dried pineapple

A September day

This is an attempt at a “what I ate” full day of food.  I think I got everything.


Cantaloupe.  With this, I get credit for vitamin C, vitamin E, riboflavin, folic acid, & B vitamins…it satisfies both a fruit and leafy green requirement as per What To Expect.  Efficiency in my nutrition – I like it!


For breakfast we were out of iced tea AND eggs.  Basically a mini disaster.  I made decaf tea in as little water as possible and cooled it down to room temp with a ton of almond milk.  It was okay. 


In place of eggs, I made my favorite creamy dijon cashew sauce.  And then dumped it over quinoa and carrots.

I had a late-morning snack of dried pineapple rings.


Held me over until after yoga.


Lunch was a classic hippie fave.  Sweet potato and carrots with BBQ sauce and hummus.


Snacked on home-made kale chips (if you want a “recipe” let me know, but it wasn’t very complicated).

Dinner was early, but eaten in two parts.


As you an see, I cut them into two portions to force myself to stop and pause for an hour or so in between.  It helps me not get uncomfortably full while still satisfying my appetite.


I change my opinion about this lasagna by the way.  Previously, I said it didn’t hold together as well due to the silken tofu and rice paper “noodles” but that was just because I served it while it was still warm.  When you cut into it when it’s cold, it stays perfectly layered and together.




Not much left.

For dessert, mini peach crumbles


These were so good.


Vegan and gluten free and downright sublime. 

And that’s it.  And average September day. 

Yoga girrrrl

I’m sure at least a few of you saw that video way back when right? It’s now the anthem I sing in my head anytime I go to yoga. Normal? Nah.

[Side note: Kyle wants to meet DJ Dave in a huge way…and since he’s clearly a Santa Monica resident, I think it’s only a matter of time…I just hope I’m not with him when it happens]


I started the day with a non-cereal version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Aka toast with Earth Balance and sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top.



Since yoga was at 12:30 I was stuck with the dilemma of timing when was best to eat lunch. Yoga with a full stomach is no fun, but yoga with a growling stomach is worse.


I had a few pineapple rings and peaced out of the casa at noon to walk over to the Montana Ave YogaWorks by 12:15.

Post session, I stopped in at the WF across the street for a carrot, beet, apple, kale, ginger juice.


It was absolutely the best. I wished I’d gotten the larger size. Or five more. I had slurped it all down in a matter of blocks.

Once home I made a more substantial meal for lunch.


A vegan sando with almond mozzarella “cheese”, avocado, spinach, mustard, & tomato.

With two raisinet cookies for dessert.


For dinner I had an insanely protein packed meal – complete with quinoa, seitan, and fried egg.


Carrots and hummus not pictured due to obvious (and implicit) inclusion in every meal.

On the late night, I had a serious ice cream session.


Holy. Wow.

Mocha Almond Fudge was my favorite flavor (back in my youngster days). After swim practice my sister and I would cycle all over town, eventually ending up at Baskin Robbins with our hard earned summer cash. Mocha Almond Fudge is not the typical cone order for an 11 year old, but it’s what I got. Unless they had Mocha Fudge. Which was far superior, but rarely available (because most people like almonds). I, however, had no qualms with spitting each almond out as I came across it.


Nowadays, I’m much more refined. I eat nuts (minus a few I still can’t get on board with) and I don’t spit out my food (unless people lie to me and tell me something is vegetarian when it’s in fact pork).

If you’ve never tried So Delicious’ almond milk ice cream, do it NOW.

Stuffed (in the hole)

I recently discovered this oh SO Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer.  I am cray cray in love with it, and since I now add it to my java on the daily, I felt the need to shout it from the rooftop post about it, too.  No soy, no dairy, no fat, just pure vegan yumminess with french vanilla flavoring to boot.  FYI, I usually flavor my coffee with NuNatural’s vanilla extract, but since my stash is nearly gone, this discovery couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 


This morning I slept (wayyyy) in, but eventually rolled myself from the bed to the couch where I lounged around with trashy tv and a side of caffeine.  My cup floweth over.


I also had some [me] & goji cereal (which I purposefully soggified and then warmed up in the micro).  I heart mush.  Contrasting the soggy cereal were crispy, cinnamon-sprinkled apple slices (2 apples worth). 

[insert hours of college football here]


Snack plates while cheering on my Bruins.  Many, many more apples, carrots, falafel, eggplant chips, and kale chips.


And since they were nearly gone (read: looking neglected in the fridge), I decided to polish off two different tubs of hummus.  When there’s football on, that’s how I roll…ok, ok, football has nothing to do with it 😉


[insert trip to the gym here]


Reppin’ the DKB.  Pre-gym fuel in the form of sugar caked pineapple rings wasn’t exactly the best choice.  It’s no wonder I struggled through 6 miles (on the elliptical no less).  No complaints though since I haven’t really exercised since my iPod died in early October.  I think that’s a pretty legit excuse reason to take a hiatus from running, don’t you?  There’s a new Apple store opening this weekend on the UWS, though, so I may have to go shopping (thus eliminating that excuse all together).

[insert Whole Foods shopping trip here]


Dinner took a while, so I sipped on a Gingerberry Kombucha while getting busy in the kitchen.

1.  Make quinoa, then add in spinach and chickpeas.


2. Roast halved kabocha squash in the oven (first face side down, then flipped).


3. Fill the hole to the brim.

(it took all self control not to write something crass there)


(You can add it to the oven again after filling it if you want, but I like my quinoa cold, so I didn’t)


4.  Enjoy!

I know everyone in the blog world is all gung-ho about kabocha, but it’s not my fave squash varietal.  Sorry guys.  It was good (and I still ate every last bite), but I think I’m just so used to butternut squash, that nothing else measures up!  Oh, and if you are wondering if I ate the skin, yes indeed!  Every green fiber-ific bite.  The quinoa stuffing was fan-freakin-tastic and super easy, so don’t be surprised when it reappears several times in the near future.


I had a big bowl of peas on the side because I was really really craving them.  More than I’ve craved any single food in a while.  Kinda weird, but who in their right mind would deny themselves peas when the mood strikes?  If only I always had such healthy cravings… 

Side note: I used to eat peas by the truck load in college.  It was literally my favorite food.  Now I’ve moved on to greener hummus-ier pastures…


I ended the night with a bowl of vegan cocoa tofu pudding.  Tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day of food prepping for the week (aka my favorite type of day).  I love mellow weekends.

Oven obsessed

I have literally been living at the office hospital.  And yet, somehow I have managed to churn out heaps of produce in the few hours I have been home.  Seriously, our apartment is where produce comes to die (death by baking anyone?). 

Wanna see a few of my success stories (if you said no…well…tough sh!t).  😉


FINALLY!!  (I think kale chips have been on my to-make list for a year now).  It’s about damn time, Elise.


Massaged with cooking spray, nooch, and salt (like, a LOT of salt), then baked at 350 for 10-15 minutes.  Awesome.


I sampled a few…and the verdict…salty crispy PER-FEC-TION!!  Naturally, the salt factor required a bit of sweetness (for contrast purposes of course), hence the presence of the apple on the snack plate.  Amor.


Next oven-i-zation (that’s my new word for oven experimentation) was eggplant chips.  First of all, how gorgy is this specimen (it’s an Indian eggplant FYI)?  I bought it solely because of how pretty it was.  Same premise as kale chips.  


Nooch + salt + heat = eggplant frites.  Yummy!  I need to figure out how to make them crispier without causing an apartment-wide fire drill.  Any ideas?  I’m thinking thinner slices next time, but our knives are as dull as Ben Affleck’s career. 

Prepare yourself for this next one because I saved the BEST for last.  I adapted Terry’s recipe for root veggie fries to meet my personal preferences, and here’s how it all went down.


1. Chop horse carrots into fry-like shapes.

2. Steam for 7-10 minutes. 

3. Add cornmeal/nooch/salt mix and Shake ‘n Bake (and I helped).


4. Spread on pan.

5. Add to oven (400) for 30-45 minutes.  You may have to flip a b!tch part way through depending on your fry shapes.


6. Remove from oven.

7.  Try to save some for your fiancé next meal.


And now I present to you…baked cornmeal crusted carrot fries.  DE-LISH!  Everyone try these now.  Right now. 

Anyways, moving on.  More work eats below.


Z bar central.  Honey Graham is the best flavor.  Period.  Spooky S’mores is fine for a change up every once in a while, and the Mocha-walla Odwalla bar is good for a more substantial kick in the pants kcal boost, but I really really love the Honey Graham Z barClif can do no wrong.


This salad had fancy lettuce, chickpeas, ‘shrooms, steamed sweet potato rounds, and dried cranberries

On the side I had some of my cornmeal crusted carrot fries.  Ummm, how fabulous is my sandwich-shaped tuperware!  I got it from my mama.

(extra long) Sigh.

What a short lived break.  Having only one day off of work was such a tease.  So back to the hospital I went.


The usual crew of lunchables: salad with a lot of greenery, roasted carrots with cranz, Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bar (why does this have to be seasonal, it’s SO good), PB cookie Larabar (best flavor, definitely, best flavor), TWO apples (not baby horse ones, these are the big bad boys), dried pineapple and pears.


Foggy bag much?  By the way, I’m completely obsessed with roasting carrots into fries.  I could easily go through a 5 lb bag in a day…and I don’t think I’d tire of them, even if they were my only intake.  That’s love.


I packed this salad with the best of intentions, but when lunch time rolled around, it was wayyyyy too dry for my liking.  So what’s a hippie to do?


Find the nearest tub of roasted red pepper Sabra hummus, stat.  Perfect.  I also got a fresh roll while I was buying the hummus because I was in a doughy mood.  And by doughy, I mean carb craving (because that’s SO different from every other day of my life).  Riiiight.

By the time I got off work, I was exhausted and had no idea what I wanted for dinner.  I was hungry, but at the same time, the thought of food kinda made me feel blah.  I don’t know why, but NOTHING sounded good to me.  I made my way to Whole Foods because usually a few minutes perusing the aisles of the hot-foods bar inspires me stimulates my appetite.  Not this time.  Weird, huh?

In the end I grabbed a cinnamon raisins bagel, and waited in a 20 minute “express” line to make my big 89 cent purchase.  Foodie fail.

I spent the entire subway ride home deciding what to do with this bagel.  I mean I am a food blogger after all, I should do something interesting with it, right?  Kinda…


This is canned pumpkin and extra virgin coconut oil…which I then heated in the micro, stirred together, and seasoned with cinnamon, agave syrup, and more agave syrup.


Riveting, I know.

At least it tasted good though.  Another perk?  It got my appetite going.  And this time, I knew just what I wanted.  Something chocolate-y and something dessert-y.  Enter cocoa powder.


I threw half the container of tofu into the bullet with some unsweetened cocoa powder and a dollop of (non)milk (just so the motor of the bullet wouldn’t bust).  Blend, blend, blend, and voila!!


3 ingredient vegan chocolate pudding!


The success of this dish was two-fold.  Not only did I adore it, but Kyle wasn’t a fan.  This is amazing given that he is a legitimate chocoholic.  So now I can safely get my dessertface on without his spoon wandering into my bowl.  🙂