ACLS – psyche!

Coffee, see photo, was good. What was even better was that I enjoyed the company of my boyfriend while having the coffee…that is rare, so it was quite a treat! I didn’t even finish one cup (see the picture is actually the rest of the not drunk coffee). I pretty much hit the gym up right after the coffee and decided to try to jazz up the routine. I only barely changed my elliptical work out, but it did feel different, and thus better. I went for the random setting, which wasn’t as random as I wanted, but still was better than the boring plateau I have been on. I’m going to still keep trying new things, but atleast I think this work out focused on a variety of muscle groups as it changed heights and resistances. So then I did some stretching and ab work, and actually got a few different ideas for new activities by watching the trainers (toe touching with a weight while balancing on one foot, etc.). Maybe I will try that tomorrow?

LUNCH!!! (steps 1, 2, & 3)

I went with an open faced vegetarian “chicken” spread on Ezekiel bread with ff Fage and avocado layers. This is the usual spread I get at our whole foods, and it was just as good as I remember. Maybe one day I will have the courage to try one of the spicy flavors or Cajun ones or salsa flavored. Then again, probably not – because I am a chicken and a creature of habit.

I also had this perfectly ripe, juicy, cantaloupe at lunch. It was SO perfect, I was in heaven. Unfortunately, I then had to get my butt in gear and head to ACLS. I packed myself lots of food and snacks because I knew I was going to be there from 2 til 10 pm. So I brought the last of the yogurt covered raisins, along with plain raisins. I also made a sandwich with smart deli “turkey” and ff Fage, honey mustard, and organic baby romaine lettuce. I had lots of other snacks too, but in the end, the class ended at 5, so all had to snack on during the whole time was the raisins. For dinner I used the sandwich I had already made and added some fat slabs of baked tofu I got at whole foods in Columbus circle on the way home. I decided that getting off work early was a rare opportunity and took advantage by meeting up with Kyle at his work, then we both walked to whole foods to get din din together (or at least additional ingredients for my uneaten lunch).
The sandwich was great, especially with the added height and taste of the baked tofu. I LOVE baked tofu. Love love love it. So much so that I made myself a second one open faced with only ff Fage and Ezekiel bread. But after 2 bites I realized it was going to be too much and the flavor of the Fage and the tofu alone didn’t really work. So I just ate the tofu (see below).

And then I had dates for dessert. Like 15. or so. I think I am sleeping in tomorrow. Gym after work so I can get a bit of shut eye. Hast luego!
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