Birthday sales

First things first.  Today is Kyle’s birthday…


…feliz cumpleanos amor mio! 

Because he is my best friend, I know he will forgive me for posting these.  🙂


Blue steel.




Te quiero muchisimo. 

So, while we are in CA celebrating with family and friends, I figured I should give you guys something to do…

And since there was so much interest in this wonderful product, I am having a sale on Measure-Up bowls at my OpenSky shop


Remember these fun babies? 

Starting today (3/19) at 9 am you will can get a 15% discount for the bowls which will last until Monday night (3/29) using the coupon code: HUNGRY15

So feel free to browse away and treat yourself to something nice knowing you will be saving $$ and getting one of the coolest tools.

Say goodbye to ambiguity when eating massive bowls of cereal/oats/nuts/etc.  Now you can eliminate the measuring cup middle man and pour straight into the bowl and know precisely how much you are actually eating.  Unfortunately, the bowl doesn’t stop you from refilling…so if you have 4 bowls in a row (not that I’ve done that…), well, let’s just say the bowl’s attempt at portion control only goes so far. 

And with that, I bid you good day!




(Grrrr…why won’t you open sesame pistachio!!!)  I have busted many a nail trying to crack open these tight lipped mothahs!  Not cool man.  Not cool.  The shells make them hard to inhale as fast as my tummy wants them.  Maybe it’s good thing?  Nah. 


Friends.  :)  Super happy yummy eats. 

In case you didn’t notice (and really, why would you…), I’ve been (kinda) avoiding the pretzel wagon as of late.  It was sorta on purpose after my ridiculously uncontrollable behavior with the last few bags.  It actually has more to do with the $$ than with the chow sessions.  Eating a family sized bag in one sitting just doesn’t work with my budget, and there was no in between.  As such, I made it a point to avoid that particular aisle in WFs and after what has felt like an eternity (aka a month or so), it finally made it’s way back into my shopping cart.  Let’s see how long it lasts :-? 

Are there any foods that you cannot buy due to lack of self control?  I certainly hope it’s not just me…

Anyways, today was day 3 of 3 in my long stretch.  TGIF felt like the understatement of the year (t’was not an easy breezy day). 


Roughage.  Roughage.  And moooooore roughage.  I heart fiber! 


My salad tupp had spin, brocc, delicata squash, chickpeas, and dried cranz.  It was a perfectly edited salad.  Tim Gunn would be proud.


My foggy baggy contained pretz, pepitas, pistachios, cashews, gojis, raisins, and I can’t remember what else.


Also on the menu, 18 Rabbits Funky Figs and Cherries Granola Bar.  I first heard about this company through a friend (who still resides in my home away from home – San Francisco).  Unfortunately, they are hard to come by in NYC, so Zack was nice enough to send me a few to try out.


Sweetness!  For the NYers out there, they can be found at some Dean & Deluca locations. 

I decided to try the Funky Figs and Cherries flavor first because I liked the name and the flashy purple wrapper.  Hey advertising peeps, these things do work! 


Wheat free, dairy free, very low sodium, no refined sugars, non-gmo, no trans fat, etc.  The ingredients are the best of the best.  Veritas granola, oats, coconut, maple syrup, safflower oil, org. flaxseed, walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cacao nibs, tapioca syrup, chia seeds, and rice bran.

Me likey.

It tasted like a cross between healthier version of an Odwalla super protein bar and a sweeter oatmeal raisins Gnu bar.  It was like an oatmeal cookie with a very subtle nuttiness (as in I could actually detect them, but they didn’t scare me off).  Plus it was bigger than both the aforementioned bars and had the perfect breakability for at-work-consumption.  Basically, they are amazing, and I now have yet another reason to move back to CA.


Work kinda sucked the big one today.  I really had to have mega patience with my patients, but I made it out alive (and so did they), so it’s a win all around.  Altered mental status is one of my least favorite phrases when getting report…multiply it by 3 and you have quite a handful.  What got me through it all was when was one of my patient’s family members told me I had the patience of an angel and I was truly a gift from God.  Well shucks.  You can’t really be anything but heavenly after a compliment like that.  I should try to remind myself of that more often when people are ripping out their IVs and chest tubes…maybe it will help me not pull all my hair out.  Maybe.


I rewarded myself for surviving with this huge veggie beast.  Way way wayyyyy under there was spinach…along with edamame, corn, dried cranz, red bell pepps, and a whole sweet potato (steamed a few days before).  I hosed it all down in Bragg’s liquid aminos (what else?).

Roughage never gets old.

Dessert was pure laziness.


Times 4. 

I don’t even want to think of how many servings it actually was because, well, that’s just not my style, but also…I think it would be disturbing. 

All the milk was sloshing in my tum, but somehow I managed to get to sleep.  It may have something to do with the fact that working 36 out of 72 hours is seriously exhausting.  Srrrrrrrriously.  And on that note, happy weekend 🙂

What do hippies eat?

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods for a “few things”…and came away with $75 worth of Lord-knows-what.  Grrr…how did this happen?!  It started innocently enough (just spinach, apples, and I’m out), but one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was lugging a basket to the 10+ items line.  Damn.


Look at all this loot!!  I got at least 5 different kinds of nuts from the bulk bins, in addition to random trail mixes, etc. (and for all the new readers who just hopped on the HHH bandwagon, I am not exactly a lover of nuts).  Take the bait if you want it…

So, needless to say, I keep finding myself snacking on the most unlikely of munchies (for me).


By themselves, goji berries aren’t that good (in my humble opinion).  They are kinda weird.  I don’t know how to describe them.  But with nuts and other dried fruit (or on top of oats perhaps), they offer a pretty good complimentary flavor.

Pistachios on the other hand, are straight up salty, addicting, yumminess.  I have a feeling I am going to OD on these soon and then I will be back at square one with my distaste for nuts.  It’s an endless cycle, really.  I’m hopeless.

In the meantime, the goodies also made their way into my work eats.


This was a semi-abnormal lunch for me because my beastly salad was missing. 


I still had my smaller tupp filled with edamame, corn, dried cranz, which I then hosed down with Bragg’s liquid aminos

The rest of my pre-packed food included apples x2, bars (Cashew Cookie Larabar & Honey Graham Z bar), a coconut covered date roll, and a baggie of home-made trail mix with all my bulk bin delights.


Almonds + pepitas + pistachios + goji berries + cranz + spelt pretz =


Salty, sweet, crunchy, yum.  Branching out never tasted so good. 

(As an aside)  It is snacks like this that only further reinforce the whole “hippie” rep I have rockin’ among my coworkers – whatevs, I know I work it. 


Dinner was easy peasy thanks to my food preppin’ ways.


Steamed sweet potatoes, pepitas, and raisins doused in BBQizzle.  What else?  Why hummus of course (with a side of carrots).


In the bowl: TVP chili, plain greek yog, and TWO kinds of hummus (I just couldn’t decide)




Oddly enough, I was really in the mood for some vino with dinner.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have had alcohol on work nights.  It’s not like it’s something I avoid because I think I’ll get wasted, it’s just not something I practice. 


Tonight felt like a wine night though.  Why not?


To be honest.  Not my fave.  Too oaky for me.  And this has nothing to do with the fact that Napa is considered a four-letter-word in my family 😉

We are a Dry Creek Valley kinda fam (it’s all about the Sonoma vines, yo).

Back to saving lives manana.  Night!

Like a fat kid loves cake

I LOVE love LOVE you all so much for the overwhelmingly thoughtful comments you flooded me with yesterday. 

I wanted to hug each and every person who took the time to comment for their kind words. It feels so impersonal to write this here given the nature of the sentiments but I couldn’t be more appreciative of all who offered their thoughts, prayers, advice, email addresses, cell phone numbers, and time.  Such outreach from virtual strangers is immensely heartwarming.  It made the day light-years better from the previous ones, too. 

Taking all your comments to heart, I did a lot of thinking yesterday.  Usually my subway rides home from work are spent zoning out (or brainstorming what to eat for dinner), but yesterday I did some real soul searching.  Thank you local train for the extra 5 stops (read: extra 10 minutes of enlightenment). 

While I don’t want to oversimplify a more complex issue, what it comes down to is how the East Coast weather has affected me. 

I consider myself a positive person.  Despite my (rather thick) sense of sarcasm, I’m a glass-half-full girl, and I believe in living a life filled with joy and the pursuit of happiness.  This isn’t something superficial that I have to put on a front about, I’m just a genuinely happy person.  Knowing that, I bring my upbeat attitude with me to work on a daily basis because it’s important for patients to see.  Smiling is infectious, and it’s a far better thing to spread in the hospital than, oh say, C. diff.  Lately, however, the weather has gotten to me, and I feel like I have been using up all my cheery disposition on my patients…and by the 13th hour of the day my positivity has run out.  I know it’s important to be a shining beacon of hope for my patients, and it’s one of the things that I get praised for the most by them and/or their family members, but at the same time, a girl’s gotta look out for herself too.  In the past few days, my high stress job has seemingly sucked all the life out of me, and as a result, I’m left feeling cranky and irritated without the proper mechanism for coping.  Usually running (outside) is my release, but the 20 degree weather has put a bit of a damper on that approach.  I know their are other healthy ways to handle stress, it’s just hard when my favorite option is not readily available. 

Another aspect of my personality that seems to have been muted while living on the East Coast is my flexibility.  Stereotypes aside, the fact of the matter is that the West Coast lifestyle is more laid back and New York is much more go go go.  As a (type-A) person who thrives in such high stress environments (hello, I’m an ICU nurse), this isn’t exactly a bad thing.  However, once my shift ends, I’d like to be able to return to my former easy-going, relaxed, hippie self.  I don’t want to turn into a hard New Yorker, and yet, I’ve found myself sprinting to the subway, irrationally annoyed when I miss a train because of the crowds.  Again, I hate to generalize, but it seems like people in New York need things done now 10 minutes ago.  If a patient’s life is on the line, sure, that makes sense, but if it’s a dinner reservation or a Starbucks order, I’m not sure it’s really necessary…I don’t like the feeling of living for my paycheck – working through my 20’s just to be able to afford my pint-sized Manhattan apartment. 

This got me thinking about PREPARING (to live) vs. (actually) LIVING.  Since being in New York, I feel like I spend my days off preparing for work, and when I work, I’m just preparing for my future.  Work.  Work.  Work.  Make $$, save $$, make more $$.  But what about enjoying the fruits of my labor?  When I go home, I seem to have no problem with this, but in New York I’m all too aware of how I spend my money.  I can talk myself out of doing anything if it involves my hard earned cash…

Well, this is where I’m going to be making some changes.  Thanks to your comments, I’ve realized I need to cut myself a little slack.  The stress of my job, the weather, and much much more has overflowed into areas of my life (where I don’t want it) – and I refuse to let this control my emotional state! 

That said, I will be taking a bit of “me” time away from blogging for a bit.  Massages, mani/pedis, Vitamin D(?), etc. are in my future.  Thank you all for your support and kind words of wisdom.

I leave you with yesterday’s work eats:


I finally realized what these chocolate coffee Jocalat bars remind me of…the chocolate Amazing Grass bars!

The Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal was tasty.  The bites look like mini-puffins, but taste like honey bunches of oats in a easy-to-pop-in-your-mouth form. 

The Lemon Zest mini-Luna bar should be called lemon zing because it’s SO friggin’ tart; not my fave flavor.  Good thing I had my trusty Odwalla nearby to rescue my taste buds. 


The above salad was far bigger than it looks in the photo.  Underneath the shrooms and raisins were steamed veggies galore (carrots, butternut squash) plus spinach, and cherry tomatoes


After I took the initial lunch photo, I realized it wasn’t enough food and made the above corn/edamame salad.  The only dressing on it was Bragg’s liquid aminos and it was way YUM.  I also continued my Starbucks via habit, this time with the Colombia flavor.  I liked the Italian Roast (red packet) better. 

And with that, I bid you all adieu for a little bit. 

Dinner at Hearth

I finally got the pictures from our dinner at Hearth (from when my parents were visiting me in NYC), so here is a long overdue post.

After eating WAY too much vegan chocolate double cake throughout my work shift, I wasn’t exactly starving as I entered Marco Canoro’s restaurant.  Still, with the numerous awards and praise that Hearth has received, I was willing to overlook my lack of appetite.  Plus, this place is within minutes of the hospital and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. 

Dining at another award winning spot with my parents…rough life, huh!

The staff was kind enough to check my hideous backpack, my coat, and my cake, too.  The atmosphere was cozy, without seeming cramped or loud.  It had brick walls which I LOVE, and yet the restaurant oozed warmth and vibrancy.  We were seated right next to the kitchen (if you can call it that).  It was one of those open cooking areas where you could see and hear all the action.  FUN!  It wasn’t noisy though, instead it added a feeling of excitement.

I stuck to H20, but my popsicle got a very hippie appropriate beer.


Flower Power :)  Now you see where I get it?

First things first, bread.  Sesame seed crusted bread, that is.


Mmmm…the seedy crust was so tasty – it tasted like tahini bread!!  I had to limit myself to two slices (trying to save room for dinner!), which was very hard given the fact that the waiter was continuously unceasingly replenishing my bread-free plate.  I can’t decide if I like when restaurants do this or not.  Just because I finish the piece doesn’t mean I immediately need another right away.  There’s attentive, and then there’s pushy.  I had to shoo him away once he served me a third slice.  I think I may prefer getting a basket for the table…that way I can control how many pieces I serve myself. 

Anyways, for dinner, I started with the AUTUMN SALAD.


It had radish, sunchokes, and beets, with a red wine vinaigrette.  Normally I’m not a huge lover of radish, but these were the most thinly sliced pieces I have ever seen, and they actually added a nice punch to the salad.  I need to make more things with new ingredients.


For my dinner, I had two vegetables sides: the Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Sautéed Greens

So tasty.  The mushrooms were may favorite part.  After this meal and the previous Del Posto dinner, I’m even more determined to learn how to prepare different types of mushrooms.  I tend to stick to the mainstream varieties when I’m grocery shopping, but I don’t know why…these and the porcini ones from the other day were some of the most flavorful, meaty, delicious mushrooms I have ever had!!  Of course that could have more to do with the fantastic preparation by the world class chefs than the actual ‘shrooms, but whatever…


Check out Kyle’s dessert!  Decadent much?


The rest of us sipped on decaf coffees.  How cute are these coasters!  Hippie love.