My life can begin NOW

INTRODUCING……the caffe froth!

This little baby is worth an entire blog entry!

All you do is add milk to the line (approx 1/3 cup) and give it a few pumps up and down (insert nasty joke here) and VIOLA!…you end up with this perfect frothy foamy creamy delicious milk. It is truly amazing. Then you can heat it up afterwards and it still retains the froth! I felt like a barista! I can’t use enough exclamation points to express how cool this appliance is. I would recommend it to EVERYone.

Look how much foam in my coffee!

I just couldn’t get enough…


work day

Here is the lunch I packed the night before.

I made the sando with smart deli meat and lettuce, ff Fage, honey mustard, and 7 grain food for life bread. I should really create an abbrev for that sando because it’s the same one I always make. I also went back to the iced coffee routine, OBSESSION!!! 🙂 no but seriously, it is so much more economical to make it at home rather than buy it every day.
All I really ate at lunch was the sandwich and some of the yogurt covered raisins. I ate in Starbucks today (not Bruno’s, shock) because I got a ff iced latte. I really like them, after that I also had plain milk (bad call on the lactose, wft is my problem – self inflicted pain is like a hobby lately).
I went to the gym after work and watched the first Monday night football game (hurray Packers win). I am SO SO glad it is football season again. I had a good gym day, and I saw Jess on the way home (random). I ate the apple after the gym, and then made a delicious salad for dinner at home.

This salad was so good I had another. It had tofu, tomato, lettuce, carrots, corn, peas, cranberries, and honey and milk as a dressing. Check out those colors! So vibrant.

Dessert was dates and yogurt covered raisins. Wowzers. So much sweet stuff in the pm!

ugly betty

Last day of work for the week, praise the lord. I hope to god Betty, the patient from hell, is gone when I get back. I repeated my AM home made iced coffee routine, with the same delightful outcome. My lunch was another smart deli turkey sando. I used the last of the alfalfa sprouts. I also had a plum, apple, sf jello, applesauce, and 2 Starbucks iced ff lattes. I hit up the gym after work, and then got some goodies at WF. I walked half the way home while talking on the phone with L + M…hooray family catch up time.

My dinner was this amazing salad, which was made of a combo of things I got at the WF salad bar, combined with a bag of romaine lettuce I had at home. From WF I got my fav baked tofu, carrots, peas, corn, dried cranberries, and the dressing was honey mustard with ff milk. Then for dessert I had yogurt covered raisins…mmmmmm….

Gym day

I slept in big time today. It was really nice since I stayed up so late last night after my pm eating sesh. So I had 2 full cups of coffee today, which I made nearly latte-like with ff Lactaid that Kyle picked up for me on his way back from the gym (since I left him a million different notes). For some reason the other milk smells funky. No pictures because its not exciting, just coffee. Then I went to the gym and did 60 minutes on the elliptical followed by abs and stretching. I came home for a super late lunch (if you can even call it that since it was 4 pm).

I used the tofu that I made last week (baked with sesame seeds and soy sauce). It was good, but maybe not meant to be part of a sandwich.

I halved the tofu on the last (almost) of the Ezekiel bread.
Then I added some ff Fage.
Then I added some sprouts, and voila – done!

Of course that wasn’t quite enough, so I had some yogurt covered raisins/carob covered raisins.
I didn’t like the chocolate ones, so I decided to instead have a few more handfuls of the yogurt raisins…maybe too many? I wasn’t full, but I definitely was NOT in the mood to exercise AGAIN. But I swore to myself after I ate all that food last night that I would make today a two-a-day work out day. So I decided to leave early and walk some of it off on the way to spinning class in union square. I made it to 55th street and then hopped on the subway for the rest of the way there. Since I was early I did a few minutes of cardio warm up, followed by some more abs and stretching. The class didn’t disappoint. It was a male instructor this time and he did some of the work out with us, he also sang to some of the songs (even the techno stuff) which was quite amusing, otherwise he was good at pumping me up and keeping me motivated. Once I got home I wasn’t really hungry but I also knew that I should eat before it got too late and then I did a repeat late night binging sesh. That was no good. I was stumped on what I wanted, mostly because I wasn’t really in the mood for anything at all. Weird, I know.

I decided on some vegan chik’n nuggets made by Health is Wealth and a Gary Null’s veggie burger (those things are starting to become a major part of my life it seems!!).
I was still hungry for a carb type thing, but resisted my temptations for the following (pizza dough, dates, more yogurt raisins, etc.) and had an apple instead.
It worked. I love it when I trick myself. Ok, off to bed, Kyle is in there getting antsy waiting for me. Work tomorrow, ugh.