veggie chips

What I Ate…T/W

My Tuesday and Wednesday.  For your viewing pleasure.


Breakfast.  Banana bread + fried egg.  Decaf, decaf, decaf.


Lunch.  Celery, carrots, zucchini egg muffins with fresh grind peanut butter.

After Kyle woke up I went for a short jog around the ‘hood and then we headed downtown for fro-yo.


Snack.  Cultive mix of banana & white chocolate fro-yo topped with slivered almonds, shredded coconut, blueberries, and raspberries.


Dinner.  Thai Peanut Zucchini Noodle Fry.


Check out the squash from my coworkers’ garden!  I also scored some medjool dates and oranges from her.  The cherry tomatoes are from my own garden.

IMG_4078 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4082

I love this recipe and since I have squash aplenty it’ll probably keep on happening. 🙂


Dessert.  Theo dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.  <— the best Theo bar of all.


Breakfast.  Banana bread + fried eggs.  Decaf, decaf, decaf.

This was a delayed meal since I stayed a bit after swim lessons.  I was haaangry by the time I got home so I inhaled it (hence the missing bite in the photo).


Lunch.  Summer squash frittata, veggie chips, cherry tomatoes from my garden.  [P.S. I ate way-ay-ay more chips than pictured]

After Kyle woke up we went for a family walk.


Snack.  Ghirardell’s dark chocolate.  Kyle had a business meeting in SF a few weeks ago and brought back a bag of sampler chocolates for me, which I’ve been slowly savoring.  Sea salt soiree is my absolute favorite, so naturally it was the first one I finished off.  I’d never heard of the intense dark cabernet matinee before, but it was lovely.  Like a chocolate grape combo.  Mmmm.

After we showered we went to the farmer’s market to meet up with some friends.  I bought a bag of kettlepop and we did the produce portion of our grocery shopping.  After hanging out for a short while longer, we headed to the co-op to finish off the grocery shopping.


Dinner.  Tempeh sando on The Essential Baking Co GF bread with Daiya provolone, chard from the garden, dijon mustard, avocado & Nasoya whipped nayonaise.  Whew!  What a loaded ‘wich!

I’ll share a more detailed post about the way I prepared the tempeh later.


Dessert.  Maqui Berry Mojito Kombucha + the rest of my kettlepop from the market.

I’m so so so into this Kombucha flavor.  I have no clue what possessed me to try it since I hate mint, but I was at the store and it sounded so refreshing I just went with it.  Who knows what’s up with my bizarro taste buds?!  First the goat cheese, then the banana chips, and now this?!  Whatever.  I’m just rolling with it.  Food-gasms abound.

And not that you asked…but I did take pics…

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been making for Kyle since he’s doing night shifts as well.


Dinner on the road.  Couscous with Sabra hummus, parmesan, green beans, and TJ’s 21 seasoning.


Breakfast.  Leftover couscous with Sabra roasted garlic salsa and cherry tomatoes from the garden.


Dinner on the road.  Annie’s mac n cheese shells with green beans.

IMG_4093 IMG_4098

Plus some help from my sous chef.  🙂


Breakfast.  Nachos with the works.  Chips, pinto beans (made in the rice cooker), Sabra salsa, cheddar cheese, and Sabra spicy guacamole.


This plate was no joke.


Snack.  Home-made baked “fries”.

I can’t wait til this weekend when we will both be home together on normal schedules and not working night shifts.  Eating the same meal in the same place at the same time!?!  Novel concept.

Backlogged days

Monday Monday Monday.

In nursing, there isn’t really the same stigma for the various days of the week because every day is (potentially) a work day. Fridays don’t mean the next two days are off. Wednesdays aren’t a half way mark. And Mondays aren’t the first day back after a break. So why do Mondays still have that baggage for me? Probably because spending the weekends with both my boys are so awesome. And I hate that it has to end.

I also usually do grocery shopping on Mondays and I truly have come to despise grocery shopping.

This Monday I did laundry, vacuumed the house, prepped food for the week, went on a walk, and studied acute care nursing. <— my brain has been taken over by Elmo’s world and I need to get my mind back into the world of ABGs and vent settings

It was also P’s 4 month doctor’s appointment.

And because of all that, I didn’t have time to blog about any of these yummy eats…until now (let’s pretend four days didn’t pass between now and then, okay?).


IMG_2908 IMG_2911 IMG_2909 IMG_2910

Overnight oats with the usual suspects…and a fun new ingredient too.

Oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, almonds, almond milk…and Reginald’s hazelnut amaretto peanut butter.

The amaretto flavor is STRONG. I wasn’t super into it as a part of the oats, but I think it’ll be really good in a baked good. Yes yes yes. That’s the plan.

IMG_2806 IMG_2807

Udi’s GF bread (omega flax & fiber) with almond butter (fresh grind from the Co-op) and a fried egg.

This bread is way heartier than their white bread. Similar to the mighty bagel it tastes like a wholesome real food.

IMG_2719 IMG_2868

L: overnight oats again. R: Van’s GF waffles with almond butter and banana slices.



Lettuce wraps with avocado tuna salad.

IMG_2624 IMG_2625

All I did was mash 1/2 an avocado + 1 can of tuna + 1 sliced celery stalk + salt + pepper.

And since my face wasn’t satisfied with lettuce alone, I took down a huge amount of tortilla chips as well. I’ve been really good about minimizing the sugar in my life, but salt is apparently just as sneaky of a beast. Once I start…oof…game on.

IMG_2854 IMG_2853

These veggie “chips” are another example of how moderation is not my bag.

I bought a ton from the bulk bin at Nugget market and ate them all in two servings. They’re a perfect snack plate addition; when eaten in normal portions. Eggs, strawberries, carrots and leftover shrimp have been other snack time regulars.




A repeat of the Fruit & Goat Cheese salad I shared previously.

Only this one had oranges (from the neighbor’s tree) and kale. Citrus and kale worked my taste buds like whoa. Plus it’s total superfood business. I felt like a grown up eating it, which basically cancels out my veggie chip binges.

IMG_2931 IMG_2933

I massaged the shiz outta this lettuce. It’s better on my gut when I steam it first (and don’t eat very much at once), but I was lazy. Massaging it a few times does help break things down pretty well though.


Bon Appétit noodles tweaked like so.


Chocolate. Duh.

Millecado and lollihop

I’m really obsessed with millet bread right now, which is a shame since it costs $6 a loaf.


The best way to enjoy it is with avocado smashed on top.


You really don’t need anything else, but if you’re feeling extra sassy, you can jazz it up with a squeeze of lime juice, dash of salt and paprika.


As far as I’m concerned mille-cado is the next PB&J.  It’s a heavenly snack.

For the people following the low FODMAPS plan, avocado does have trace amounts (it’s in the polyols category with stone fruits), but sources differ on it’s tolerability, especially in low quantities.  My latest resources say moderate amounts are acceptable during the elimination phase.  And since I’ve never had any issues with the green goddess, I’m cool with following that advice.  I haven’t had more than 1/2 an avocado per meal, though.

The other day, I brought this posse of eats with me to work:


Lemme do a play-by-play.

Breakfast was a familiar mix of oats with almond butter & cinnamon.  I added in half a banana, too.  The other half I ate on the way to work.


Lunch was different, but only subtly.  I still had a big tupperware of greens, as per usual.  But instead of using hummus as a topping, I used “cheesy” cashew sauce (the same sauce I used here).

IMG_1893 IMG_1928

Spinach and quinoa are kitchen staples, and I still have tons of french green beans from our last Costco run, so that’s pretty much how that came to be.  The serving of green beans was on the moderate side, since they are sometimes included in the galactans group.  My latest sources say that both fresh peas and green beans are ok though, as long as the portion is small.

IMG_1929 IMG_1930

I was rather generous with the sauce application, though.



As for the day’s snacks, I had a dried fruit/nut mix, a few Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate squares, carrots, and a bag of terra chips.


I got a package in the mail the other day from a company called Lollihop.  They put together a box of goodies full of yummy, healthy, quality snacks – including gluten free and vegan items – which you can subscribe to receive.  You can learn more about Lollihop and how they choose their products (it’s individualized based on your lifestyle!) by clicking here.  I was happy to see many of my favorite companies represented on their site (Larabar, Clif bar, KIND bar, ProBar, kaia foods), plus some newbies I’d never heard of (somersault snack co.).  And then there were a few I’ve been wanting to try for a while (two moms in the raw, glutino, Macro bar).  Yeah!

IMG_1937 IMG_1938

Terra chips (original) made their way into my lunch box because they met all the fodmaps elimination phase requirements – they’re vegan, gluten free, and made from very pure ingredients.  In fact, they are simply root vegetables with oil and sea salt.

The sweet potatoes were the best.  They were thick, but somehow melted in your mouth as you bit into them.  I don’t know how they did it, but I swear, I could have eaten a million of them.  The parsnip and yuca chips were also good, but the taro ones were a bit tough.  I never knew Terra chips had so many other kinds, but now I think I’d like to try a bunch of the other varieties.

What’s your favorite snack food lately?  Are you a salt lover – nuts, chips, crackers?  Or a sweet person – dried fruit, chocolate, etc?

Millet toast with avocado is kinda the best of both worlds.

Pack it all in day

I mean this both literally and figuratively.  I was Errands McGee today, and I definitely ate enough to fuel it all.  Sheesh.  Just you wait…you’ll see!


I had a lovely morning with a frothy java and scoop ‘o almonds.  YUMMY!

Like a five year old, I played with my food a little, too.  I’m so mature. 


I got a little sun this past weekend, huh?  Oops!!  Fueled on crack caffeine and nuts, I did some running around town and came home and made a BEAST of a breks.


Underneath all the granola, almonds, and fresh bluebeezies, was Chobani greek yogurt. 


Pre and post mix master flex…I die.


I didn’t have lunch so much as a series of PM snacks.  The first being chips & hummus.  I piled my plate high with BOTH pita chips AND pop chips.


PITA/POP.  Whatever, yo.  As long as it brings hummus to my mouth, I’m happy.  I may have had too many of the chips though…because I fell into a mini food coma after all the carbs settled.  Like a rock in my belly, I sunk into the couch.

IMG_4279 IMG_4276

Who knew Stonyfield made chapstick?!  Odd.

The PM went by in a blur: Kyle got home from work, I chomped an apple, we went grocery shopping for my weekend eats, Kyle left for Vegas, I went to the gym, I made dinner, and hit the sack.


I was feeling avocado deficient, so I knew there was only one way to fix it.  GUAC!  I haven’t had one of these MASSIVE bowls in while, so it was about due, dontcha think?

I used an entire avocado 😀


Some DKB for dippage purposes…


Almost filled, but not quite, I opted for some veggies and roasted red pepper hummus.  Cauliflower and cukes were such contrasting textures, it was great.


Jay Robb put me to bed – don’t be jealous Kyle!!  When the cat’s away…  ;) 

Oot and aboot

No need to send out the search dogs, I’m alive and well.  In the last few days I’ve been hanging out with with my sis and working.  I worked the past two days, and Laura left to return to CA today (tear). 

In the interest of just getting up to date, I’ll limit Tues through Thurs to the very upmost blog-worthy parts.  Not that everything I write isn’t thrilling…

Me + Laura + WF lunch + central park = happy day


The sun was BLAZING, so the photos were all soopah bright.  In case your vampire eyes can’t cope, box #1 contained: kale, sprouts, artichoke hearts, a buncha PITA wedges, and a fatty dollop of hummus.


In the SECOND box ‘o goodies: chimichurri seitan skewers

Ummmm…LOVES IT!!  I saw these babies in the displayed/cased section and knew I HAD to have them.  The WF employee kept choosing the wussy skewers and I was like “yo homes, gimme that fatties!” 

Now.  The REAL pregunta: Does anyone know what chimichurri actually is??

I had no idea when I bought it, but it was tasty.  I rubbed the extra sauce all over my kale salad, it was ALMOST as good a topping as hummus!  Anyways, thanks to the Google gods, I now know that chimichurri is in fact made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable or olive oil, white or red vinegar, and red pepper flakes.  Additional flavorings such as paprika, oregano, cumin, thyme, cilantro, lemon, and bay leaf can also be added in case you wanna make some (and then send it my way).

For dinner?  MAOZ!!!  (I’m lucky enough to have a foodie sister who adores Mediterranean cuisine as much as I…well, ALMOST as much as I – let’s not get carried away now).


When you order the salad box, you get 5 falafel balls and all the toppings you can pack into your bowl in a single pass through…talk about a challenge!!



There were so many layers up in this salad, I couldn’t even BEGIN to list them all, but underneath all the CHICKPEAS, tabouli, tomato/cucumber salad, carrot salad, roasted broccoli/cauliflower, beets, and falafel was a bed of lettuce.

The lettuce was weak sauce in comparison to the several marinated salads that I heaped on top. 


Oooo…saucyyyy 🙂

We saw Julie & Julia, too.  I liked it (even though I had heard several negative reviews of Julie’s whiny, emotional, Debbie Downer role in the film).  Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are QUITE the winning combo.


Recognizable anywhere.  Work lunch.  L to R: Apple, Sabra mini-tub of hummus (free from Sabra Sunday), Pop Chips, salad, dried fruit/nut mix, PB cookie Luna bar, Cookies ‘N Cream Clif Builder bar, and dried papaya spears.


How many times have I re-used these baggies?  I think I’m in the 50’s with the nutty one…the papaya spears is brand spankin new since the old one practically had Kombucha sh!t growing in it.  Not cool man.


I’ll admit, this had super creepy ingredients.  And yet, I was trapped downstairs in the dungeon ICU all day, so it kinda hit the spot.  0% of it resembled “cookies ‘n cream,” which in NO way was the worst part about the bar (the odd Charleston-Chew-meets-cookie-dough-texture wins that award).  I feel like the bar couldn’t make up it’s mind on what it was trying to do…come on Clifpuh-leeze give me something I can scarf down in guilt-less delight.


It may seem boring because it’s repetitive, but why mess with perfection?

I had a CRAPPY shift (to put it nicely), and as soon as I got off I called Laura and announced that the ONLY solution was a WF dinner.  So we met at the new UWS location and went to town at the hot bar.


Remember the QUINOA veggie patty that I found at the SoHo Whole Foods last week?  Found it again!


I got a basic (read: uninspired) salad and pita wedges to accompany the quinoa cake.  The salad wasn’t too entertaining, so I turned to my favorite life meal saver – hummus.  (DUH).


After the pitas were gone, I realized I still wanted more carbs.  And not just ANY carbs.  I wanted big, fat, thick, doughy, seedy, delicious carbs.


Enter Dave’s Killer Bread.  I still have a few regular slices left, but I skipped ahead to the heel piece because it was just too damn good looking!!!  I mean have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?

Work day lunch.  Again.


Bars, hummus, dried/fresh fruit, nuts, & salad.


World of Grains Garlic Herb flavored crackers review: not salty enough, but great as a salad topping (or hummus dipper).  PLUS for being garlicy, I don’t think my patients were too offended by my breath.  Then again, that may be a rather brilliant way to reduce call bell use. I keed, I keed.


Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar review: meh.  I’ve had better.  No harm, no foul.


The rest of the packed up food posse filled my tummy and before I knew it I was off work and headed home.


Surprise flowers from my boo.  Yea  🙂


Laziness leads to the freezer…which meant bombay curry veggie burgers.  I had heard good things about Dr. Praeger’s, but I was NOT a fan of these.

Here’s why:


I heated two patties which (upon heating) just about disintegrated before my very eyes.  WTF!?!


One patty went into a wrap, and the second patty was consumed separately on the side.  Neither way was that great.  I won’t be buying these again, but I do still have two more left in the freezer. 

They had the consistency of baby food, and didn’t hold together AT ALL.  They were SO mushy, I don’t think they even deserved to be in the burger category. 

Clearly I needed dessert course 2.


Can you believe this is only HALF of a Whole Foods granola fruit & nut bar?  I really am in love with these.  I cut it in half, fully planning on eating a sensible and controlled portion.  But it was just TOO good…I ended up slicing up the second half and downing it like a starvin’ marvin. 


Worth it.  DEFINITELY worth it.