Pack that a$$ up

I think my carry-on bag weighed more than I do.

Allow me to explain (with photos):


Bar-ville, USA.

No such thing as over-packing when you’re flying from the east coast to the middle of the pacific ocean…right?

But then, after piling my bag with dried fruit, clifs & laras, I freaked out and worried I didn’t have enough food so then I added more.


And then more.

Of course, I STILL ended up buying tons more at LAX because I’m so type A, I think there’s no such thing as being TOO prepared…but I’ll get to the flights later.

I previously posted my tips for flying, here.

What are your go-to foods for flying?

Anyways, I woke up Sunday morning wayyy earlier than necessary, so I could do this…


…and this.


Just kidding, I only did the first one.  But I did make sure to get in a solid 20 minutes of stretching…cramped up on a plane all day is no bueno for my old lady runner joints.


I also had a big bowl of melon for brekkie.  Never too soon to start hydrating.

After waking up a bit more, I did some last minute packing, and hit the road for JFK.  Kyle was sweet enough to walk me to the subway (although I’m pretty sure it was just an excuse for him to get a muffin for breakfast on the way home).

The airport is the ultimate place for people watching…there were far too many weirdos to document.  However, I DO have a few highlights from my 15+ hours of observing.

I took a few notes so as not to forget.  If you don’t care about my random musings, feel free to skip ahead, I won’t be offended know either way 🙂


That’s the bathroom tally from my middle seat neighbor on the flight from JFK to LAX.  SEVEN.  SEVEN!!!  And these weren’t quick trips, these were half hour long visits (I know this because on one of them I watched an entire episode of Kendra)…so there was clearly something going on. 

At first I felt bad for the guy.  Homes must’ve been dealin’ with some serious GI issues.  But once he started nearing (and then passed) the double digits (of times I had to get up to let him back in), my empathy quickly turned to annoyance.  Dude, get the aisle seat if you have a weak stomach. 

I know I sound horrible (especially coming from a girl with IBS), but the guy was also a SUPER CREEP.  He was staring at me the entire freakin’ flight.  You know when you can tell someone is looking at you, and you look up and meet their eyes and they quickly look away.  Well, he was like that, but DIDN’T look away!  I mean I was like, helloooooo, I can see you staring at me!

At one point (when middle seat was in the bano) the guy in the window seat actually said “is this his first time out of the house?!”  Word, window seat guy.  Word.

I could go on and ON about his bizarre actions over the course of the 5 hours we were forced to share 2 inches of armrest and overhead compartment space, but I’ll move on.


Btw, this was the line for the only coffee place in the Delta terminal. 


Clearly, I waited – and yes, people thought I was very weird for taking pictures of the line and then of my coffee…but I don’t really care.



Sabra + pretz = happy happy hippie 🙂

I also got the $5 cup of melon, which brought my morning airport expenses to $13.  WELL worth it.

Given the advantage of hindsight, I can now say it was a very necessary purchase.  I don’t know HOW I would have coped with the creepy middle seat guy without my hummus love.


I had a 3 hour layover in LAX, during which I consumed 2 bars, 45 pounds of dried fruit, my pre-packed salad, and the above purchases (add on another $11 to my bill).

Notice the ketchup shot in the bottom of the screen :)  I felt guilty just entering the golden arches to get it!

I bought another veg platter for the second flight, too.

And now for some superlatives…(kidding! kinda…ok, maybe not)

JFK to LAX fellow passenger best outfit award goes to purple velour matchy matchy sweat suit with “apple bottom” emblazoned in crystals across the ass.  The outfit didn’t end there though…she also rocked stunna shades on top of her head the entire (5 hour) flight PLUS she obvs got her hair did freshly for the trip and sported hoops I could easily fit my fist through, all while balancing in 4 inch stilettos.  Seriously.  You can’t make this shiz up.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!  I hope she had someone soopah important waiting for her in LA, because with a get-up like that, she should be P. Diddy’s shoulder candy (at the least).

Runner up goes to the female body builder with biceps that would make Jillian’s gun show look like amateur hour.  Her veins were bulging like a mo fo.  AND (as if her peek-a-boo veins weren’t enough to get the point across) she also had underarmor gear hugging her muscles tighter than House of Derion jeans on Beyonce’s bootylicious lady lumps.

Love me some people watching 🙂


The second flight was pretty perfect (as far as 5+ hour flights go)…I had an endless supply of free movies, so I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and He’s Just Not That Into You.  Quality.  I figured Kyle wouldn’t be too heart broken if I saw these without him…(he’d be so bummed if I saw the Jonas Brothers movie before he did, so I held off on that one – maybe the flight back home?)!

whole foodar

I have a radar for certain things…one of which is Whole Foods.  It’s a special talent really, and quite handy.  Drop me in a foreign neighborhood, and I can sniff out Starbucks and WF like my life meal depends on it. 

The weather was SO nice this weekend, Kyle and I spent as much time outside as possible, so I definitely spent a significant chunk of my last paycheck eating out.  Who wants to slave away in the kitch when it’s 80 degrees out!?  Not exactly the best for the bank account, but my tummy was quite pleased 🙂

Obviously, it goes without saying that I hit up Whole Foods several times…I even found a new store!  While wandering the afternoon away in SoHo, shopping and such, I used my foodie superpower radar (aka whole foodar) and lead us to Bowery and Houston…voila! 

I took some time off from photographing this weekend, so sorry about my lack of food porn. 

However, I will share a bit of blog worthy news…

OBSESSION ALERT….I don’t know why I decided to try this, after I VOWED I wouldn’t get sucked in…



I wanted another 2 hours after I finished this one…it was goooood!

It made that fizz-pop sound when I opened it, which I wasn’t expecting, and was way more tart/sweet that I thought it would be…but it was DELISH! 

I’ll admit, the weird floating crap made me a little really nervous.  But I went with a fairly safe flavor to start with (passionberry bliss), rather than the scary brownish/gray swamp water original flavor.

So, word of the wise to those who haven’t tried it…if you don’t want to embark on a $3.99/bottle habit (which turns into a $12/day addiction), don’t try this…unfortunately, I’ve already succumb, but SAVE YOURSELVES!!

IMG_2754 IMG_2755

The usual suspects…


Sorry for the lack of pics!

Turns out I was a slacker all around, as I didn’t really exercise much at all this weekend, either.  In fact, I think the nice sunny weather brought out a whole new “sloth” side of me! 

To be honest, I was kinda bitter that I didn’t end up signing up for the Brooklyn half marathon, even though I reallllllly wanted to run it.  I kept going back and forth the entire month leading up to the race, to run or not to run, that was the question.

In the end, I decided that spending quality time with the fiancé was a wiser choice…but I think I ended up (secretly) resenting him for it (even though he had no idea he had any role in why I didn’t participate)…not really fair, I’m not going to deny that, but I don’t always have entirely rational processes going on in my cabeza…I’m a complicated one :-/

After way too much time mentally moping/feeling sorry for myself on Saturday morning, I decided to confront my issues head on (well, actually, Kyle forced me to).  As I reflected on my inner turmoil, and more importantly, the reasons WHY I was feeling so confused…I realized I had a whole mix of emotions going on.  I was annoyed (because I seem to have hit a plateau in my workouts and lost the motivation to train) and bummed (because without a race in the future, I have no reason to train). 

Turns out, the root of the issue is that I don’t have a race to train for.  I believe this is what the professionals call post-partum depression…except, my baby was my half marathon (in late April) so I’m suffering a post-race let down. 

It’s like I got bitten by a racing bug, and now I can’t get enough…this lead to a little bit of research, and…now I am a NYRR member!

Here I am, caught in the act of searching for races…


(Please note: the entire couch is empty, as well as the leather chair, and yet, I chose to balance on the uncomfortable wooden arm of the chair)…why?  I told you, I’m a complicated one.


If it ‘aint broke…

Repeat it!!!!!  I had this toasted melty PB/carob chip heaven every night since I last blogged 🙂

Back to the routine tomorrow…I have about 500 posts in my google reader to catch up on from the weekend.  I love love love having my bberry at work, reading about all my fellow blogger buddies and seeing how creative and inspiring you all are in the kitchen, in the gym, and in all other aspects of life is one of my favorite things!  I just can’t get enough of you kids 🙂

Caribbean Sol(utions)

After Heather’s recent post about processed products, I thought I’d add in my two cents (after all, I am a hippie).  

Sure, I’m pretty minimalist in the beautifying department, but I am a girl!!  So what’s a hippie to do?!

Allow me to introduce Caribbean Sol

They have biodegradable everything, including sunscreen, lotion, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, and even self tanner…

According to Dr. Ginger’s “worst, better, best” classifications, the “worst” products have parabens (ew, toxic, ew), while the “best” are natural and paraben free.

Caribbean Sol’s products are made from all organic, biodegradable ingredients.


You can see the ingredients listed on the labels of each and every product here.

Trust me, I’m a huge fan…

IMG_2725  IMG_2723

I’ve previously raved about the Onyx Oil here as well as the sunscreen here, and I regularly lather up with the (above) natural cocoa shea body butter and natural kukui body silk before bed.


Shampoo, conditioner, and bathing gel


Peek-a-boo (I spy with my little eye)…an arm in the mirror – and the Caribbean Sol faces only sunscreen.

Sadly, there are a lot of other products from the “worst” column, too, in there.

Below is the natural body satin moisturizer and natural lip balm.

IMG_2722 IMG_2726

So clearly I’m a fan…

They even have self tanners and dog shampoo!

Basically I love their products – something a hippie AND a girly girl can enjoy, since often times they are one and the same…hello?  blogger chicas   🙂

Supportive like underwire

First of all, I’d like to start off by thanking itsawrapteacher for sharing her love.  She passed along this

…so cute, right?  I think she’s such a lovely, fabulous lady, I hope she knows it!  I, too, feel the support of this entire blog community on a daily basis, so I feel like I should pass on the warm & fuzzies.

I’m supposed to pay it forward to 7 peeps, which is damn near ridic since everyone deserves it, BUT…K, Andrea, Julie, Lara, Jess, Caroline and Brooke – you are true gems!

Sure, it’s silly since I don’t even really KNOW you guys, but I look forward to reading about your lives stalking you and reading your comments on a daily basis…you perk me right up – now if that’s not support, I don’t know what is!