soy latte

Is sloth really a vice?

I have been putting EVERY effort into helping my body heal, so after several consecutive days of working, I was really looking forward to sleeping in and skipping the gym. 


I slothed it up on the couch all day long.  I kid you not.  ALL.DAY.LONG.  What goes with laziness?  TV and grub.  Enter DVR and a marathon of breakfasts.

My toast with Smart Balance light (it’s vegan, yo) didn’t hold me over very long, so an hour later I opted for a bowl of granola to supplement my brekkie (and a super overflowing cup of coffee).


My tummy was more than content with this.

I felt guilty for 2.5 seconds about my lack of exercise, but then got over it as I read blogs and researched rehearsal dinner restaurants in the Bay Area.   I should probably be concerned since I’m running a half marathon in a few days, but to be honest, I don’t care how I do AT ALL.  I haven’t trained properly for this race, so I have ZERO expectations.  Realistically, I’ll be happy if I’m not coughing up a lung at the starting line (the finish line will be an entirely different beast).  I have another race in October, so I will consider this my self assessment to see where my body is in terms of distance running.

Lunch?  Well, it was 3 pm, but since I had breakfast so late, I rolled with it…


The apple was my amuse bouche (I operate on a slightly larger scale).  The vegan chicken salad is a WF staple and it’s absolutely out of this world.  I bought it as a part of WF’s 2/$5 deal (the other dish was a quinoa salad for Kyle).  Pretty economical I think.


It’s a little on the fatty side because they use a LOT of vegan mayo, but when I mix it with lettuce and other salad fixins, it’s perfect.  No dressing needed.

I wanted something cool for lunch dessert. 


Cold.  Chocolate.  YUM.  It really was SOY delicious.   


I halved some strawberries because what goes better with chocolate than strawbizzles?  (Ok Kyle, besides peanut butter)

I fell into a bit of a food coma in the PM, which was relaxing, until I woke up and realized I had nothing to make for dinner.  Boo.  Housewife working girl fail.

No sweat.  Whole Foods to the rescue.  I really wasn’t hungry, and I couldn’t identify a single thing I felt like eating for dinner, so I decided to get the most basic of foods ever.  I bought half a loaf of fresh bread from WF and a tub of hummus and called it a night.   Done and done.


Carb-o-loading to help me heal for no reason whatsoever (I guess the whole “I’m sick” excuse can’t be used more than once in a single post). 


Dessert time!!


Guess what I discovered!?  Naturally More has EGG WHITES in it!?  WTF.  I am (was) heartbroken to have found this out.  I have no clue how I missed this on the label…I guess I never figured a nutbutter would add eggs into their product?  Foodie FAIL.  Next time I buy AB I will be much more diligent in my research. 

Anyways, I promise I will do more REAL stuff in the kitch in the near future.  For some reason I’ve lost my desire to get my inner Isa Chandra Moskowitz on lately, but I guess that happens when you are producing 2 pints of snot a day…(too graphic? my bad).


Drench our hair, but don’t dampen our spirits

You know how visitors make you a tourist in your own city?  Well, I had an absolute ball of a time in NYC while my baby sis, Marie, was in town.

The weather wasn’t too cooperative, but we made do. 

After our late Thursday night out on the town, we slept in a bit (well, it was sleeping in for me…Marie, not so much).  While Kyle was at work, Marie and I shopped it up in SoHo, then stopped for a mid-day snack at Dean & Deluca




All the fresh, colorful produce just makes me so happy :)  I also did some flower shopping for me and my bridesmaids’ bouquets.  These are my favorites.  Thoughts?


            Freesia.                  Star of Bethlehem.                    Lilies.


            White Hydrangeas.                                         Calla Lilies.

Kyle joined up with us and then we all made our way to Whole Foods for a late lunch.


I got in trouble taking these photos (I’m SUCH a rebel)!  But the sheer size of the prepared food section made me giddy, so I just had to capture it on film. 


Up in hurrr: Spinach, broccoli, ginger-curried carrots (yum!!), bell pepper/edamame salad, massive blob of HUMM-daddy, quinoa cake (OMG, so good!!)


I really need to figure out how to reproduce the above deliciousness.  The quinoa cake tasted like a veggie patty jam-packed with carrots, quinoa, spinach, and lord knows what else.  There may have been more oil than I care for (why does WF always do that?), but all I know is I didn’t want the meal to end.  T-t-t-tasty!


I gulped down this blue green white tea.  It was nothing special, but tasted especially refreshing given the fact that it was 600 degrees outside (air conditioning may be one of the best inventions on the planet, btw).  Once my rehydration efforts were in check, we set back out.  Pretty sure we covered all of Manhattan on foot.  The proof is in the pudding my lighter wallet.

I passed some hot spots that I was way too full to consider stopping into (Liquiteria, Babycakes, Stogo, Bonobos).  I showed Marie where I work, then we headed west to Union Square to continue our shopping along Fifth Ave.

And then the rain storm hit.  [Insert sprint for shelter]

After drying off back home, we grubbed, showered, and blasted some tunes while getting ready for another night out.  Who knows WHY we bothered straightening our locks when the drizzle/humidity nearly guaranteed the inevitable afro? 

Picture 008 

Again with the double fisting!  Geez, Elise…

We got home late, and there was s’rrrious late night snack-age.  I wish it didn’t happen, but what can I say?  Drankface brings out snackface.  How much do you wish the phrase “if you don’t remember it, it didn’t happen” were true?!?


Saturday morning afternoon, Kyle and I rolled out of bed to make a very necessary Starbucks run, while Marie continued her REM.  It seems as though we finally made our way out the door just in time for the thunder and lightning. 

Picture 019IMG_3960

So it was a stormy and wet stroll through the park…but look how green and LUSH!  We couldn’t help but take a million and one photos.

e and k 2

Marie played with the camera settings and this winning photo was born.  For lunch we stopped at Chop’t, a midtown salad joint. 


I made a salad with asian flavored grilled tofu, jicima, avocado, mango, edamame, and carrots with dressing on the side.  Then they hacked away with the knives.  The blurrr is the chopping of the knives.


They also threw some wheat tortillas on top which I ripped up and stirred into the salad.


My only complaint about the salad was the ratio of lettuce to toppings.  Salad connoisseur that I am, I prefer several toppings in each and every bite, and there was WAY too much spinach in this.  But I guess that’s a pretty minimal issue to have in the grand scheme of things.

About twenty stores, thirty openings/closings of the umbrella, and one Starbucks trip later, we decided to see The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I was the only one of our trio who had read the book, so I grabbed several napkins on the way in.  Good thinkin’ for sure.  I’m not going to give anything else away – just know, I really liked it.

Dinner was a weather induced (aka SUPER lazy) meal.  We stopped at the local health food store on the way home for some prepared (vegan) eats.


I made a burger piled high with (soy) bacon, Gary Null’s veggie burger, hummus, and sprouts on a whole wheat English Muffin. 


I couldn’t deny myself a handful of baby carrots on the side, which CLEARLY took a plunge in the tub of hummus…as did the salt & pepper POP chips.  This flavor was not as good as the BBQ or the original, but still did it’s job got the hummus to my mouth.  😀

After dinner we hit up Metro Diner for a late night sundae. 


Ok, it was actually just shared by Marie and Kyle.  That much dairy would likely reek havoc on my poor decrepit GI system.  But dayam did it look good!


Quite a fun filled Friday/Saturday, huh?  Sunday was even better…just you wait!


FYI: The Upwelling hotties are releasing their cd “An American Stranger” TOMORROW, and they are having a show on 8/29 at the Mercury Lounge.  And in case you live under a rock, this is lilveggiepatch’s main squeeze we’re talking about here.  I’m definitely going to the release party next weekend, so I hope to see some other peeps there too!

A rainy day with Jillian Michaels

Guess who’s turning 21 today!?!?!  My baby sister, Marie!!! 

Picture 009

Somehow I am the shortest in my fam, even though I’m the oldest.  Boo.

I can’t believe she’s turning 21.  She’ll always be 12 in my eyes.  I can’t wait for her to visit NYC in August – we are going to celebrate in a MAYJ way!

In case you were wondering (since I was just wishing happy birthday for my , yes, my sissie-poo and my popsicle do have back to back birthdays. 

Now, onto the food.

IMG_3491 IMG_3503

Liquid AM.  Slosh slosh. 


I used the above brand of non-milk for today’s coffee/Amazing Grass.  It’s meh.  Kinda watery looking, even though it didn’t taste watery, I couldn’t get over how overly clear it appeared. 


I crunched on some apple slices while reading blogs.  I heart reading what you kids are up to.

After just a couple hours, I was ready for lonchie. 


I toasted Alvarado Street bread and spread half with roasted red pepper hummus and the other half with tofu salad (veganaise, shredded carrots, brocc slaw, and avocado). 


It was lovely.

IMG_3569 IMG_3570

I used some carrots to polish off the hummus 🙂

Then turned to Amazing Grass for my second smoothie of the day.  I made this one with the OG flavah flaaaave packet, and I wasn’t so into it…if it isn’t chocolate, I don’t want it.  


Then, since the weather looked like this outside:


I decided it was an inside games kind of day – which meant catching up on all things Bravo (D-list, NYC Prep, you know, important matters).  I also watched my favorite ep of The Office ever (The Injury)…sometimes I can’t breathe while watching because I’m laughing so hard. 

Normally, I’m not scared of lightning, but I JUST read an article about how 5 people were struck by lightning in Jersey yesterday and I was seeing huge bolts every few seconds.  Scary!!  After too much lazing about, I decided to do something.


This b!tch worked my a$$ off!!  I endured 58 minutes of her hell, thanks to OnDemand Exercise TV.  Soon enough I’ll have biceps bigger than Madonna’s (yeah, right!).  It was too much.  Keep in mind this workout was after a 5 day hiatus from all things active.  Tomorrow is going to be horrible, I can already tell.

An hour later (after my legs stopped quivering), I felt like something cool.  Lightbulb. 

Banana soft serve – with a cherry twist.


$5.59 for 10 oz. of cherries?  This better taste like heaven on earth.


Success!!  I know it looks more like a poorly blended smoothie than soft serve, but I like it with chunks (twss).  Cherries and nanners = winning combo!

I was a little worried this would ruin my appetite for dinner…but then I remembered that I’m not a pansy.

For dinner, I went with some repeats.  If it ‘aint broke…


Zucchini “pasta” with raw corn, carrot shreds, and a “creamy” hummus sauce.  I used two different hummuses (hummi? hummusi?) for this “sauce” as well as a dollop of plain greek yogurt.  NOM.


After skyping with Kyle in Brazil, I snacked on some pitettes with roasted red pepper hummus

But I still had to end my night on a sweet note (thank goodness my sweet tooth is back after last night’s scare)!


Loves it.

Oh, it hit the fan alright!

I apologize for being away (I missed you all, even if you didn’t notice I was gone, haha).  These past few days have been insane

I can’t even begin to try to condense it into a blog-worthy Cliff’s notes version.  So…

(a) I was working a LOT – gotta get the cash flow to pay those billz, yo!

(b) A patient stroked out RIGHT before I was supposed to head out on my lunch break (the blogger meet up, no less) – ahhhhhh!  I hate to say which part of that last sentence disappointed me more.  SHOOT!  I’m a good nurse, so even though it wasn’t my patient, I obviously had to take over that nurse’s other patients while they called a code and went through all the shenanigans that go down when a patient has a stroke.  Not. Fun. Period. 

(c) We are moving!!!  After a loooooong time discussing all the pros/cons of this decision, Kyle and I are SO thrilled to make this upgrade.  We are still staying in NYC, and we are still staying in our same Upper West Side neighborhood, but we are going to be upping the square footage BIG time.  EXCITING!  The closet space alone, y’all…

(d) We had our friends from CA staying with us.  Party time?

(e) Kyle’s birthday.  A lot of chocolate.  Not a lot of exercise.

(f) My computer and the Geek Squad were having a sleep over (for a week), and I just got it back today.

Since I was pre-occupied with the above, the food stuff came to play second fiddle this past week. Here’s a few highlights.

IMG_0928 IMG_1247










IMG_0860 IMG_1495

Picture 018




IMG_1551 IMG_0654



IMG_1553 IMG_1594



Hope that holds you over for a bit.  I’ve got a google reader with hundreds of posts to catch up on…alas, I head back to CA for my cousin’s wedding in a few days. 

When the hell am I gonna have the time to MOVE by April 1st?

i’ve got the golden ticket

This post will be quick and to the point because I am SO tired.
Big coffee + blueberry bran VitaTop muffin.

These are good, but not too filling. They’d probably be better as snacks because there is certainly not enough caloric oomph to get the day started.

So I had a cereal mess (a la Andrea)…I think I will eat all cereal out of this bowl forever-more. It’s so fun!

Apple. (I know, it’s a good thing I put a title for the pic, as you may not have been able to figure out what the above red, round thing was)
Lunch: SB&J (none other than soynut butter and home-made plum preserves)

I *heart* loaf end pieces!
Plus a blended treat made with 12 oz. silk soymilk, 2+ tbsp chocolate soynut butter, 1 banana, and enough ice to get the right consistency.

I sipped it with a straw (I’m proper and shiz).
The people at SoyJoy sent me a coupon for a free bar. So (against my better judgement) I bought one to try out. We all know how much I hate nuts, but every bar is made with almonds or walnuts (ick), so I reluctantly got the Raisin Almond, since I figured it was the closest to something I would maybe eat. Talk about a John Dorian style angel vs devil inner monologue!!
It went something like this:
Angel: Elise, you HATE nuts. This will make you sick.
Devil: But you like oatmeal raisins cookies? It’s close! C’mon, try it.
Angel: You are going to regret it.
Devil: Just one taste, do it, do it.
Angel: Ok, just one taste…
Sorry SoyJoy, NOT a fan!!! (not even a little bit). This tasted like old biscotti made from uneaten christmas fruit loaf, with stale nuts. It was super gross. I definitely spit out the first bite and threw away the rest.
Another little secret they don’t advertise is that the product contains dairy. What!? Sure there is soy in the ingreds, too, but mostly the name is just a gimmick. Don’t be fooled, guys, this shiz, is NO good.

The last of the coconut date rolls. Note to self: buy more.
More snacky snacky: puttin’ on the ritz (if you know the reference, I feel a little sad)
Chocolate soynut butter goes with everything
I kinda almost ruined my appetite for dinner with all the PM snacks. Fortunately, I’m a big growing girl 🙂
I’m way into these tortillas – verrrry GOOD! I especially like how you can see the grains. They don’t taste all doughy like white flour tortillas, and they don’t taste weird like those nasty lo carb ones. They are just perfectly wheat-y.
At the store today, I randomly found this massive sized Sabra, and couldn’t pass…You can actually see HUNKS of glorious chickpeas in this tub! Chunky indeed-y!
In the wrap (that was packed too tight to close): hummus, baby spinach, matchstick carrots, some leftover seitan salad (and one lonely tofu cube)
A little blurry, sorry! I had to hold it closed with one hand, while doing some serious photog acrobatics in the other hand.
I had 2 of these wraps, and still my tummy was beggin’ for more (not really, but I wanted more)
So, for dessert #1, I chopped up a Vita Brownie
…and mixed it up into a vanilla o’soy yogurt.
Hmmm…I’m not sure what to make of this. I think the yogurt combined with the brownie was just way to sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I finished it (obv)…but I don’t think it’s a combo I will repeat. I guess if you’re gonna make a dessert sundae with the Vitas, you may as well just do the damn thang right with frozen (not reg) ice cream (or soy fro yo, or whatevs).
Needless to say I wasn’t satisfied, and even though I tried to watch tv, read, and draw to keep my mind pre-occupied (where is my BF when I need him!!)…I ended up having a huge dairy-loaded chocolate bar. EFF!! Tomorrow is gonna be rough. Good thing Kyle is in China (that should be a safe enough distance from the bathroom…). TMI? Sorry…
I felt like Charlie finding the golden ticket as I was opening it…
Oh dairy, how I missed you! This will bite me in the ass tomorrow (pun intended)!
Night kiddos!