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Australia: Sunday in Manly


Sunday was Chris’ final scuba day so he left early again and Laura, Kyle and I headed to breakfast in Double Bay (after feeding the little man).  The servers were all really into P. Standard.


We ate at the Cosmopolitan Cafe and I got scrambled eggs with gluten free toast and avocado.  Money.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I meant to try the Vegemite on my toast but forgot.  I never did get around to sampling it.  In fact, I never saw it again after that breakfast so I totally forgot.  Womp womp.  Chris would be so disappointed in us.

IMG_2812 IMG_2813 

My decaf had soy milk in it.  Mmmmm.  I’m so impressed with how accommodating they are to virtually any dietary allergy/sensitivity needs in Oz.  Almost every single place we went to had gluten free bread and/or pasta as well as dairy free milk options (some with both soy and almond!).  Goat cheese is just as common as it is in the states also, maybe even more so.  But I digress.

P fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from breakfast so I transferred him to the pack n play as soon as we got home.  Little guy slept for 2 hours again! These morning naps are crazy!! 

IMG_2822 IMG_2826 IMG_2830 

After he woke up and ate lunch (and helped with laundry – he wanted to push all the buttons and watch the clothes spin for hours) we went to the ferry to ride over to Manly.  Laura’s friend Chloe lives there and had a few friends coming so we popped by to say hi.


The ride over was fun.  I love the ferries and so far have managed to avoid getting seasick.  P likes watching birds boats and water too so it’s a win.  Plus we were blessed with the best weather – totally sunny and clear with a nice breeze.  We got weekly transport passes so we could go all over by bus train or ferry all week. 

Manly was cute.  There’s a promenade with shops and restaurants aplenty along the beach.  We went to a place called moo burger which Laura likes (she’s been to the one in Coogee but not the Manly location).  The options were, again, amazing and overwhelming.  I hardly knew what to get.  P had fallen asleep in the ergo on the walk from the ferry so I just left him sleeping on my chest as we were seated and ordered.  He woke up just before the food came (~30 minutes) so he pretty much stuck to his schedule of long am naps at 10ish and quick ergo afternoon naps at 2-3ish (yes, it took us that long to get out there…starvinggggg).


I got the beef burger with bacon and avocado.  Gluttonous and perfect for vacation fare. 


I got it on a gluten free bun, which looked home made and was soooooo good.  I finished every last crumb. 

IMG_2863 IMG_2866

We also split sweet potato fries and those were equally as delicious (dipped in aioli of course). 

IMG_2842 IMG_2843

As you can see, there were lots of vegetarian/pescetarian options, but I was trying to be good avoiding P’s allergens.  Note the sesame free buns!  But seriously, so many yummy choices! 

IMG_2867 IMG_2865

Laura got a salmon burger (left) and Kyle got the Black & White burger (right). Daaaaam. I would definitely order mine again in a second (and may have, if we had made it to the Coogee location).


After lunch we walked along the water down to Shelley beach.  It was packed on account of the gorgeous weekend weather.  Didn’t see any lizards but Patty-cakes pointed out every bird, dog and plant along the way.  He’s so obsessed with animals and the outdoors. 


Laura got an arm workout carrying him the whole way but she loved getting her auntie time in.


We met back up with Chloe on the promenade and did some window shopping before catching he boat back home.  Chris was relaxing on the couch with a beer after his day of dives.  He passed his test so now he’s officially certified!  Yay! 

We ordered take out Thai for dinner and watched "the block", Laura and Chris’ fave show (a competition show involving designing, building, and styling flats in an apartment complex in Melbourne).


My cough kicked in that evening so I dosed up on meds and we all slept til 6 am.  From there on out, we were all pretty much on Australian time. 

Before 2014 started

I did a pretty good job of meal planning that last week of the year.

First we finished off all the holiday leftovers we brought back from my parents’ house, including stuffing, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and lima bean casserole.


One day, I jazzed it up and made a cheesy “gravy” sauce with nooch and water. 


And another day, I paired it with a salmon burger for some protein. 

Kyle took care of the rest of it.


There was also extra shrimp and veggies from my parents’ holiday party so I pulled the two together for a stir fry.

I used a Cooking Light recipe for shrimp and broccoli stir fry and served it over brown rice.

Simple and yum.


A Trader Joe’s run (holy condiments batman!) helped with the rest of the week’s meals.


Quinoa Caesar.


His had parm and home-made croutons, but I thought mine was perfect with TJ’s Caesar dressing alone.  I could eat romaine coated in Caesar dressing all day long, but adding quinoa really bulks it up nicely.


The next day I made a huge enchilada casserole.

IMG_7698 IMG_7699

It had crumbled tempeh, corn, and sweet potato; layered between ripped up corn tortillas, along with TJ’s red enchilada sauce, Redwood Hill Farm’s goat’s milk kefir.

IMG_7701 IMG_7702

It may not look fancy, but it tasted dang good.


And made enough to provide Kyle with lunch for the rest of the week.


Topping it with avocado is advised.

The next night I made a coconut broth based noodle dish with veggies and tofu.


I used what we had on hand veggie-wise, which was half an onion, Brussels sprouts, carrots and celery.


I sautéed them with sesame oil and tamari until they were just barely cooked, then I added the coconut milk (plus a dash of curry powder, ginger powder, lime juice, and sugar) and let it simmer on low for a while.  Meanwhile I pressed and cubed the tofu.


After the tofu went in, I put the lid on a turned the stove off until dinner time.

IMG_7716 IMG_7724

Right before we were ready to eat I turned the stove back on and added the noodles to the pot with a cup or so of vegetable broth.

They cooked quickly and soaked up lots of the remaining liquid.


This was a major success.  Kyle and I were both mmmm-ing the whole time.  Coconut milk (from the can) adds such depth to a recipe when it marinates with the other ingredients all day.  And who doesn’t like tofu and Brussels when they’re drenched in such flavorful sauce!?! 


Totally awesome.

And that’s that!

IMG_7679 IMG_7165 IMG_7546 IMG_7407 IMG_7678 IMG_7717

Lunches were simple salads or leftovers.


Breakfasts were eggs with savory quickbread.

IMG_7692 IMG_7693

I HAD to make another loaf because the first was so awesome.

So I did.  And I doubled the recipe (like I said I would!) and it still went too quickly.


So I made another loaf!


If the idea of cheesy bread with kale sounds appealing to you, you MUST make this bread.

I have to force myself to not eat it for every meal. 


Red wood Hill Farm’s makes a damn fine goat’s milk cheddar, and with some kale and cornmeal, it’s downright sinful to the taste buds.


And with that, I’m off to capitalize on nap time and do some meal planning for the next week!


How silly is this kid?  He napped like that for an hour the other day. 

A few prepared meals (not by me)

I’ve been a kinda pathetic wife.  At least in the cooking department.

Last week I was so busy working I didn’t cook us anything.  Yes, I work nights.  So in theory I could cook us food.  If I had my head on straight.  Which I didn’t.


Frozen food to the rescue!

Tandoor Chef makes a few veg friendly products and I had a coupon for one, so I let Kyle enjoy the blog perk.

His review of the vegetable pad thai: delicious, but not enough for an adult male; just the right amount of greasy; as close to a restaurant pad thai as frozen food can get; could have used more sauce. 

I don’t think we’ll be buying it again, but you never know.


I also got these Tasty Bite samples to review on the blog, which he happily devoured.  Kyle LOVES Indian food.

He said both the channa masala and the madras lentils were super easy prep, very flavorful, very hearty. 

He often gets Indian food from our local co-op’s hot bar (when we are lazy and get prepared food) and he said he’d be just as happy buying these.


He ate them with brown rice and was stuffed afterwards. 

He also said they’d be perfect on the road options for his long work trips since they are portable and don’t need refrigeration.  The options are typically pretty slim for vegetarians on long drives in the middle of nowhere – so it’s cool that we found these.

We will definitely be buying them again.


I made these for me.  And I dipped them in a sour cream/BBQ sauce mix I made.

IMG_5797 IMG_5802

They were great, but didn’t fill me up even though I ate the entire bag.


I had them with carrots and cucumber slices.

I didn’t taste much lime to be honest.  They may as well have just been the original gardein crispy tenders.


This is the (unglamorous) reality of my life. 

Me + tv tray + video monitor + revenge season 2 on netflix

I’m not hating it.

The reality of being a working mom with a young kiddo is that I’m totally okay with passing out on the couch at the end of the day and going to bed by 10.  I’m freakin tired!  Screw the expectations. 


I cook when I want to cook and the rest of the time we make it work. 

Weekend in Chico (woo!)

Kyle and his friends (who all grew up together in Chico) always say “woooo!” after anyone mentions Chico, so it’s become a habit for me too.  So that’s what the post title is about.

I’ve written about Chico visits before, and we usually got to the same spots, so I won’t elaborate too much on the food.


Friday night I had my fantasy draft and Kyle went to poker night.

IMG_0315 IMG_0317

In spite of my half assed research, I came out with a decent team (I hope?) but it was very stressful…hence the chocolate wrappers.


I made us a yummy quinoa and kale salad with miso tamari baked cod for dinner.

Costco is where it’s at yo.  All the food we;ve been eating lately is either Costco produce or Costco frozen fare.  I’m starting to think I may never cook for reals again…it’s so easy to do Sandra Lee semi-homemade stuff.


Anyway, Saturday morning we got ourselves packed up after breakfast and drove a couple hours up to Chico to stay with friends.


I finally had the cinnamon roll from Mariposa.  If I had more thumbs I would put them all up.  It was amazing.  Not too bready, not too hard, not too gooey, not too crumbly…soft and doughy, but still the perfect size.  I had an egg on the side too, for the record.

I had a peanut butter Nature Valley bar on the way to Chico because my stomach didn’t get the memo that I’d be in the car for 2 hours.  And I’m really glad I did because we didn’t make it to lunch until 2 pm.


We went to Burgers & Brew (I’ve been to the Davis location previously) and even though Kyle and I were the first to order, I got my food dead last.  Out of 9 orders.  I went with the Caesar salad, which doesn’t seem to be a very complicated or lengthy thing to make, but who knows…  Also, they were out of tofu (which they didn’t know until way after I’d placed my order) so I ended up getting a veggie burger instead. 

The veggie burger was really good, and I’m glad they could do that instead of the chicken, although I’d still prefer tofu in the future.  In fact, the whole salad was really good.  I’m not sure why I’m surprised, because I liked my meal at the Burgers & Brew in Davis too and they are the sister restaurant of Crepeville which is another fave of mine.  So yeah, lunch was a winner.

Afterwards, we hit up the ‘bucks.  I hemmed and hawed over what (if anything) to get and finally gave in.  Short decaf with soy milk = sweet tooth satisfied.


Kev likes watched the baristas.

The afternoon flew by!  We had so much fun just hanging out, letting the kiddos play, and being lazy parents.  It feels so awesome to have boys that are so close in age.


With more on the way!


[Flashback pics…]


[We missed you Cindy]

Patty-cakes wasn’t a huge fan of the beard at first…


His pout is epic, and everyone who gets to see it thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.  He seriously makes the perfect frown.  I may sound like the worst mom ever but it’s hard not to laugh when he makes it.


Fortunately the beard grew on him. :) 


And then he couldn’t get enough of it.  He’s so into textures and grabbing / massaging with his hands.  Funny kid. 


We snacked on treats from Tin Roof (they have pretty incredible macaroon flavors – including chili lemon and maple bacon) in the afternoon, and soon P’s eyes were droopy and we decided it was bedtime.


No internet pics of the boys’ shared bath (but it was incredibly cute).


We got take-out from Thai Basil for dinner.  I had double the plate shown above (including pad see ew, basil tofu, and peanut tofu curry with white rice).  All of it was awesome, but when is Thai food ever not awesome.  I love you greasy fried tofu.


The next morning we woke up to a cranky baby, so my shower was lightning quick.  He didn’t have any (of his usual) patience once he realized we were in the same room and awake as well.  He still slept through the night, fortunately, but he got up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

After I nursed him, Kyle and I walked to Tin Roof for decaf coffees.  They have almond milk!  More reasons to love the place!  Definitely gonna have a real meal there next time we are in town.


Kev ate breakfast, the rest of our friends came over to join us, and then we all walked to Cafe Coda for breakfast.  I’ve blogged about this place before.


Kyle got the chilaquiles with veggie sausages, I got the “simpleton” with 3 fried eggs and herbed potatoes.


We both cleared our plates and waddled back home after.

Pacman fell asleep on the way so we kept walking to let him nap.  It also let our friends’ little one nap in his own crib while we were out. 


P was all smiles after his nap. 


We played some more.  Went over to our other friends’ house to swim in their pool.  And finally hit the road back to Davis.

We got food for the car trip at the Chico Co-op (nuts, goat cheese, Mary’s Gone crackers, carrots, banana chips, and dark chocolate covered coconut). 

Now we are back home, P’s in bed, I had leftovers for dinner and way too much chocolate for dessert, and it’s time to start the work week. 

What I Ate…T/W

My Tuesday and Wednesday.  For your viewing pleasure.


Breakfast.  Banana bread + fried egg.  Decaf, decaf, decaf.


Lunch.  Celery, carrots, zucchini egg muffins with fresh grind peanut butter.

After Kyle woke up I went for a short jog around the ‘hood and then we headed downtown for fro-yo.


Snack.  Cultive mix of banana & white chocolate fro-yo topped with slivered almonds, shredded coconut, blueberries, and raspberries.


Dinner.  Thai Peanut Zucchini Noodle Fry.


Check out the squash from my coworkers’ garden!  I also scored some medjool dates and oranges from her.  The cherry tomatoes are from my own garden.

IMG_4078 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4082

I love this recipe and since I have squash aplenty it’ll probably keep on happening. 🙂


Dessert.  Theo dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.  <— the best Theo bar of all.


Breakfast.  Banana bread + fried eggs.  Decaf, decaf, decaf.

This was a delayed meal since I stayed a bit after swim lessons.  I was haaangry by the time I got home so I inhaled it (hence the missing bite in the photo).


Lunch.  Summer squash frittata, veggie chips, cherry tomatoes from my garden.  [P.S. I ate way-ay-ay more chips than pictured]

After Kyle woke up we went for a family walk.


Snack.  Ghirardell’s dark chocolate.  Kyle had a business meeting in SF a few weeks ago and brought back a bag of sampler chocolates for me, which I’ve been slowly savoring.  Sea salt soiree is my absolute favorite, so naturally it was the first one I finished off.  I’d never heard of the intense dark cabernet matinee before, but it was lovely.  Like a chocolate grape combo.  Mmmm.

After we showered we went to the farmer’s market to meet up with some friends.  I bought a bag of kettlepop and we did the produce portion of our grocery shopping.  After hanging out for a short while longer, we headed to the co-op to finish off the grocery shopping.


Dinner.  Tempeh sando on The Essential Baking Co GF bread with Daiya provolone, chard from the garden, dijon mustard, avocado & Nasoya whipped nayonaise.  Whew!  What a loaded ‘wich!

I’ll share a more detailed post about the way I prepared the tempeh later.


Dessert.  Maqui Berry Mojito Kombucha + the rest of my kettlepop from the market.

I’m so so so into this Kombucha flavor.  I have no clue what possessed me to try it since I hate mint, but I was at the store and it sounded so refreshing I just went with it.  Who knows what’s up with my bizarro taste buds?!  First the goat cheese, then the banana chips, and now this?!  Whatever.  I’m just rolling with it.  Food-gasms abound.

And not that you asked…but I did take pics…

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been making for Kyle since he’s doing night shifts as well.


Dinner on the road.  Couscous with Sabra hummus, parmesan, green beans, and TJ’s 21 seasoning.


Breakfast.  Leftover couscous with Sabra roasted garlic salsa and cherry tomatoes from the garden.


Dinner on the road.  Annie’s mac n cheese shells with green beans.

IMG_4093 IMG_4098

Plus some help from my sous chef.  🙂


Breakfast.  Nachos with the works.  Chips, pinto beans (made in the rice cooker), Sabra salsa, cheddar cheese, and Sabra spicy guacamole.


This plate was no joke.


Snack.  Home-made baked “fries”.

I can’t wait til this weekend when we will both be home together on normal schedules and not working night shifts.  Eating the same meal in the same place at the same time!?!  Novel concept.