The perks of Friday traffic

Another Friday in Fremont getting this guy through desensitization treatment.  The doses are getting pretty high now (more than a peanut’s worth!) so we decreased the number of updoses this appointment (3 instead of 4).

I’m so proud of him.  And I’m pretty sure the staff thinks he’s the greatest too.  🙂

Since we were done an hour sooner than usual, I decided to get on the freeway asap and try to avoid the traffic.  The drive back home gets more congested by the second; and for every minute past noon that we wait is like an extra 30 minutes of bumper to bumper hell.  Friday traffic!!!

As a result we got to the East Bay in an easy breezy 30 minutes.  WF lunch date with my dude!  Not the Fremont WF, but a WF nonetheless.  Happy mama.

He picked out his own salad bar creation with no input from me, including chickpeas, peas, cucumber slices, roasted bell pepper, raw cauliflower, croutons, and romaine.

And then we shared the roasted carrots (below), but the kimchi brussels slaw was allll mine.

I got us some Simple Mills crackers to “share” too, although P was pretty content with his “crunchy things” (aka croutons) so I took them down myself.

And some of this tarragon chicken salad.

Kyle got off work early and so we all reconvened at my parentals before a mega shopping trip.  For clothes!  For me!  The kids were not easily entertained but we made it through three stores nonetheless.

When we got home I got to work on dinner.  We were all supposed to eat together so my parents got a bunch of food for us, but then they remembered they had a Christmas party to go to.  Sooo I just made the food for us.

Check out my mom’s cool sweater!  HA!  The kids loved the target practice 🙂

Roasted asparagus, potatoes, and chicken for the win.  Sometimes simple is best.

I ended up running out to the store for a kombucha after V was in bed because I felt like I needed some ginger fizz to end the night.  My stomach was SO WEIRD all day.

Once again, we spent the night at my parents’ and once again, they were up wayyyyyy early.

I took V to the bathroom around 4 am, and was nervous neither of us would get back to sleep, but we did.  Then she woke up for good around 6, but Kyle got up with her so P and I could “sleep in” until 6:30.

I dragged my feet for another hour before lacking up my shoes to go for a run.  I felt really stuff and slow and I’m not sure if that was due to the cold temps or the fact that I was not in the mood to run.  Whatever.

My mom and dad were frying heaps of bacon when I got back, which we had with leftover potatoes and scrambled eggs. I added Hawaiian black salt to my eggs, which has a unique charcoal like flavor.  If I had the kitchen space I’d start a finishing salt collection for sure.

We did MORE shopping in Walnut Creek after breakfast and then packed up and drove back to Davis for lunch.

I had the rest of the kale cashew slaw salad and crackers for lunch.

We had no afternoon plans but inadvertently ended up being really productive with some house and yard work as a team.  It was awesome. After the kids woke up form naps, they played around in the yard while we worked and then it got dark so we all came in.

I already discussed this superb dinner, which I followed with my THIRD night sans chocolate.

P picked this out from WF as a treat for his dairy dose.  I wasn’t sure if he’d like it or not, but gave him the chance to try it, figuring if he didn’t I’d eat it.  I prefer whole milk yogurt to nonfat, but they are hard to find, so I was happy to get this flavor for that reason alone.

Note that I remembered to zero the scale with the bowl AND spoon on it this time.

It smelled SO GOOD!  Like pumpkin cheesecake.  MMmmm.  Like the other greek yogurt I gave him as a dose, this has 12 g of protein, so I weighed out 1/3 of the container.

I’m curious about how much dairy he could have all at once, but am not sure I’m ready to push it since he hasn’t reached maintenance with peanut (yet!?).  One thing I keep forgetting to mention (for other allergy mamas) is that ever since we started peanut oit, his eczema is gone.  It had flairs on and off throughout dairy, especially when he was sick and so his immune system was working double time.  But now that he is getting desensitized to his final allergen, his body keeps showing us all the ways it is benefitting from this treatment!  SO worth the traffic.

Walnuts in my taco bowl

I’m posting Saturday’s dinner before I recap Friday because I need to get the word out about this raw taco “meat” I made.

It is so crazy delicious it is almost unbelievable that it’s made with walnuts.

I’ve been craving veggies and meat-less meals lately and figured it may be a good idea to keep things nice and wholesome leading up to the big feast on Thursday.

I’ve never made walnut “meat” before, but I’ve seen plenty of recipes floating around the interwebs.  I also have this Raw Food book that is my go-to for all things raw. Anyway, I scoured pinterest and the handful of Mexican recipes in the book above but none were 100% what I was looking for so I combined a few different things to make my own.  And it really wowed me.  All of us, really.

You must try it!  It’s the easiest thing, too (it has very few ingredients and is so fast because there’s no cooking involved!).  Just think of it as the best kind of Thanksgiving prep ever…loading your body with healthy plant based goodness that tastes out of this world.

Raw Vegan Ground “Meat”


  • 2 cups raw walnuts
  • 3 tbsp oil packed sun dried tomatoes (with the oil)
  • 1 tsp coconut aminos
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp dried oregano
  • fresh ground pepper (to taste)

Pulse everything in a food processor until you reach desired texture (resembling ground meat).  Don’t over process or you will get a savory nut butter instead!

Optional add ins: fresh garlic, green onion, cilantro.

From here you can do whatever with it really – it would be good as the “meat” in lasagna or you could go the same route I went with Mexican.

Taco bowls for all!  Vegan versions for me and P on account of that whole dairy thing, although P can have cow milk cheese now, so it’s really just me as the lone lactard. Sigh.

The bowls had: romaine, diced bell pepper, black beans, ground “meat”, daiya cheese, avocado, and salsa. And green onion for Kyle.

Topped with chips and chips and chips.

This, my friends, was vegan perfection.  The way the avo and walnut meat mixed together made every bite a savory umami packed punch in the taste buds. It was almost creamy like.  I am super pleased with this, and plan to make it again soon, and the best part of all was how GOOD I felt after eating it.  No faux fillers, just real food goodness, minus the meat.  A family of thumbs up!

TGI Thursday

Nugget got a delivery from Sugar Plum so I got another loaf of Nourish bread!  This bread is vegan heaven. It’s just soooo good and so nutrient dense.

I had a couple of slices with cashew butter.

And then we were off to school. Stomping and splashing in puddles the whole way…

Except that she fell shortly after this and landed IN A PUDDLE and then was heartbroken about being super wet and dirty and not getting to wear her skirt.  She got over it once she remembered we were making apple pie.

She shocked me and everyone else when she didn’t eat a single piece of apple on it’s way into the crust.

And waited oh so patiently for it to bake.  It smelled pretty awesome but she didn’t share any with me, so I can’t vouch for the taste 😉

I made a mocha with marshmallows for myself while they ate lunch and then both decided to nap so I got to eat a very peaceful lunch a bit later.

We had soccer that afternoon, this time for P, after which we got right on the freeway to head down to the Bay Area.  I had packed us all up – dinner and overnight stuff included – for the night at my parents’ house and OIT in Fremont and we sang Christmas songs the entire drive there.

I got myself dinner from the Nugget prepared foods section as a treat but packed up food for the kids from our casa.

Nothing gourmet, but it got the job done.  That winter kale salad was awesome by the way, and I will probably try to recreate it soon.  In addition to walnuts, pomegranate arils, and cabbage, it had roasted butternut squash and roasted cauliflower…plus carrots and greens and some kind of vinaigrette.  It was super!

SO.  I have decided that I won’t be having dessert until Thanksgiving.  Day one was no problem.  I didn’t want anything anyway.  The evening was great – my dad gave the kids baths and then P and grandma read books forever.  But the best part of all was that Kyle got back from his trip.  Woo hoo.  We watched football and vegged out before the time zone change called him (therefore us) to bed.  TGIT 🙂

Spotted on the way to Fremont.  Oh Starbucks.  That said, I will probably be doing a gingerbread house with the kids in T minus one week (or less?).  Is that too soon?  I mean, P has no school all next week so I am going to be looking for activities…  And we already popped the pandora Christmas station cherry (they were requesting Away in a Manger, so that was the best I could do).  So I guess we may as well embrace it and go full steam ahead with decking the halls and fa la la la la-ing until the end of December.


I fear my sweet tooth slash sugar addiction is making a return.

Exhibit A: the dessert I had last night that wasn’t enough…so I went back for MORE.  WTF.

I’m not interested in going back to that, so I’m going to preemptively make some changes.  I’m going to think about what I want to do and get back to you guys.  The seasonal treats are fun and all, but lately I don’t even feel good after eating so much sugar on the late night. I barely crave it and then (even AS I’M EATING IT) I think this isn’t doing it for me, why am I having this?  Back when I did my 30 day GI reset I felt so awesome.  I’m going to try to get back to that place…the freedom from the feeling of NEEDING sweets.  It’s too cold for kombucha but a bigger dinner should help.  We will see.  Like I said, I will mull things over first.

I had the rest of the Pushkin’s leftovers for breakfast.

I was so proud of myself for getting a workout in this morning because the kids were up before 6 am and it was raining and yet, I still managed to crush a dvd workout followed by a (very short) jog around the neighborhood.  P and V were fed but we still had a long time to kill before school and I was feeling antsy as hell for some reason.  Then I noticed a little let up in the rain and before I could stop myself told the kids to get in the double for a quick run.  And what do you know – they went for it!  We weren’t out for more than ten minutes before it started coming down too much for my liking but I still got my heart rate up and felt pretty thrilled by the whole thing.

I had the same lunch as the day before with fewer salmon (which is all gone now) and more cashews.  A decent trade off, in my opinion.  😉

The rain held off until after we got home from soccer and after I put out the trash cans which seems like a small thing but is HUGE for me.  Despite what my earlier workout story would suggest, I have no interest in messing around in the rain.  I mean it, I am a total wuss with weather.  I would be here huddled up in a blanket until May if everyone else would be cool with that plan.  Had it been raining I probably would have just skipped garbage day!  Don’t tell Kyle.  Hopefully the rain stops at some point so I can take them back off the curb like a responsible home owner.

We had leftovers for dinner, which was eaten in courses.  They had apples and bell peppers after this, at their request.  I had the last bits of curry short ribs and cornbread. And then the endangered species and divine chocolate bars you see above.  Plus TJs pumpkin caramels and barnana chocolate bites. OOF.

Treat yo self

Tuesday morning’s stroller strides was one of my favorites!  I was sore a mere 12 hours later which is unheard of for me….and I’m getting more and more sore as the hours tick by.  I usually don’t feel anything until 24 hours after a particular workout.  My legs were burning that evening though.

We played at the park after and I lost track of time hanging with my kiddo and mama friends and before I knew it I had to hightail it home to squeeze a shower in before picking P up.  I WENT TO STARBUCKS TOO!!!  This is the first time I’ve gone to the Davis Starbucks in so long I can’t even remember.  Maybe two or three months?  Maybe more…I stopped because they couldn’t ever get my drink right and I am so frugal it broke my heart to waste money on something I didn’t even end up liking.  As a treat, every other week I go to the Lafayette starbucks before going to OIT in Fremont, because they don’t seem to have a problem making my drink.  But aside from that I have quit the bucks.

My lunch was accidentally amazing.  I opened the fridge no fewer than 10 times to try to make something out of the odds and ends on hand.  And look how awesome it ended up being!

I used both plain kale and a cabbage, brussels, kale blend (cruciferous crunch mix from TJs), the house made Thai dressing from Nugget, leftover baked salmon, roasted salty cashews, and avocado.

I also had baby carrots, the rest of the roasted sweet potatoes, and a bunch more cashews.

Since V took an extra long nap I let P help me with dinner prep.  Initially he was having a hard time cutting the plastic top off the crust but once I drew a line in sharpie for him to follow he had no problem.

The hugest pepperoni ever!  It was the only kind I could find by applegate, even though I swear I’ve gotten smaller ones by their brand before.

What a beauty!  This is the first time I tried the frozen crusts from TJs.  They were out of the cornmeal Vicolo ones I usually get, but this was a nice (lazy) alternative since I really didn’t feel like getting the uncooked dough, and it’s also organic, so that’s nice.  It comes with two in a package, but since Kyle’s gone I just made one for the kids to split and kept the other in the freezer.  They are packed in separate bags so I don’t have to worry about freezer burn from re-wrapping it myself.

It wasn’t freezing or raining so we took advantage and met some friends at a park.  It got dark so early though!  Oh well.  At least they burned off some steam and did kid stuff.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing them occupied with their little imaginations in overdrive.

I used up a gobble meal (leftover from a while back) for my own dinner.  We had eaten the sides that came with it already but I wanted something in addition to the steaks and bearnaise sauce, so I pulled this cornbread from the freezer and then made some sautéed spinach, too.   This fancy meal really makes me feel good.  Like I’m treating myself well while Kyle’s gone.  I think he’d be proud that I’m not having the same salad I made for lunch again out of pure laziness.  While it was delicious and I could have definitely had it again, cooking a warm meal for just me sets a tone that I want to continue.  Being nice to myself.

I had planned on giving them some spinach too, but it wilts down to nothing!  So I ate it all.  In an effort to give them something in the veg family, I just chopped up some bell peppers.  Good enough.

Theirs vs mine…I’m not sure who wins!  Both look so good!

Mine does though, right?  That cornbread is SO good.  I had another sliver before wrapping the rest up, but I could have easily eaten the whole wedge.

It’s surprising to me that they like pepperoni, but I won’t challenge it.

I forgot to zero the scale with the spoon (I remembered the bowl) so I grabbed another spoon and weighed that to be sure P got exactly 50 grams of yogurt.  🙂

I wasn’t going to have dessert but I was actually kind of hungry later that night, so I made a plate for myself with TCHO salted almond (best one of all), endangered species hazelnut toffee, and TJs pumpkin caramel squares. The endangered species is the nice kind of chocolate that you can take a reallllly long time to eat because it’s so dark and lovely to take nice and small bites.