soynut butter

How to make soynut butter

This is not a recipe makeover, but rather a re-post of the process of how to make soynut butter. 


You see, that post I wrote long long ago is somehow one of the most popular on my site.  And yet, the photos are hideous and don’t do the recipe justice in the least.


So I decided to write a revised post, in the hopes that more people will give it a shot.  Back in my college days I was a soynut butter fiend.  Just ask my bestie, Jess.  We pounded the stuff. 

It wasn’t until much later that I thought to make my own.  It’s really really simple.  All you need are soynuts and some kind of blender or food processor.


Home-made Soynut Butter [vegan, gluten free]


  • 1.5 cups roasted soynuts
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup (+/- to taste)
  • 1/2 tsp salt (+/- to taste)
  • optional: cocoa powder, cinnamon
  • optional: other oils (ie flax, safflower, sunflower, sesame, olive, rapeseed, etc.)


Add soy nuts to whatever appliance you’re going to blend it in (magic bullet, blender, food processor) and then add the water.  Let the soynuts soak for a while (until they absorb all or most of the water). 

Once the nuts are soft and the liquid is reduced, pulse them into a thick puree.  Scrape down the sides of the blender as needed.  Add coconut oil and maple syrup and continue to blend.  Salt as desired (if you’re using roasted & salted nuts you may not need any). 

Continue to process until nut butter reaches the consistency you want. 



On sandwiches.  Or toast. 
In oats.  Or hot grain cereal.
With apples.  Or bananas.
In smoothies.  Or yogurt.
On pancakes.  Or waffles.

You get the idea…



This recipe yields a more chunky soynut butter.  For a smoother, creamier nut butter, add extra oil (I’ve found flax [aka linseed] to be my favorite).

You can swap agave or stevia for the maple syrup.  I also think brown rice syrup would work, but I’ve never tried it.

Use organic soynuts (unless you’re certain the kind you buy are non GMO).


Hello protein!!


Sunshine, don’t go away

As far as weekends go, this was pretty damn near perfect. 

It started with a 10 am wake up call (sleep in much?), and then a bit of coffee loading. 


Since it was a GORGEOUS 40+ degrees outside, Kyle and I wanted to get our faces in the sun asap


So, after snacking on one (and a half) of my chia seed oat bars, we set out for a run in the park.  I can’t even tell you how long I have been waiting to feel the road beneath my feet.  The treadmill just hasn’t been working for me this winter, so it was delightful to get the cardio itch again.  I knew it would return.  It’s about time…

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to hang since I haven’t run in soooo long, but I was happy that I made it through a 7 miler without stopping to walk in 55 minutes.  No too shabby.  I felt dead tired after, but in a wonderful way. 


New product alert!  Since I know you can’t read that label, let me just show you the part I was most shocked by.


Contains soy and milk.  Okay, so let’s just get this out in the open, it’s NOT vegan.  Although it has no lactose, it does have casein (which my stomach handles fine, but others’ may be sensitive to). 


It melts!


I toasted my bread then added a few slices of Soya Kaas Mozzarella cheese and popped it in the micro for a quick 30 seconds…and voila! 


Oooey gooey stringy melty YUM!

This is the best melting non-lactose cheese I have tried and it tastes good too.  It’s not as tasty as VeganRella, but I have been hard pressed to come by that brand anymore.  I’ve heard you can freeze Soya Kaas too, so at least if I do fall in love with it and it goes out of stock (I have a tendency to become obsessed with things right before they get discontinued), I can buy it in bulk and just keep it in the freezer.

Anyways, lunch was perfect, but I had another apple after for dessert.  Kyle and I headed out to do errands and enjoy the sun, and along the way I grabbed a soy misto.


For dinner, Kyle and I went to Sushi UO, a tiny spot on the Lower East Side.  It was a small place, with moderately priced sushi, kinda dark inside with simple decor, but I definitely couldn’t take photos without being super obnoxious.  Anyways, you will just have to imagine what wine, edamame, seaweed salad (compliments of the chef), veggie rolls with copious avocado, and plum wine (compliments of the chef) look like since my camera was tucked away for the sake of the other diners.  [Trust me, they were beautifully plated]

The menu wasn’t too inventive, but it was a good meal.  It was a bit hard to find given that there was no sign whatsoever outside and the entrance was more like an apartment building walkup than a foyer. 

After dinner we headed one block west to the Hotel on Rivington bar where we met up with friends for drinks. 

Yadda Yadda, we got home around midnight and crashed hard. 

I completely snoozed through my alarm, but Kyle got impatient and woke me up at 10 so we could head to WFs for our weekend shopping. 

A stop at Starbucks on the way was BEYOND necessary.  I was sore (from the previous days run) and dehydrated (from the previous night’s booze) so it was an interesting grocery run to say the least.


Yep, more caffeine.  (It was a late night, ok?)

For lunch I had an apple and a remixed version of yesterday’s lunch (hold the second apple, sub in carrots).  This time I melted the Soya Kaas mozz on a WF sandwich thin


There was also another newbie on the menu that I was SOOOO excited to find at Whole Foods! 


Artichoke Spinach HummusCedar’s has been my hummus provider of choice lately, and each time I go to WFs I discover a new flavor.  This one is now my new fave.


Obviously I had double quadruple the amount shown above…at first I just dipped the carrots in it, but soon the grilled cheese made it’s way into it, too! 😉

After lunch, Kyle and I went for a shorter run (still so sore from yesterday!) in Riverside Park.  As much as I didn’t think I should push myself with back to back runs, it was just too dang beautiful outside to NOT run.  Plus, I love love love running along the water.  Sometimes I pretend I’m not on the East Coast and it’s not the dirty Jerz on the other side.


Post run snackage.

We had tons of errands to do in the afternoon so we quickly showered and hit the road…off to midtown!

We crossed some major things off our wedding to-do list today.  Men’s warehouse for tux stuff, Macy’s for mattress research and registry fun. 


And somewhere along the way a stop for Kombucha :)  Trilogy is one of the safest ones to get while you are out because they seem to be the least likely to blow up in your face. 


While I prepped dinner, I snacked on carrot rounds with my new favorite hummus. 


Dinner was far from creative, but I was really in a seaweed mood after the previous night’s sushi dinner.

I topped spinach with a seaweed sesame seed salad and called it game, set, match.


I had an open-faced PB sammie too.


A little skimpy on the PB, but I only wanted a hint of nutty flavor…to be honest, I was craving the fluffy carb-a-lish bread more.

Strawberry ice cream!!


This baby had frozen strawberries, ‘fu, ice, NuNaturals stevia, and xanthan gum.  No more, no less.


For those who have asked (Courtney), the trick to getting the bullet to blend things really creamy & smooth is using super small ice cubes.  I freeze the trays barely 1/3 of the way full. 


An ammmmmazing ending to an amazing weekend.  I will reluctantly return to the hospital tomorrow, but it’s nice to know that spring seems to be sneaking it’s way back into our lives. 

Home-made soynut butter

I’m poor and nut-butters are pricey, so why not?

Turns out, it really isn’t that hard to make. 



  • soynuts
  • water
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt*
  • agave nectar*

*optional (I used both)

First, soak the nuts in water so they absorb the moisture (fill the water level to just above the nuts).  It doesn’t take too long and after a few minutes, they should have soaked up much of the water. 

After a few minutes add a bit more water until it’s higher above the nuts again.


Then, transfer to blender (I used my Magic Bullet so it was all set to go) and start blend blend blending away.  After a few pulses, add in the EVOO.

Keep adding water slowly, until it’s the consistency you want (I prefer my nut-butters creamy smooth, but maybe you’re more of a chunky person).


If you like your nut-butter sweet, add in a tbsp of agave nectar.  It’s not overly sugary and adds just a subtle sweetness.  Also, you may want to add salt, depending on whether or not your soynuts were salted to start. 

Then scoop and enjoy…


With apples…


With bread and jam…


With oat bran…




Now isn’t that gorgeous?  Simple to make, versatile, AND it cost next to nothing.

Seriously, everyone, try it. 

ouch, SOOO sore

Monday = BLAH

It figures it would rain pour all day. 

After Saturday’s crazy long run and Sunday’s race, my leg muscles were struggling.  Let’s just say this week will be a serious taper week since next weekend is my HALF MARATHON!!! 

You would have thought this weekend’s race would have calmed my nerves, but I think I am even MORE jittery and anxious now. 

: /

IMG_1913 IMG_1061

Java love + a whole lotta froth + toast with snb  = good morning!

Since the weather was crap I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.  I was forced to put my dresser together…something I’ve been dreading ever since it arrived.

IMG_1921 IMG_1923

WAHHHH…so many pieces.  Eventually I conquered my fears and tackled the drawers…leaving me with only 500 more pieces.  Great.

IMG_1926 IMG_1927

Screwing and gluing nonstop was exhausting and definitely worked up my appetite for lunch.

I made “egg salad” from a Meatout Monday recipe that I adapted a bit.

IMG_1906 Cubed tofu.

IMG_1907 Chopped celery/carrots.

IMG_1908 Nasoya “mayo.”

IMG_1909 Honey mustard & paprika.

All mixed and mashed together…(plus a pinch of salt)


TOFU (‘egg”) salad!!

I had a few spoonfuls plain and was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful it was despite the fact that I omitted the dill from the recipe. 

We have no dill, relish, or anything pickled in the apartment due to Kyle’s aversion to them from a childhood trauma. 

Also I added in the chopped veggies, to pump up the volume which was a great idea.  There was a nice crunch factor going on.


I had another scoop on the side of some cukes, which are PERFECT natural spoons (almost as good as mushrooms with hummus).

IMG_1811 IMG_1767

Orange, apple, and strawberry Chobz rounded out lunch, and then I was back to the dresser…


HOURS later.  Woohoo. Now, let’s hope the thing stays together.


Snack time: dried pineapples.

Gym time: 45 minutes of the slowest, least resistance elliptical-ing known to mankind…followed by another hour of stretching.


For dinner I decided to incorporate the remaining portion of the tofu “egg” salad into a salad creation


Chopped cukes, cauliflower, broccoli, shredded carrots, sprouts, and tofu salad, all on a bed of spinach.


Mmmm…look at all that variety and deliciousness packed into each bite! 

At about 10 pm Kyle and I realized a horrible thing.


So rather than wake up and face the day without a fresh brew, we braved the ridiculous storm to go to Starbucks…as we stepped out into the torrential downpour, layered in raincoats, galoshes, and umbrellas, I thought to myself: WHAT kind of ADDICT does this?!? At 10 pm?!? 

Once I got back home I was drenched and ready for dessert.


I had a classic Elise dessert of dates stuffed with carob raisins, and a few extra carob raisins on the side.

sunny weekend

I LOVE warm weather.  And being that this was the first nice weekend we New Yorkers have had this season, I decided to take advantage.  Obviously, I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea…apparently the rest of New York was on the same wavelength.

I wish I had a photo of Central Park…the great lawn was PACKED like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Not an INCH to spare!

“Not an square to spare.” – anyone?

AM Montage: frothy java, chobz, & coconut date rolls

Coffee IMG_1629 IMG_0947

I went on a supah long run in the Park before lunch time, and it was grrrreat.  Sun shining, endorphins flowing = love!

According to I ran just over 8 miles in 53 minutes (wha!?!?).  Ummmm, not to toot my own horn but isn’t that like a 6 min/mile pace!!!  I had no idea I was THAT pumped up!

When I got home I made a monster salad (aka a HUGH JASS bowl ‘o greens).


Included in this challenger: spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, tomato, shredded carrots, and CHICKPEAS

…and my latest purchase…

IMG_1895 IMG_1897

Sweet white miso paste (and some balsamic) on top.

IMG_1898 IMG_1900

For the record, I’m not a fan of this miso paste.  It was SO salty (and I freakin’ love salt!!), so I can hardly imagine how I’m going to use it up.  It was $12 so I don’t want to just throw it away, but at the same time, our fridge space is SO coveted, I’m torn…any suggestions?

Lunch dessert/PM snacks: apple, carob raisins, dried papaya

IMG_1893IMG_1877 IMG_1880

After some afternoon errands, I arrived home to a fun package…thanks Foodbuzz!

Buitoni’s new flavor FLAAAAAVE.

IMG_1861 IMG_1872

Since there is dairy in the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, Kyle was the official taste-tester.  Look at him, chopping garlic like Chef Boyardi Emeril.

IMG_1873 IMG_1871

We already had marinara sauce and pesto (also Buitoni), so the prep was minimal…

Review: Well, does the fact that there are no pictures of the finished product speak for itself?

He loved it, and he doesn’t even like mushrooms, so that should speak volumes.  Also, the quantity was perfect, since it didn’t feel heavy like some pasta dishes do, while still filling him up.  Well done, Buitoni, this will definitely be a repeat-er.

As for my (vegan) dinner, I went with simple.  I was lazy, and after my PM mega-nosh-fest, I wasn’t even that hungry.


LightLife veggie burger with steamed brocc and hummus.


The hummus love didn’t stop there though…I polished that container RIGHT off (obvi) – this time with a toasted english muffin.


OK, I really should have stopped after this, I was full…but I had a race Sunday morning, so clearly I had to carbo load the night before, right? 

(and by carbo load, I mean, nut butter load)



Soynut butter on a ww/flax tortilla. 


But the bomb weekend eats didn’t stop there.  Sunday was even more fun – including a 4M race and a rooftop BBQ!

I woke up bright and early (7:45), threw on my running gear, and headed off to central park.  I jogged to the starting line (East 68th area)…which was a nice 2 mile warm up, and found that I was somehow placed in the 9:30 min/mile pacing group.  WTF?!? 

Saturday I did 8 miles at a 6+ minute/mile pace, so this was bad news bears.

I tried to inch up a bit, but we all know what a type A rule abiding girl I am, so I basically stayed in my group.  BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE.  I was dyyyyyying as the race started…even after we finally made our way to the starting line, I still couldn’t move for the first mile.  I actually considered just ditching the race it was so bad.  By the second mile I could finally swing my arms, so I slowly began passing people, which is what I continued for the rest of the race…I think my first mile took 14 minutes, and the rest were 6ers.  It was kinda annoying.

Next time (?) I will make sure I’m not in that pace group. 


Kyle met me at the finish line and stole my bagel (just kidding, I got it for him).  And look what I saw on the way home!!!  ANOTHER sabra truck.  Ummmm, are they stalking me?!?  I made Kyle take a picture of me with the truck 🙂


Shower.  Coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.

I spent the rest of the day trying to fight off the zzzz’s.  SO tired.


Smart Balance light on ww bread. 

Honestly, I think the main reason I like races is because they make me feel like I can re-fuel, guilt freeAnyone else with me on this one?

IMG_1874 IMG_1875

Oranges x2 and dried pineapples x2

For lunch I went with another massive salad creation.  This is the kind of challenge I like!


For the main protein, I heated up some Boca “chik’n” nuggets.


Boca “chik’n” tenders, 1/2 avocado, sprouts, shredded carrots, broccoli slaw, and 1/2 tomato on a (hidden) bed of spinach.


I really really really loved this one.  Avo and chopped chik’n nuggets are SO good together.  I am LOVING all my salad creations, and I owe it all to Leng for this wonderful challenge, which inspired me to be more creative with my salads.  I’m so excited I have another whole week left!!!

Laundry.  TV.  Snack.  TV.  Snack.



Looks like everyone else wanted in on the action.  Our apartment has a rooftop with several communal BBQs, and it was THE happenin’ spot, without a doubt.


The sunset view from our rooftop (and the Jerz/Hudson river).


I haven’t had the most successful cooking experiments with tempeh…but I’m not one to give up so quickly (especially when the rest of the food blog world is so darn obsessed).  So I went with LightLife’s three grain flavor instead of the one I tried last time (soy), and marinated it with some good ‘ol Country Bob’s all purpose sauce.


After the two BIG chunks soaked up the marinade…

IMG_1884 IMG_1888

…we popped this baby open…and brought it up to enjoy while Kyle the ‘cue master did his thang on the grill.  The breasts were for the boys and my tempeh was in the tin foil.

The finished products:







IMG_1892 IMG_1131

My portion (corn on the cob x2, tempeh steaks x2, & squared slices of Alvarado street bread x2 with hummus)…NOM!!

This meal hit the spot…I LOVE BBQing, and I hope this is the first of one million summer bbqs to come.

Kyle and I enjoyed made sarcastic comments throughout the Miss USA pageant while sipping on wine. 


After dessert, which was 2 apples sliced up (1 McIntosh and 1 Gala), we hit the sack. 

Sorry this post was so insanely long!!