day though..pregnant or not. The intensity of those cravings just increased. 😉

  17. Sarah

    Hi! I just want to say that I found your blog a few weeks ago and just love it! I am 35 weeks pregnant with a boy and began eating eggs during my pregnancy…I eat a lot of eggs which I never did before. I also had sweet cravings earlier on though. good luck with everything! Also, wanted to ask you how you make your tea and what kind it is. It looks so good!

  18. Lou

    Yeah…. I was really into savoury stuff (and I’m ALWAYS a sweet tooth over savoury) I was obsessed with egg/tomato/avocado sandwiches! It was only in the last trimester that I started back on the sweets…. I HAD to have a mango/yoghurt smoothie EVERY DAY. Crucial.

    Buns for the bun 🙂

  19. Julia

    Girlfran! You haven’t had gluten free bread (or any bread!) until you’ve tasted O’Dough’s. I’ve only had the privilege of devouring the White Buns, but they make Breakfast buns that look and sound insane. Yes, they’re expensive, but beyond worth it. Seriously. And after 12 seconds in the microwave they taste like a mix of challah and brioche. I kid you not! They’re huge in size, taste, and [sexua] appeal 😉 go get some right now!

  20. Jessie @ Graze With Me

    Hmm, well I had a girl (as I think you’re aware of…) and I craved chocolate Snack Pack pudding and peaches. So I’d say it’s accurate. But my cravings didn’t hit until about 30 weeks. Up until that point it was just “what can I eat that won’t make me puke…” foods. The cravings were like OHMYGODIWANTPUDDING!

  21. Amanda

    I love Udi’s buns. I need to recreate some of these because I only seem to use them for burgers. Avocado and fried egg? HELLO!

  22. Ksenija

    Hahaha, I totally get your bun rut – been in one myself recently, but more due to a stress- and not a baby-issue. Buns are just so easy and fast to put together, you can wrap them up and have them anytime anywhere not in need of a microwave or fork – win win!

  23. elaine c.

    only you can make plain ol’ buns look so appetizing! oh and all the eggs, yummy!

  24. Heather

    I’m prego with a girl now, and I want nothing but sweets. And I’m not that much of a sweet person normally. But most days I would rather just eat dessert and skip the main meal to get to it. Haha.

  25. Elise (Post author)

    trying not too…

    now that im into my second trimester im feeling good about the pregnancy. more confident about things as opposed to anxious and uncertain.
    its sorting out all the crap to buy that i want to put off. soon enough im gonna have to start doing some research but for now all the STUFF is too overwhelming. i figure as long as i have diapers, im good to go. ha.

  26. Elise (Post author)

    haha…its so funny how hormones dictate so much! im trying my best. luckily my cravings are pretty healthy. nothing too out there…yet!

  27. Elise (Post author)

    i know right? still fun to hear about.

  28. Elise (Post author)

    yikes. im hoping my cravings dont get too pricey when the fall and winter months come…peaches in december may be hard to come by! eggs are definitely easier to find year round 🙂

  29. Elise (Post author)

    hormones!!! crazy things!!

  30. Elise (Post author)

    i was thisclose to going for that pun in the title. i held off, but im glad to know our heads are in the same spot. solid start for the jets. hopefully another good weekend coming up!

  31. Elise (Post author)

    hahahaha. thats hilarious. and kinda gross.

    watermelon has been my savior for constipation 🙂

  32. Elise (Post author)

    we are having a boy 🙂 two of our four pregnant friends arent finding out the sex either. im way too curious though.

  33. Elise (Post author)

    as long as you had healthy babies it doesnt really matter right?

    15 pounds total with your second boy?!?! thats insanely low!!! wow. guess it just goes to show you those “normal” ranges they have dont really mean much when one person alone has such different experiences.

  34. Elise (Post author)

    ha. im hoping to avoid one million. but as long as he’s healthy im cool with whatever happens 🙂

  35. Elise (Post author)

    hi annewil, theres always a risk of salmonella in runny (undercooked) eggs whether or not you are pregnant. the except to this is in pasteurized eggs since the risk of salmonella in those is virtually nonexistent. theyre more expensive though 🙁

  36. Elise (Post author)

    hi sarah! congrats on your boy!!!! im the same way all of a sudden with eggs! cant get enough of them.

    i make iced tea in bulk. i talk about it in this post: http://www.hungryhungryhippie.com/iced-tea-grazing/

    good luck to you too 🙂

  37. Elise (Post author)

    ok. im convinced. must. find. o’dough’s. im hunting down the nearest location on their site now, and i swear if its not near me ill cry (after your description). sexual appeal, yes please!

  38. Annewil

    Wow, I didn’t even know you had those! Very responsible of you for checking all that stuff. Congrats and enjoy!! 🙂

  39. Elise (Post author)

    thats how i used to be!!! for breakfast, i wanted oatmeal with every possible sweet topping, and dried fruit and fresh fruit all the time. now after dinner id much rather have savory seconds than dessert. crazy what hormones do.

  40. Elise (Post author)

    ps congrats on your girl!

  41. Elise (Post author)

    agreed! win win win. 🙂

  42. Elise (Post author)

    i know right? they were cheaper than bagels and i was like, whats the difference? no hole = more carbs!!

  43. Elise (Post author)

    thank goodness i only had strong aversions to everything for about 4 weeks. after that i could usually figure out SOMETHING i wanted. but it was usually pretty random and made meal planning and prep nearly impossible. now im kinda normal again. hope it lasts!

    snack packs!!! hilarious. i cant believe lyric is almost a YEAR!!!!!!

  44. kristinp

    Congratulations!! I don’t know what it is, but I know a lot of people who have been having boys lately. You guys are adorable and I’m sure you are going to have one fabulous kid on your hands 🙂

  45. Nizzy

    I just had my baby girl 3 months ago and i definitely craved sweets. I craved ice cream like crazy!

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