About me update?

So I’ve been thinking.

At first I was going to maybe update my “about me” section, but it’s hard to write about yourself out of the blue without any prompts.  So then I figured why not just ask you guys what you want to know.  I’m fairly open about my life on my blog, but who doesn’t like a good Q&A sesh, right?  Feel free to hit me up with questions and I’ll compose a post with the answers in a few days when I get back to normal after my West Coast holiday.  It’ll give me something to do on my numerous flights/layovers…

Feel free to ask anything; whether it’s as superficial as what’s my fave color (pink) or penetrating journalism like how I would bring about world peace (world unites over hummus?).  If a question is too personal or whatever, I just won’t answer it.


I’m currently in Seattle sipping on a 30 cent Tazo chai tea (bring your own teabags and you only have to pay for hot water).  I’m using all will power to not bust open my luggage and snack on the (above) dessert that I made last night.  How bad will it look if I show up at my future in-laws house with an empty tin?  Vegan, gluten free, agave sweetened heaven.  Babycakes’ recipes are fool proof I tell ya.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, I’ll be relaxing sans technology (read: not blogging) for the next few days.  See you on the flip side.

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  1. elleneatsbeats

    mmm I would be having a hard time not eating those too!! Have so much fun out on the west coast!!

  2. The Voracious Vegan

    I would never be able to resist that chocolate temptation! It looks amazing…what is it exactly? Cake? Brownies? Whatever it is I know I would come back for seconds. Have a fun few days!

  3. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I would like to know how/why you wanted to be a nurse and do you think this is a “forever career”? I can only imagine that burnout has got to be high. Rewards high, but burnout high too. But what’s your take?

    I would like to know how many people you think you’re inviting to your wedding, how fancy will it be, what kind of food are you serving, the venue….I mean I *just* got thru watching Khloe’s wedding and since my own was in Vegas 9 yrs ago and was a whopping $299, needless to say it was a small affair. Do tell bout yours! Oh and what are you hoping from your registry you really get!

    Is there a question you hate more than the but where do you get your protein? Or does that take the cake.

    How tall are you?

    Would you like me to continue? Just call me Barbara Walters….


  4. cmb0096

    .30 cents for WATER?!?! That seems a little crazy…

    Have a wonderful time with your in-laws!


  5. VeggieGirl

    Q&A submission = What is one activity you’re dying to try?

  6. julie

    i wanna know why you’re in seattle and not drinking starbucks..

  7. julie

    haha wow that posted to quick..

    i meant to ask

    1. what are your feelings on universal healthcare


    2. IF you were not a nurse what would you wanna be!?

  8. Babycakes

    First, I apologize if any of these questions have already been addressed at some point…

    1. How did you and Kyle meet?

    2. As a fellow cardiac ICU nurse, I’m curious about why you chose this area of nursing. Do you see yourself staying in cardiac forever or would you like to work in other areas (if so, which ones)?
    Also, any funny stories from nursing school?

    3. Besides food, what do you love to shop for?

    4. Favorite male and female celebrities?

    5. Are you into Twilight? If so, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  9. abi

    how did you get SO GOOD at running? 🙂

  10. ksgoodeats

    Get ready for it. Ready?!

    1. Why did you choose to live in NY when you’re originally from the west?
    2. What made you choose to live a basically vegan lifestyle?
    3. I second the how did you and Kyle meet question.
    4. Were you always a runner? If not, did you do other sports?
    5. Did you always want to go into nursing?
    6. If you had to live somewhere other than NY, Cali, or Detroit (obviously, since I’m here), where would it be?
    7. Why are you so amazing?!

    If there are any leftovers of that dessert, feel free to just shove it out of the airplane on your way back to NY – I’ll catch it (with my mouth wide open).

  11. merittothecarrot

    My question is: How can someone make apples and hummus look even better than normal?

    Have a great break! 🙂

  12. Jenny

    dude I have totes been contemplating a Q&A post.. stop reading my mind!

    I would lurveeeee to know how you and the dudesicle met 😉

  13. Jenny

    ugh I thought my question was so orig! now I see that everyone else asked it .. hm.. okay, I’ll ask a muy lame question: what’s you’re fav. kind of PB 🙂

  14. shell625

    everyone seems ot have asked u great questions but i’m really excited to see your new about me section… if i think of any great questions i’ll definitely stop by again!

    maybe i’d ask- why do you run and what motivates you?


  15. Annabel @ www.feedmeimcranky.com

    I want to know what your favorite book is, favorite movie? Also, how do your friends and family react to your lifestyle? Any snide remarks? Or are you unceasingly praised? both?


  16. Amy

    This may seem shallow, but I’m wondering since you eat so healthy if you’ve ever had a weight problem, or had unwanted pounds sneak up and what you did about it? I have been a vegetarian my whole life, but it seems that I eat a lot of carbs and if I”m not careful, a good ten pounds can sneak up quick! So, any light you can share/shed, if you are willing, on highs/lows and what works best for you would be great.

    Amy- a child of hippies who love your blog!!

  17. glidingcalm

    west coast is the best coast

  18. Mandie

    I would like to know how long you’ve been mostly vegan and how it came to be. I’m a teen almost vegan (very similar to your 96-or-so percent) and don’t know how to make the full transition so if you have any tips, that would be great, too 🙂 Thanks! I love reading your blog so keep up the good eats, girl!

  19. amy

    hi, i have two questions: why do they make nurses work 12 hours shifts (it is unkind) and how did you get such a darling sense of humor…are your parents funny?
    happy holidays.
    amy from los angeles

  20. Gena (Choosing Raw)

    BYOTeabag. I love it. I wish that this were more socially acceptable, since 90% of the time I prefer my tea selection to other peoples.

    I’d love to hear more about how you decided to become a cardiac nurse, and what motivated you.


  21. adrianna

    whats your fave alcoholic drink? and how often do you indulge?

    oh, and whats one of your fave songs of all time?

  22. Katie

    First of all, this isn’t a question, I’m not following directions, I know, but I wanted to say that I think being a nurse would be the hardest thing in the world and I really admire you for it.

    Okay, question: you always seem so content with yourself, and I also really admire that. Not that you have a reason to AT ALL, but do you ever struggle with weight/body image issues? I remember reading once that you said “guilt is a pointless emotion” and I LOVED that – I have started saying it to myself all the time. Have you always had that attitude?!

  23. janetha

    have fun in seattle. i love that town so much! i want to know what you think the BEST way to spend your money is!

  24. Danielle

    Have a great time on the east coast. We should organize a blogger meet-up when you get back 🙂

  25. Chrysta

    yummy! that dessert looks amazing! Being a nurse is amazing!! What a rewarding job! But I had a question, if you couldnt be a nurse for some reason…what would be your second career choice?

  26. holly

    enjoy home girl! ummm let’s see…

    what food would describe your personality best?

    what is the one thing (or food) you could not live without?

    what is your dream job?

    if somebody gave you only 5$ to spend at whole foods, what would you buy?

    love ya!

  27. ethel

    E, I too would like to hear how you tell the story about how you and KCobb met…Oh and when was the first time you finally said yes to eating bombitters and no longer calling them that?

    Besos mi amor! Hope you’re enjoying the Cobbs! Give them my hellos. MUAH!

  28. Jessica

    Tasty treat! looks sooooo good! I recently started reading your blog and love it btw…. I would be curious, does your fiancee eat like you? If not how do you guys handle a household with different food preferences? I have a bit of a hard time organizing me and my honey’s foods when we are very different in what we consider “balanced meals”.

  29. nonfictions

    I’m going out on a limb with this question … I know that it’s a touchy/personal subject, but I’d like to know what your thoughts are on religion/God. Are you religious? If so, which religion (and perhaps even why are you that religion?) If not, are you spiritual or non-religious/agnostic/atheist (and also why?)

    Also, what are some tips that you have for new (and old) nurses? Also, how would you bring about peace (world peace, inner peace, etc).

    As usual, I love this blog! Keep up the good work!

  30. Lara (Thinspired)

    I would love to know how you came to become a veggie 🙂 I always like hearing about how people’s food relationships have evolved!

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  32. jen

    Do you ever slip from veganism? I noticed you ate greek yogurt the other day.

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  36. elise

    I’m not 100% vegan…so no, “slipping” isn’t a problem. As I have now explained a more recent post, the motivation behind how I eat is based on what my stomach tolerates, not the title of “veganism.” Hope that answers your question.

  37. elise

    I’m going to reply to this question here rather than in a post because you’re right it can be a touchy subject. My mom is Lutheran, my dad is Catholic. I was raised Catholic, I went through religious education and was confirmed…but other than that, my formal religious practices have (somewhat) lapsed. My fiance is Presbyterian (although he did go to a Catholic HS), so on the rare occasions that we DO go to church, it is a Presbyterian church. We are getting married in a presby church as well.

    So yes, I believe in God.

    However, I also think the Catholic church is way too strict with too many rules and restrictions. I believe that love and acceptance are the MOST important things to practice in everyday life. So I think that the basic principles upon which religion is based (love, respect, etc) are wonderful, but sometimes those ideas get lost in people’s interpretations.
    I hope that answers your question without being overly vague.
    World peace? I wish I knew how…
    Inner peace? Find out what you love to do in life, and don’t let any obstacles prevent you from doing it.

    Tips for new nurses? Ask questions when you have them. Don’t ever stop learning. And always put the patient first.

  38. elise

    still working on this one! so dont worry, i didnt forget about you…

    thanks for reading!!!

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