Bears basketball

I’m not an impulsive person, at all, and when our plans for Sunday fell through at the last minute I was okay with having nothingness.  Kyle had a flight that night anyway, so I figured soaking up the time with him and the kiddos together would be best.  But then my dad emailed my on Friday morning asking if we wanted extra tickets to the Cal basketball game on Sunday….and I was kinda tempted to just go for it!  I texted Kyle at work and he was on board and just like that, I made an impulsive decision.  Growth, people.  The craziest part about this plan was not that it was without warning, nor that it was in Berkeley on the same day that Kyle was leaving town for the week…nope.  It was that it was at 1 pm.  Aka nap time.  Sometimes you just have to say yes to live a little.

Breakfast leftovers from the one and only PUSHKIN’S.  Which would be bacon pressed waffles and scrambled eggs with buttah.  They scramble their eggs way better than I can.  I wonder what the secret is.

We did church as a foursome again and lo and behold Valley loved it!  Kyle stayed with her for the first part and then left her and when we came back to get her at the end of service she didn’t want to go!  Major milestone.

I packed them snacks for the drive to the game, and the commute wasn’t too bad since it was a holiday weekend.  We met up with my parents and grabbed food before going to our seats.

So neither of us would feel bad, Kyle and I split nachos and a salad.  I’ll let you guess which tasted better.

The salad was decent to be honest, but hellloooo, guac and chips are never gonna match up.  Kyle is trying to stay healthy with all his travel but some cities make it so hard for him to eat well and that bothers him.  As a result, when he’s home he wants to eat healthy.  But it’s times like these that make it tough.  Because who wants to get veggies when soft pretzels are on the menu?

We had a really fun time.  My kids love my parents, so when you add in a live band and sports, it’s like all their dreams are coming true.  Stimulation and attention up the ^%#&.

Rather than drive home, we went back to my parents’ place for dinner.  Both kids were having a tough time without naps, but P only naps once a week or so, so for him it wasn’t as big of a deal.  Miss V, however, was NOT COPING.  Now I know!  Ha.  She was pretty into snuggles though, which is not typical for her and very enjoyable for everyone else.  It would have been amazing if her mood was better.

He read them a 48 page book and neither of them moved an inch.

We did bath time before dinner so that we could bolt as soon as we had eaten to get home in time for Kyle to get ready for his flight.

V was too grumpy to eat and P was doing face plants in his meal because he couldn’t keep his eyes open.  D’oh!!

In the end, we made it through the meal, but brought home lots of leftovers (including my own – eyes bigger than stomach syndrome).

I finished off mine later that night once we were back in Davis and the kids were in bed.  And now Kyle’s gone and I’m going to do my best to not drown myself in chocolate this week.  Also it’s going to rain, so wish me luck!

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