Australia: Sushi night

Wednesday morning was pretty much the same – family walk to the store to get eggs and bananas, then we cooked and played with P until his morning nap.

We tried to hit up Bird and Bear Boathouse for lunch (a place that I read several great reviews about) but once we got there we found out they weren’t serving food, just coffee and cookies.  It looked like a great place to sip coffee with pretty views but we needed more than cookies to tide us over.  It was a hike getting there from Double Bay.  So instead we headed further inland (and uphill) and stumbled upon Elizabeth Bay Cafe. 

IMG_3050 IMG_3043 

They didn’t have high chairs but they did have a menu that sounded yum and (per usual) gluten free options aplenty.


We split two things – including the corn fritter stack (above) and the chicken, bacon, avo sandwich on gluten free bread (below).  The owner was super friendly and the food was amaaaazing.


Every single meal I found myself swearing it was the best one yet.  Seriously.  Do they even have bad mediocre food in Sydney?  I think not.

We alternated holding P and eating.  The lime zest on the meals gave it a real zing and I just savored every bite.

After lunch we went through Elizabeth Bay to Potters Point and then to the Kings Cross station to catch the train to the CBD.  We walked through what is he equivalent of the financial district in Sydney, past the Town Hall building and then down to The Rocks. There we let Patty-cakes play in the grass and eat his lunch (he refused his pouches at the restaurant for some reason).  He spent almost as much time chasing pigeons and trash, but he did eat something too.


Back in the ergo we walked around The Rocks some more going to the base of the bridge and scoping out our dinner spot.  P fell asleep and woke up just as we boarded the ferry home.


I had some of my sister’s See’s chocolates to hook up my sweet tooth cravings, while Kyle cracked a beer.  I feel like we have way too many pics of our child begging for beer.  Hmmmm.


We played in the yard and let the little man get his fill of garden and flower fun (he’s a botanist in the making) and then got showered and ready for our date night out.

IMG_3063 IMG_3064

Laura and Chris got us a Christmas/30th birthday present gift card to Yukis, a Japanese restaurant on the fourth floor in Circular Quay with amazing views.  We sat outside and watched the sun go down reflecting off the opera house.  So pretty.


They babysat P back and home we felt naked without our babe.  I’d been craving sushi (but when am I not?) so it was the perfect dinner spot.


To start, we got a shrimp and avo salad with a yummy miso dressing.


Then a few rounds of rolls – eel, soft shelled crab, salmon and then two more crab.

IMG_3066 IMG_3067 IMG_3068

We ended up ordering a couple of rolls to-go too because they wouldn’t let us keep the remaining balance on the gift card (weird but whatever).  We ended up saving the extra food for the airport (which was perfect since our flight left at 2 pm – and it was still good, even several days later!). 

We caught the last ferry home and P hadn’t made a peep the whole time. 🙂

A weekend of Lafayette leaves

I’m so behind in posting!!  Indulge me as I recap last weekend…

Thursday night we got a surprise visit from Kyle’s dad.  He was passing through Davis so he spent the night at our place.


He arrived during patty-cake’s dinner time.  More peas for P, please!

After we all played for a while, it was bedtime for the little guy.


We had called in a take-out order from Mermaid sushi earlier, so the boys went to pick it up while I nursed P to sleep.  Yes, that’s a sushi order for 3.  🙂

Love the soosh.


I don’t have many pics from Friday.  I made a nice breakfast hash, which I paired with 2 fried eggs and 1/2 an avocado.


Now that’s some yolk-age.

P had the same breakfast minus the salt.  His kidneys can’t handle the amount of sodium that my taste buds enjoy.

For lunch I made a salad.

IMG_6563 IMG_6565

Spinach, carrots, butternut squash, avocado, goat cheese.


These are 8 inch bowls.  I eat everything out of them nowadays because they are huge and perfect.

Kyle got home from work in the early afternoon and I had the car already packed so we could head to L-town.  We had a dinner date with my sister and her boyfriend in the books (from, like, July).  Kyle and I so rarely get the chance to go out without the babe, so this was fun.  My parents stayed home to “babysit”, but P was already down for the evening when we left so they didn’t have to do anything.

We went to The Door in Walnut Creek and had a fun night being adults.  No peek-a-boo, no spit up, no baby talk.  It’s an Asian restaurant with a small bites menu, so we got two rounds of eats.  And two rounds of drinks.  In the venn diagram of our diets, there weren’t too many things that fell in the center for all four of us, but being an Asian restaurant there were plenty of vegetarian, dairy free, and meat options. And since they were only $6 (on average) it wasn’t a big deal to try out lots of things.  Definitely a fun night.  We’re pretty happy to be living close to family (and babysitters!) here in Nor Cal.  I think they like seeing Mr. P often too.  😉


He’s such a good kid.  And pretty cute too, if I may be so bold.


Hello fall!  This what he does when you say “share with mama?”.

I promised Kyle I’d cook him brunch on Saturday morning (he stayed sober the night before so I could have a glass of wine with dinner).

IMG_6613 IMG_6617 IMG_6614 IMG_6616

I made him french toast on cinnamon swirl bread.


Topped with vegan buttah.

Next up, P!


I made him a little plate of greek yogurt, blueberries, and figs.  But he wasn’t into any of it.  This was his first time trying yogurt and he was so turned off by it, he didn’t even want the figs or blueberries (both of which he’s previously loved).  I guess the tang of plain yogurt isn’t a baby friendly flavor.  Ah well, we’ll try again later.


My turn!  Inspired by my breakfast the previous day, I made the same savory fare (fried potatoes and eggs) minus the avocado.

I guess the savory rut has returned!?  [I’ve been on a peanut butter oatmeal kick for the past week]


Leftovers scrounged from my parents’ fridge for lunch…to make a big ‘ol salad…including spinach, red quinoa, strawberries, goat cheese, and 2 egg yolks (my sister only wanted her whites and I couldn’t bear to see the yellow parts go to waste).


Topped in TJ’s balsamic glaze.

We went back to Davis in the afternoon (after P napped and we got caught up on Top Chef).  I love that it’s on demand because that way we don’t have to beg my parents to use up their precious DVR space to record it.  Oh how I miss you cable Bravo…

I snacked on granola and berries on the drive home.  And then nuts and kale chips once we got to our casa.  I’ve been downing kale chips like a fiend.  Alive & Radiant makes the best ones in my opinion.  I don’t really like the Brad’s naked ones – they taste stale or something.


After we went on a family walk we put P down to sleep, then scavenged the fridge for leftovers.

I made a big salad with spinach, quinoa, butternut squash, carrots, and avocado, but it didn’t fill me up so I had 2 slices of leftover (Vicolo) pizza on the side.


Still trying to get into Breaking Bad…

Sunday morning was leisurely.  I did Jillian’s shred level 3 and then treated myself to pancakes.

IMG_6634 IMG_6635

I should have written the recipe down for these because they were great.  Costco stopped carrying my fave GF mix (of course) so I made these from scratch.  In an effort to up the protein I added protein powder (Garden of Life brand) into the mix.  I’m not really a protein powder girl, but if the ratio is relatively low, the flavor isn’t very noticeable and it does hold me over longer.  This had oat flour, almond flour, and protein powder as the dry portion (plus baking powder, egg, and almond milk).


I topped it in peanut buttery sauce (peanut flour thinned with almond milk and maple syrup).  I’m loving peanut flour lately as an add in to various things.  Oatmeal, smoothies, soups, etc.


We all watched football together still in PJs.


Lunch was a simple hummus/avo/egg salad atop GF bread with carrots on the side.  And some chocolate Halloween candy for dessert.


While P took a daddy lap nap, I got to work on dinner.


OMFG.  This pot pie.

Why didn’t I write this down!?!  I used this vegetable and mushroom pot pie with rosemary biscuit topping from Bon Appétit as a rough guide, but of course didn’t really follow anything but the cooking time for the biscuits.

And I didn’t even use the same biscuit recipe!  Instead I made the salt & pepper biscuits from the latest (November) Bon Appétit mag.

Only a changed a ton of things.

1) I used GF appl purpose flour (from TJ’s) in place of wheat all purpose flour.
2) I used coconut oil instead of butter.
3) I used plain goat’s milk yogurt instead of sour cream.
4) I used almond milk instead of cream.

See?  Basically a new recipe.


Gluten Free Salt + Pepper Biscuits [lactose free, vegetarian]


  • ¾ cup plain yogurt (I used Redwood Hill goat’s milk)
  • 4 tbsp plain almond milk (plus a bit more if needed)
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • ½ tsp coarsely ground black pepper
  • 2 cups all-purpose gluten free flour (I used Trader Joe’s brand)
  • 6 tbsp chilled coconut oil
  • flaked sea salt


Preheat oven to 400°.

In a small bowl, whisk yogurt and almond milk.

In another (larger) bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and pepper, then cut in coconut oil until the texture is that of a coarse meal with a few pea-size pieces.

Add in yogurt mixture and then gently stir until a shaggy dough comes together (be careful not to over-mix).  You may need another splash of almond milk (it should be a shaggy dough texture).

Form biscuit clumps and place dough atop hot pot pie filling.  Sprinkle with more salt and pepper.  Place in oven (uncovered) and cook for ~45 minutes or until tester inserted into center of biscuits comes out clean. Cool 15 minutes.

IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6655

I’m not sure how these would work as (non pot pie topping) biscuits, but they were basically the best things ever with the delicious veggie pie filling.


I’ve never cooked with dried mushrooms before, but I’ve read up on how to rehydrate them and all that jazz.


I got them at TJs.  I’m not sure if they’re available year round, but I’m going to stock up now that I know they don’t taste as cheap as they were ($1.99 if I remember correctly?).  Especially since they last forever.


For the filling I used:

  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 6 Yukon gold potatoes
  • 4 large carrots
  • 3 parsnips
  • 1 rutabaga
  • 1 oz dried mushrooms, rehydrated

I cooked the veggies in a splash of olive oil, then added in some veggies broth, and the mushroom water.

IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6662 IMG_6669

Sooooo good.


I was only back in Davis for Monday and then it was back to my parents’ house again this week.  Have I mentioned how GREAT it is living close to family!?!  Love it. 🙂

Me and P

Kinda unintentionally took a little break from the blog. 


I wasn’t overly busy, still doing the same work/parent thing, but I just didn’t feel like writing an (uninspired) post about nothingness so I left the computer off.  And that’s that.  Nothing exciting happened while I was away though.

For dinners:


I made this creamy dijon tempeh casserole dish again.

IMG_5948 IMG_5949 IMG_5950 

This time with 3 blocks of tempeh (I 1 1/2-ed the whole recipe) in an 8×8 casserole dish.  Boom.  Party in my mouth.


That’s taken care of a few dinners/lunches.  Even though the leftovers cause family feuds, it’s still a dish I’ll continue to make again and again.  So.  Good.

And then there were the leftovers of this sweet potato pasta dish.


Still just as good a few days later.


Sushi take-out on the zombie days (post-night shift laziness).


IMG_6175 IMG_6176 

I’m obsessed with inari.  It’s pretty much my favorite sushi order now and I could maybe (definitely) eat a whole barrel of them.  Who knows what that sweet-ish stuff is that the rice inside has on it? 


For breakfasts:

I’m back on the oatmeal wagon.


After a looooong hiatus (all of pregnancy and several months post partum) from sweet breakfasts, I seem to have returned to my former self. 

IMG_5859 IMG_5860

Our crock-pot was occupied (third batch of home-made applesauce), so I made steel cut oats in the rice cooker.

I followed the same water:grain ratio as I would any other grain, but used the porridge setting.  Started it the night before and woke up to perfectly creamy and dreamy oats.  All I did in the morning was give it quick stir and add a splash of almond milk.


Plus molasses, pumpkin puree, and cinnamon.

IMG_5861 IMG_5864

It made enough to last me a few days. 


Most days I went the pumpkin route but one day I stirred in a HUGE glob of peanut butter which made breakfast basically taste like a cookie.


And another day my sister was in town (babysitting while I slept after night shift) so I made us matching bowls of oatmeal.  This was on the stove top and used whole rolled oats instead of steel cut ones.  They each had raisins, almond butter, and 1/2 a banana.

For Lunches:

Thanks to this Costco purchase my lunches have been nearly identical for the last month.


Not that it takes much effort to hard boil eggs, but at the rate I’ve been eating them, it’s an ongoing process that takes up time I’d happily devote elsewhere.

Plus they’re organic, inexpensive, and just plain easy.  I got my sister on board.  I bet my dad would be all about it too. 

IMG_6107 IMG_6100 IMG_6119 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_0671 IMG_5812 IMG_5868 IMG_5813 IMG_5869

Usually eaten while this is going on.


Totally normal.

Can you believe this little monster is over 8 months old?!?


Every day is better than the day before it.  He’s just so much fun.  I can’t get over what a little boy he’s becoming.  Such a happy kid.


We went to a pumpkin patch and out of everything we did (which was a LOT) the highlight of his day was definitely the hay. 


Ladies man.

I just adore spending my days with him.  🙂

Perfect Fall weekend



[Don’t be deceived by this photo, he’s not crawling.  At. All.  He rolls to get everywhere.  He’s surprisingly mobile for only using rolling as a means of travel.  I’m sure I’ll be swallowing my words later but it would be nice if he showed some signs of crawling.  Like maybe contact with the ground.  On the other hand, he’s basically ready to walk since he holds himself up using the coffee table or wall as support…hmmm…tummy time to standing?  Kids are confusing.]


On Thursday my parents came to Davis to visit for a few hours.


It was fun to have them in town on a day that didn’t involve them babysitting while I slept.  I was alert and able to interact without dozing off mid sentence!  Yay!

They treated us to lunch at Bistro 33, a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  It’ sin downtown Davis and has outdoor seating which is perfect on days like Thursday.  It was barely crisp and Fall-like, so sitting in the sun felt awesome.

Kyle even managed to ditch work for a couple of hours (a perk of being self employed) and join us.


We “started” with baked goat cheese with sundried tomatoes and parmesan crostini.  I got some without parmesan for me.  And FYI, the reason started is in quotations is because the service is pretty mediocre, so our appetizer only beat out the arrival of our entrees by 30 seconds.  Not amazing timing.  At least it was good.


For my main dish I got the banh-mi style Vietnamese sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.


The sandwich had grilled portobello mushrooms, asian slaw, and lime chili vinagirette aioli on a fluffy sweet roll.

The aioli was the best part – I would have liked a bit more oomf in the form of tofu or more mushrooms – but it was still a pretty good vegetarian option.


The sweet potato fries were awesome, and it’s a good thing I shared them with the whole table or I would have demolished them all.


Mr. No-Naps (going on day 4) finally fell asleep during the meal so we actually lucked out.


After lunch we strolled through downtown and then onto campus.  We stopped to feed P some banana, because he wasn’t super happy that he missed out on lunch. 

I feed him solid food twice a day (more or less) but I still nurse him the same amount.  It’s a lot to fit into 10 hours (yes, he sleeps for 14 hours…for now). 

In the afternoon my parents headed home and Kyle went back to work so I played with P and made myself a smoothie.  No photo, but it was large and green, with banana, spinach, almond milk, and peanut butter.


For dinner I had this again but topped it with a fried egg.  Delish.


And for dessert I had a few slices of pumpkin gingerbread and maple coated almonds.  The almonds are from the co-op bulk bins and are way too addictive to buy on the reg.  I try to limit myself to one fancy nut per month.  Yes, I could easily make my own, but let’s be real, I’m spread pretty thin these days.  Buying food is what’s happening and I’m making no apologies for it.


Friday’s breakfast was steel cut oats with almond butter stirred in, topped with cinnamon, desiccated coconut, and roasted sunflower seeds.  An oddly amazing combo.


Afterwards I fed P, then we got to playing with a new toy.

IMG_5943 IMG_5944 

Pre-and post-destruction. 

As strong as he is, I’m thinking it’s the poorly made toy that is the issue because it lasted about 2 seconds in the table position before he tore the legs off it and broke the thing down to parts. 


Lunch!  You all have to know what this is by now since I have shown the same meal on repeat for the past two months.


Kyle and I went different routes for dinner.  He went Mexican with a new awesome ingredient.

I didn’t feel like much, so I landed on tomato soup.  With crackers and chips aplenty.


I had both Amy’s chunky tomato and Wolfgang Puck’s tomato basil.  Both were perfectly salty, complemented with tortilla chips (until they ran out) and then Van’s multigrain GF crackers.

IMG_5958 IMG_5959

I felt all sloshy and didn’t even have room for dessert. 

IMG_5907 IMG_5908

Kyle’s said the Fresh ‘n Nova hot garlic fluff took his burrito to the next level.  Talk about a perfect Mexican food add in!  Kyle loves garlic so this is basically a spread created for him.


Saturday started way earlier than we wanted thanks to P’s teething issues.  He has been waking in the early morning and no matter what we do or don’t do, he won’t go back to sleep. 

He loves cuddling and it feels so sweet having him on my chest while he sucks his thumb.  I feel his hot breath on my neck and occasional eyelash flutter.  It makes me melt so as tiring as it is, I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

Oh and PS I made GF pancakes with peanut butter sauce (above) for breakfast after doing level 3 of Jillian’s shred. 

I ate lunch in the car, so no pics, but it wasn’t anything special.  We were en route to Chico for a baby shower.  Doesn’t P look excited to meet his new friend?


He was certainly bonding with the other little girlies at the event.


Until Kev showed up and there was another boy in the running…no worries for my ladies man.




We spent the night at our friends’ house in Chico and got take-out from The RawBar for dinner.  It’s pretty nice having kids the same age because they totally get the whole house-bound-after-8-pm-because-my-kid-is-sleeping thing.

I had a bomb seaweed salad and inari.  And some vino as a night cap while we watched the first two episodes of Top Chef. 


P woke up when we went to bed so that sucked.  It was a two hour battle to get him back to sleep as he wailed on and off.  Yikes. Fortunately he didn’t wake up Kevin, who was asleep in his parents’ room. 


The next morning we went to Tin Roof Bakery and Cafe for breakfast.

I got a decaf with almond milk (free refills for the win) and a massive cinnamon roll.


I only got through half before I felt the sugar crazies coming on so I stopped.


This is Kyle’s pretty almond milk mocha.


We stopped at the park on the way home.  The boys and their boys….awww.


Don’t mind the fact that P’s still rockin’ his pjs.  It was a lazy Sunday.  Who gives?


We made it back in time for the beginning of the first round of football games.  And hung out in Chico ‘til we got to a good break in the games. 

Thanks to the crappy am radio in the middle of nowhere we only had the Raiders game to listen to on the way home.  Whatever.

I worked hard to get pacman to nap on the way home and after he finally dozed off I did the same.  We were a sleepy pair in the back seat leaving poor Kyle to entertain himself.  Luckily the 49ers game came on. 

IMG_6098 IMG_6097 

We got home around 2 pm and I’m not sure who was the most hungry of the three of us.  Patty-cakes of course got priority.  But as soon as he was done nursing I made myself a quick egg/avo scramble (above) which I bulked up even more with a cheesy sauce of nooch and plain almond milk.  Neon colored pee! 

The rest of Sunday was mellow as we got things squared away for the work week ahead.  I had zero interest in cooking so we got a few different deli salads from Nugget Market on the way home from an evening walk through the neighb.


And that’s the weekend!

Sudwerk with sister

My sister is already back in Australia, but I still have to recap her visit to Davis last week.


Because the pics are cute and because I am trying to be accountable.  Remember?


Oh, and because this happened.  Yup. 

So let’s start at the beginning.  I woke up, did the shred level 1 and made breakfast.


Two slices of banana bread and a fried egg. 

While I ate, Kyle went to the MD.  Since we moved I figured we should both get seen for a routine checkup (and meet) with our new doctor.  We both saw the same MD in Santa Monica so I thought we may as well make it a family affair here in Davis too.  After he got home, it was my turn.  Initially we made appointments that were separated by an hour so we could go one at a time and leave P at home with the opposite parent, but then Kyle ended up having a last minute business meeting that he had to take.  So I just took pacman with me to my appointment.  Soooo the doctor, the med student shadowing her, the nurse, and the clerk now know our whole family.  Yay. 

I really like our MD.  She totally called me out on my non-sleeping.  I’d love to follow her advice but the reality is, I’m not sure how to do that while not letting everything else slip through the cracks.  I’m going to work on it.  Maybe there’s a compromise somewhere in the middle.  It pains my inner perfectionist to just type that. 


Anyway, P fell asleep on the car ride home (so much cheek squishing and kissing from strangers must be exhausting) so after I got home I quickly made myself food.  Gotta take advantage of the hands free time!

Leftover dijon spinach tempeh casserole with carrots and strawberries. 

Not long after, Patty-cakes woke up and then my sister and Chris arrived!!


They hadn’t yet eaten lunch so we went downtown for a bite.

Kyle held P and I gnawed on the massive rice crispy treat above. 


Afterwards, we all walked around for a bit…through the downtown area and over to campus.

For dinner we went to a local brewery, Sudwerk.


I’ve been eyeing this place since we moved to Davis because it’s so close to where we live.  Aaaaand it’s a brewery.  Need I say more?


Look who joined us!  Mr. Patty-cakes pulling a late night!  [It was, like, 6 pm]

Against my better judgment, I did the damn thing and ordered the taster set.


First of all, I like beer.  Lots.  I also really like microbrews and seasonal brews.  So why wouldn’t I get a sampler?  It’s the best way to try lots of sips of different beers without getting wasted. 

Only problem is, I have no tolerance.  Can I play the mom card here?  After 10 months of pregnancy induced sobriety (with an extra month before when we were “trying”)…followed by 7 (going on 8) months of nursing…I can’t be held liable for how miniscule the amount of alcohol is that gets me drunk.

The lagers were my favorite, particularly the Marzen and the Munchener Helles.  I would have gotten the seasonal sampler if there were a pumpkin brew.  Sadly I was buzzed by the time I had taken down 8 oz. so I started pushing the others on Chris.  I don’t think he was too sad about it. 

For the food…


We all shared some apps to start, including fried calamari (above), crab cakes (below), and fried artichoke hearts (below in the back). 


Everything was awesome.  We weren’t expecting the most gourmet fare (it is a brewery after all) which is why we stuck to the fried stuff.  Can’t mess that up right? 

I honestly couldn’t even pick a favorite, they were all so good.  I ended up getting the crab cakes as an entree.


Which came with a side of orzo and green beans.  Quite a portion!!

I had 1 1/2 of the crab cakes and a few green beans and brought the leftovers home for later.  Stuffed!


Auntie influence.  😛

I nursed some water while we played apples to apples and scattergories back at our place.

The next morning Laura and Chris headed off to Healdsburg, and I worked off my hangover with some real caffeine.  Ok, not entirely, I made the pot with 20% caffeinated beans and 80% decaf pumpkin blend (from Target – love). 


I had the exact same breakfast and then attempted to go on a run.

The annoying thing was that I had a very narrow time slot – less than 20 minutes – because Kyle had a business meeting he had to leave for.  I tried to make the most of it by running fast.  I’m not sure if it was the caffeine or the knowledge that I better maximize my work out time, but I was on fire!  My pace was like my pre-pregnant self!!  [Not to be confused with my pre-pre-pregnant sub 6 minute mile pace]  It felt great.  I got home sweaty at 19 minutes on the dot. 

Just as I kicked off my shoes Kyle told me his meeting got pushed back 30 minutes.  Errrg.  So annoyed.  He told me I should just go back out and continue my run, so I re-laced up my kicks and headed back out. 

The pause definitely put a kink in my stride, but I got back into it and tacked on another 20 minutes.  Win.


After showering, I quickly made lunch.  Egg and avo on GF toast (x3) with strawberries and carrots on the side.


In the afternoon, I was totally craving cookies.  In a major major way. 


So I decided to bake.

IMG_5492 IMG_5493 IMG_5494 IMG_5502

My cookies were a mere 5 minutes from being done but then I remembered I had bought a cookie from WF the day before.

Enter Nana’s coconut chip cookie…


I totally effed up because I thought it was wheat free, but it was not.  I didn’t realize this until a bit later when I felt like crap and dug the wrapper out of the trash can to inspect.  What a fodmaps failure I am.


On the upside, it was delicious.  And I definitely ate the whole cookie.  None of this 1/2 cookie serving bullsh.

As for the cookies I baked…


Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies [gluten free, grain free, dairy free]


  • 1 really ripe banana, mashed
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup shredded (desiccated) unsweetened coconut
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 stevia packet
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup dairy-free chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life brand)


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F.

Beat egg in with mashed banana and vanilla.  Then add in the dry ingredients (almond flour through salt) and stir to combine.

Fold in chocolate chips and refrigerate for >15 minutes (if you have patience, >30 minutes is better, but I totally get why you’d be impatient). 

Scoop dough onto a greased cookie sheet (or one lined with parchment paper) and bake for 15-17 minutes at 375 degrees. 


I made 10 cookies. Adjust the baking time depending on how big yours are (slash how much of the dough you eat before it makes it’s way to the oven).

For dinner, Kyle was still away for business so I went the lazy route and hit up the co-op for sushi.


After I got back, P and I did the bath time / story time thing, and then I nursed him and put him to sleep. 

IMG_5507 IMG_5506

In addition to my sushi, I had the rest of my crab cakes. 


And a pair of cookies for dessert. 

Kyle got home late though, so I had another pair of cookies to keep him company while he ate on the late night.  I’m a good wife like that.  😉