Jan goal reeval/ new Feb goals

In hindsight, I realize my January goals may have been a bit ambitious.  I really did try to do a lot of them, so let’s see where I ended up.

1. Take my first yoga class (well, I did buy a yoga for dummies pamphlet and tried a class on exercise on demand TV)

2. Go to spinning class (yup, I heart spinning, I should really go more often) 

3. Make my own sushi (oops, maybe next month…)

4. Dinner at Candle 79 with Jess  (yup, although we went to Blossom instead)

5. Draw (yup)

6. Get a massage (well, I ended up going to Mexico, so I think that counts as my relaxing pampering treat for the month)

7. Visit friends in Philly (oops, maybe next month?)

8. Try a new vegan restaurant (Nanoosh)

9. Volunteer (All the orientation classes were full, but I did donate to Meghann’s cause, so I think that should count)

10. Read (Remember Me, Twilight, etc.)

So, now I have to figure out where I can improve and what my Feb goals should be.  Stay tuned!

February goals

1. Take a weekend trip somewhere

2. Volunteer

3.  Go to the dentist

4. Go to a new vegan restaurant with Jess

5. Take another spinning class

6.  YOGA!

7. Make my own sushi

8.  Massage!

I figured this time I’d go with a smaller list so I can make sure to really tackle all of them.  Plus Feb is short month AND several require scheduling far in advance, so I’m nervous they won’t work out for reasons outside of my control. 

Here I come February…

down for the count

Yup, my computer is pretty much done-zo…It’s been struggling for a while now, but when you add on the fact that my internet has been out for nearly a week – it’s pretty obvious why I’ve been on HHH hiatus.  Sadly, I learned a sad pathetic fact about myself during this time…while my computer failed, my healthy eating also went to the wayside.  I seriously ate EVERYthing in the entire apartment, AND managed to gain 25 pounds, too.  Okay, I exaggerated a touch there, but I’m pretty sure I did some may-jah damage.  The worst part was I really missed reading about everyone else in the blog world 🙁

The TimeWarner people came to take a look and fix our connection.  So (I hope) now all is good again and I can return to normal, both eating and blogging.  I’m too lazy to recap everything, plus I stopped taking photos after a couple days went by and I realized I wasn’t going to get to post anything…let’s just say, the key components of the week were a whole lotta peanut butter, a whole lotta oatmeal, and even more chocolate.  PMSing.  Definitely.

Tomorrow will start anew.  Adios loves.

peace, love, and happiness

Are you a hippie, too? 

Looks like green living is making a comeback!

Side note:  Earlier today I was enjoying my AM dose of mindless television, when a news brief interrupted the program.  Now ordinarily I’d be delighted to hear Obama’s economic words of wisdom, but when they interrupt The View’s green tips…well it takes a bit of the edge off (sorry Mr. President).  Since youtube couldn’t fill in the gaps, I decided to post a few myself (these are kitchen specific).  As I’ve said before, do what you can, even a tiny change can make a BIG impact, peeps!!!

1. Cut down greenhouse gas emissions:  There are lots of small ways to reduce energy use in the kitchen. An electric kettle uses less energy than a stove-top model. Cover the pot when heating water—it will boil faster. Replace old refrigerators and dishwashers with ENERGY STAR rated models. Composting fights global warming by helping keep organic waste out of landfills where it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

2. Cut down toxics: From plastic wrap to oven cleaners, kitchens are a hotbed of toxic chemicals. Avoid these plastics: Polyvinyl chloride plastic (#3), Polycarbonate plastic (#7), and Polystyrene (#6).  As for green cleaning alternatives, avoid products containing harsh chemicals and synthetic scents, and instead try baking soda and vinegar to clean (they work)!

3. Avoid over-packaged products. Choose nature-friendly cleaning products in bulk or concentrated form.

4. Choose washable, reusable towels or cloths over disposable tissue products like paper towels.

5. If you are going to use toxic substances, make sure you dispose of them separately from household garbage since these products should not be land-filled.

**courtesy of Greenpeace

January goals

So I decided to do a monthly to-do list…yes, I love my lists!!! It’ll be a continuous 2009 resolution.


1. Take my first yoga class
2. Go to spinning class (I love it, but for some reason haven’t been in forever)
3. Make my own sushi
4. Dinner at Candle 79 with Jess
5. Draw
6. Get a massage (tough one, but I’m not good at pampering myself)
7. Visit friends in Philly
8. Try a new vegan restaurant
9. Volunteer
10. Read