About me update?

So I’ve been thinking.

At first I was going to maybe update my “about me” section, but it’s hard to write about yourself out of the blue without any prompts.  So then I figured why not just ask you guys what you want to know.  I’m fairly open about my life on my blog, but who doesn’t like a good Q&A sesh, right?  Feel free to hit me up with questions and I’ll compose a post with the answers in a few days when I get back to normal after my West Coast holiday.  It’ll give me something to do on my numerous flights/layovers…

Feel free to ask anything; whether it’s as superficial as what’s my fave color (pink) or penetrating journalism like how I would bring about world peace (world unites over hummus?).  If a question is too personal or whatever, I just won’t answer it.


I’m currently in Seattle sipping on a 30 cent Tazo chai tea (bring your own teabags and you only have to pay for hot water).  I’m using all will power to not bust open my luggage and snack on the (above) dessert that I made last night.  How bad will it look if I show up at my future in-laws house with an empty tin?  Vegan, gluten free, agave sweetened heaven.  Babycakes’ recipes are fool proof I tell ya.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, I’ll be relaxing sans technology (read: not blogging) for the next few days.  See you on the flip side.

Bora Bora Organic Foods

A few days ago I got a wonderful surprise on my doorstep from Nicole of Bora Bora Organic Foods.


She had contacted me a while ago about trying their product and after taking a trip to their website, I jumped at the chance.

Their bars are:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • No Refined Sugars
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Non Dairy
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Zero Trans-Fats
  • No Soy

Ummm, sign me up!


What cute packaging! 


In addition to the t-shirt, temporary tattoos, and tiki mug, the package included four bars: Tiki Blueberry Flax, Tribal Cinnamon Oatmeal, Island Brazil Nut Almond, and Tropical Sesame Cranberry

I have since tried all four of these, and I can’t wait to find the rest of the flavors in stores soon (there are 10 flavors in total). 

Not only was I was REALLY impressed with their ingredients and nutritional stats but the unique flavor combinations were such a treat!  Bars can be so repetitive, but these had creative, delicious ingredients mixed in different ways that delighted my taste buds.  I’m not joking, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these.

Formal reviews to come…but for now, one word.  WOW.

Tutorial: how to get your coffee frothy

Ok, since a bunch of you have been asking how I get my java all foamy, I decided it was about time for a tutorial.  As you can see, it’s a pretty integral part of my AM coffee routine. 


Being a coffee connoisseur caffeine dependent, I am willing to spend nearly any price to get my fix the EXACT way I like it.  The good news: this tool doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as some fancy shmancy espresso machine.

Introducing the Caffé Froth by BonJour


It’s such a simple tool to use, and yet, the difference it makes in a plain old cup of joe is immeasurable. 


Just add milk to the line.


Pump the top until it’s as frothy as you want (it takes me 10-20 pumps).


Remove the top and add the frothy milk to your coffee.


And voila!!  Deliciously foamy coffee.

As per the instructions, you shouldn’t heat the milk before you add it to the frother (it doesn’t foam well if it’s already warm), so I usually throw the glass part in the micro for 30 seconds after I’ve pumped it.  It still stays perfectly frothed!

And there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed my attempt at a foodie tutorial.  Just don’t expect a lecture circuit in the near future. 

Work food with a side vent

Tuesday marked my return to work.  I didn’t miss it, but I like my job, so I wasn’t too bummed about getting back into it.

However, by 8 am, I was ready to take that all back.  HA!


My pre-packed work eats included: protein pretz, dried mango, dried papaya, salad, tea, apple, Mocha-walla Odwalla bar, Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bar, and dark chocolate covered cocoa roasted almonds.


This salad wasn’t one of my finest creations considering all the prep I had done the day before.  The chickpeas and BN squash were great, but I forgot how much I dislike raw broccoli in salads.  Definitely prefer them cooked.  Dried cranz or raisins would have helped to accent the salad with a bit of sweetness, but oh well.  Next time…

Work was exhausting, but that’s life why I pack so much food.  I got home at 8 and dinner was a no brainer.  Curry stew leftovers on spiralized zucchini.


It was even better as leftovers. 


If nothing else, I’m definitely keeping the zucchini farmers in b’ness, right?

Thank goodness I already mailed off the winning batch of these agave-sweetened brownies, because the second batch is going f-a-s-t!  I had more for dessert, and then a few more for another dessert 🙂


I went to bed with a third trimester food baby.


I again woke up for work at the crack of dawn.  At least it’s no longer pitch black though, gracias a daylight savings.  I’m definitely in denial about the weather though (I rebelled and wore nothing but my paper thin scrubs…and froze my a$$ off). 


I packed lunch eats similar to those of Tuesday, including salad, Honey Graham Z bar, Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bar, dried pears, protein pretz, apple, and a leftover pumpkin black bean burger.


The salad was better this time with spinach, tomato, spiralized zucch, and steamed BN squash.  The black bean burgers have gotten a better (more burger like) texture since I made them, and now they hold together so I can throw them in a plastic baggie to take to work.  I was going to add this to the salad once I took my lunch break, but I never got a proper lunch break, so I ate the salad (in 5 minutes flat) at 2:30, and then ate the burger around 4 pm, when I was able to step away from the unit for another quick 10 minutes.  Yeah, it was a rough shift.

(Mini-rant ahead)

I am SO sick of psych patients disguised as cardiac patients.  Seriously.  I can’t take work days like the one I had today.  I want to pull my hair out put a gun to my head (and by “my head” I mean “my patient’s” – oops, did I say that out loud?).  Ok, I know I sound sarcastic, and callous, and well, basically like a horrible nurse, but it is SO trying sometimes.  I can’t even put into words how the insane behavior of one patient can ruin 12 hours of my life with 3 other delightful, pleasant, appreciative patients. 

It would take me too long to detail the way the end of my shift unraveled, but basically, I had to discharge the worst, most manipulative person today – a man who was IMPOSSIBLE to please.  Regardless of how many times I went out of my way to do little random things for him, he always complained about something else.  And when I was with another patient (who had a spontaneous pneumothorax no less), he had the audacity to yell at me for not answering the call bell fast enough to pull his blanket up.  Um, I’m a little busy here buddy (with a true emergency, no less).  But, like Lady GaGa, I smiled with my poker face, and repositioned his pillows over his face until he was comfortable and silently screamed in my head. 

So, back to this discharge.  Anxious psycho that he was, I finally managed to ease his concerns baby him into a tranquil state and get him escorted home (with a volunteer escort and private limo).  Keep in mind, this guy was not our unit’s typical patient (in that he was 100% stable, ambulatory, and not a post cardiac surgery).  Unfortunately, he was crazy in the head, and thought he required his own personal hospital staff.  TWO HOURS after he left the hospital, I got a call from the Emergency Room saying he was back. 


Official diagnosis for readmission: “not ready to be home.”  Since when is that a diagnosis?  Grrr.  As if that weren’t enough to baffle the mind, I found out the hospital policy is that if a patient returns less than 4 hours after discharge, they go back to the same room.  Question.  What if the room has already gotten a new patient?  Um.  That’s too bad.  Out with the new, in with the old.  I’m not the unit clerk, and I am pretty sure it’s NOT in my job description to sort through the hospital’s political BS, and yet, I found myself on the phone with various authorities for nearly 30 minutes (which was time I should have been spending caring for my 3 other patients).  And that is how the end of my shift was ruined by the return of a grumpy old man. 

Phew.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Shall I move on to dinner now? 


Veggie “meat” crumbles + tomato sauce + spiralized zucch + steamed brocc/cauli + vegan parm =




Another view because it is oh-so-pretty 🙂


Dang I’m glad I made two batches of these brownies.  I don’t want them to ever end!


P.S.  I nearly just scrolled up and deleted everything I wrote about my job stress and my patient woes, but then I realized how therapeutic it was to get it all out.  It may make me sound like a horrible person (or worse, a horrible nurse), but I assure you, I am SO focused on being the smiling, bright light of optimism for my patients, that I tend to bottle up all my negative feelings, and this blog ends up being my outlet…as a result, sometimes I think you guys may get the wrong idea about how I really feel about my job.  I honestly LOVE my work, and I care more than I probably should for my patients… 

Just wanted to make sure you know that when I write (overly sarcastically) about my stressed out work days, my feelings are real, but you are seeing a fairly one sided account. 

Xagave winner

Whew!  There sure is a LOT to do and see in our nation’s capital…

I will tell you all about my fun, tourism-packed weekend in D.C. but first I believe I have some business to take care of. 

Congrats to reader Olivia, who will soon be the lucky owner of some yummy vegan baked treats (made by yours truly) AND a bottle of Xagave’s agave syrup!!  Her guess as to what place I finished was one of the closer ones, but was still fairly far off.  Props to those of you who guessed in the top ten (suck up points indeed)!  And in case anyone was still wondering, I came in 156th out of 20,000 (hearing the rest of your guesses was very entertaining though). 

So make sure to send me your address and keep your eye on the mailbox.