All the cookies

I forgot to post this back on Saturday, but when I was making the “candy bars” for my cookie exchange I used up the last of the raw cashews to make creamer.  I was already in prep mode and the cashews were out…so why not.

And now my coffee has been a little extra special this week.

Also, apparently I’m just spending $9 on a loaf of bread now, and that’s the situation.

I will say, it lasts me a really really long time – almost a month (!!) – so I guess that makes the price easier to swallow.  Money pun, anyone?!  I used to eat two slices for breakfast, but I kept feeling super stuffed after, and in true Elise fashion, it took me WAY TOO LONG to realize I was eating more than I needed to and that…wait for it….I didn’t have to eat as much (imagine that!).  This should be obvious (and might be to some intuitive eaters), but I’m such a creature of habit that making the same thing over and over is just what I do because of the routine, regardless of my hunger level.  Anyway, because the Nourish bread is SO nutrient dense, one slice goes a long way.  And then when I add nut butter on top, it’s for sure enough to hold me over.

Full disclosure, I usually slice off a tiny sliver that I pop in my mouth as I make the other “real” slice for breakfast.  It’s nice that the loaf comes unsliced, because then I have the ability to make the slice however thick I want it.

See my sneaky slice half eaten in the back?

I added Himalayan flake salt for kicks.  Are you a heel piece person?  It’s totally my favorite piece, but I know there are lots of people who are the opposite.  I’m married to one of them.  Actually, he wasn’t always anti-ends, but because he knows I like them, he is happy to leave them for me.  In college, I lived with girls who would THROW AWAY the end pieces.  WTF.  That was bananas to me.

On to lunch!  I jazzed up my favorite salad from TJs with avo.

See the devil on the left and the angel on the right up there??

Kyle brought home a bunch of kettle chips that were leftover from a work thing a few days ago.  He’s the best.  There’s a new flavor, Korean BBQ, that I haven’t tried yet, but am veryyyyy curious about.  My love for kettle runs deep.

You like how I plated it as if that would limit me to the portion shown?  HAHAHA.  Oh self, you are so funny.  I don’t even know how many servings I went back for but eventually the plate was a pointless vessel.  I wasn’t too too crazy though.  I didn’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner, which I do 90% of the time when I have these chips for lunch, and I only barely avoided this time.

Is there anything more Monday than a double header dentist appointment with your kids?

She was soooo nervous.  He’s an old pro, but this was her second attempt.  She’ll get there.  Like one tooth at a time, haha.

While I “made” dinner, they “made” Christmas cards.

The sticker pads from the dollar bin at Target are worth sooo much more.  Priceless, you might say, for the amount of time they occupy the kids thereby affording me MAMA TIME!!!  JK, I was in the kitchen cooking.

Kyle is out of town, so it was very tempting to make nothing and eat whatever fridge scrapings were on hand, but I always promise him I won’t do that, so I kinda went halfway.

I made them spaghetti with avocado and chicken.  The Italian staple.  We had leftover chicken and too many ripe avocados, so why not?  They loved it.

And for my own meal, I made a version of the same salad I’ve been eating on repeat ever since Fall arrived and I rekindled my relationship with butternut squash.

This one had greens and herbs, champagne vinaigrette, squash, sheep pecorino romano, and candied walnuts.

The candied walnuts weren’t home-made because the bulk bins at Nugget were 50% off this weekend (they have weekly “secret specials” that I get via email and most of the time they aren’t of interest but every once in a while it’s something awesome).  Like dark chocolate covered walnuts for $5 per pound!  Boom!  And candied walnuts for the same price!  Yes please!  That was one of the other things I went for over the weekend, in addition to the Nourish bread.

Here’s where the night took a turn.

How is a human supposed to practice ANY restraint in these conditions.  This is, like, a third of my haul.


And on that note, I logged online to sign up for stroller strides the next morning.

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Comments (3)

  1. Lesq

    Who doesn’t like heels of bread🤔 I am the only one n my family that loves them unless they are from a crusty bread and then they all do. Just a question–you don’t feel bloated from the lunch salad and then dinner salad/and or veggies and lack of carb?? I have learned that way of eating is had on the motility of the intestines with the problem we have. The more bulky waste we have to move through us the harder our digestion works and becomes sluggish causing bloat. You and I LOVE a diet that doesn’t love us!! Fruit dissolves completely leading to little waste except their skins and are very easily digestible for a healing system. Okay enough of my annoying 💩💩💩have a great day

  2. Elise (Post author)

    Normally no! It really doesn’t! But there are always exceptions to every rule, and whenever I *think* I’ve sorted out my gut, it tricks me by acting up in response to things that are normally fine. UGH! It’s so frustrating. I was looking into much of what you sent me last week and reading a few studies about DD and my mind is blown…I am almost annoyed no GI MD has ever caught this but then I guess it’s also just as much my fault for not volunteering the info that may have lead to the diagnosis

  3. Ttrockwood

    Even if you went through an entire loaf of that bread ever week it would still work out to about $1 and change for breakfast every morning. Sooo… yeah, it’s worth every penny if your tummy likes it and it makes you happy and full!
    I gotta say i don’t love the heels. I slice off the heel super thin and them add it to the croutons/breadcrumbs bag of random in my freezer. When it’s full i defrost and toast and use bread cumbs for veg burgers and the croutons for soup.
    Good lord how many cookies did you come home with?? Perhaps freezing a bunch will at least make them less immediately accessible. That must have been a legit tummy ache afterwards

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