a half-day of “work”

So this was a picture of the lunch I packed the night before. But all I brought to work with me was the apple and the dried soy beans. I also stopped on the way to work to get a HUGE bag of my newest obsession (yogurt covered raisins).

Anyways, let’s start from the beginning – back to the early am…so I got up with the sun (just kidding it was like 8). But after so many days of no alarm, it was my first rise and shine in a while. I was excited at the idea of being on my new medication and NOT waking up with the immediate onset of terror, scared of what the day would bring, and how my GI tract would/would not be able to handle it (and let’s be honest, it would not). I have been feeling so great lately, like a normal person. And today was just as great! I had a mug of coffee misto (ff milk), and I don’t even think I finished it all. I swear, stopping birth control has completely returned me to normal. My appetite is more normal and I am not crazy hormonal, or wanting to stuff my face with food every second of every minute of every hour…you get the point. So nice to be getting better. Did I mention yet how glad I am to be feeling so normal?! Anyways, I had some time before I started work, since I knew I was going to wait until after work to go to the gym, so I watched the Olympics, studied ACLS, and then got ready to go for my half day of work. I wasn’t really wanting lunch yet because it was still only 11 when I left, so I did some errands knowing that I could get something while I was out and eat it on the subway. I dropped off my other prescription and went to our whole foods (to pick up the yogurt covered raisins as I mentioned I did before). God I love those little things. I also picked up a cup of fresh fruit at the market. It was a pound of fruit consisting of apple slices, grapes, kiwi, and melon (honeydew and cantaloupe). Actually there were also orange and grapefruit pieces that I threw away, no shock there, right? I ate a few pieces on the subway, but that proved way harder than I thought it would be. So I went to Bruno’s (my second favorite place besides whole foods) where I got a snapple and ate the rest of the fruit (and a handful or four of yogurt raisins). No picture since I was out and about…
Work was so easy. I never even had any patients, really, until 5 pm. So I ate my snacks throughout the day (apple, dried soy beans, and yogurt raisins). I got out of work early too, so I arrived at the gym at 7 on the dot, and since I was feeling impulsive, I made a daring decision. I joined the spinning class!!! I was nervous but excited. The class instructor was so great though, she helped me set the bike height, taught me the positions, and told me the proper technique and kept me motivated throughout the class. It was only 45 minutes, but it felt like the perfect length of time. I was sweating like a mo fo!! I loved the way she talked through it, telling us what was coming up, telling us when to rest and recover our breathing and get hydrated, and still pushing us to really work ourselves. So great!! I may have to make that a new part of my weekly work out regimen because I am sure it was so good for my body to have a change up after so much of the same old same old. I stretched after and did some abs, but mostly I was done after the spinning class. Whew! I bet I will be soar tomorrow.

When I got home I made myself a nice healthy dinner. I bought a tub of carrot and celery sticks at Barzini’s along with another vegan “chicken” spread. It is kinda a given that I have at least one container of this vegan spread in the fridge at all times…the stuff is SO good. Still, I always get the same kind. I’m such a wuss because they have all these options of spicy, dill, curry and tons of other flavors, and yet, I have only ever tried the “chicken” and “turkey” flavors. They are all vegetarian and vegan and require NO preparation time (2 thumbs up for healthy ready to eat products). Anyways, I used that spread and then added raisins (regular and golden), ff ricotta cheese, ff Fage, and honey mustard. Then I dipped the carrots and celery in it. It was SO yummy. See the final spread all together (from the separate ingredients) below.

I didn’t even have dessert I was so content after that dinner. Plus it was a bit late, since I went to the gym after work. I still managed to stick to my no eating after 10 rule though.
Off to bed early, hooray!
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