a nutty day

Sunday already? Wow, the weekend flew by, considering I did nothing all day Saturday. Again I slept in, and again I started the am with coffee topped off with ff foamy milk (gotta love the caffe froth)!

I really like foam.

For brunch I made an egg (beater) scramble with more tofu from the whole foods hot food bar. Quite a success if I say so myself. I actually think tofu and eggs are one of the greatest food combos (like pb+j). It was a really good protein-y start to the day.

A few hours later, I had the last bit of tofu. Grazing, much?

Then I tried this yogurt, which I bought by accident! It has extra calcium, I guess? It was ok. Nothing extraordinary. The flavor sounded so good (apricot mango), but it was fruit at the BOTTOM (which I hate)! Yuck. Whoever decided stirring jam into yogurt was the same as flavoring yogurt? No thank you.

This photo sums up the rest of the day (more or less). I finished the bag of A street bread with layer upon layer of peanut butter. My relationship with peanut butter is amazing. Seriously. WTF.

Good god.

And as if the peanut butter wasn’t enough for the day (month), I then dove into the soy nuts head first.

Going with the day’s theme of nuts, I had a king sized bag of peanut m&m’s…
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