yogurt covered raisins

not just the same old salad

I woke up to rain and cloudy skies, so I just wanted to stay in my PJ’s all day long. Too bad for me, Kyle doesn’t feel the same way about what proper rainy day activities are. Fortunately the rain seemed to clear up in the afternoon, so we managed to salvage most of what we were planning for the day.

Step 1: Caffeine, asap (bowling ball design).

Step 2: More caffeine (cherry design)

Step 3: Gym.

I gymed it hard. I was struggling too, but I gotta get my butt in gear, so I pushed through. I ran and streched and did abs, oh my.

Step 4: Lunch (actually snack, and snack often)

I was only so-so hungry, which was weird for only having coffee prior to my work out…so I had an organic honeycrisp apple (from my FD order), followed by a cup of o’soy yogurt (strawberry flavor).

This was the first time I tried the strawberry flavor, and it is definitely better than the peach. Vanilla is still my number 1, but this is a close 2.

Then we headed out to do some shopping. Gotta get some clothes for our (less than a week away) European travels! I packed a snack for myself, since I always get famished while scanning the racks…shopping really can be quite a work out!

I’ve been looking foward to this treat for a while! Sabra classic hummus and pretzels in a cute little package for the road. Could this BE any more perfect? Here’s the problem: I don’t like wasting food, and there were not nearly enough pretz to finish off the hummus (may-jah dilemma!)…you might guess where this left me. Yes, licking the container. Kyle was mortified, and I probably looked like a homeless person after months without food. Whatevs. I’m a food freak, embrace it.

I got a new pair of black slouchy ankle pumps, and Kyle got a new suit, 5 dress shirts, 2 ties, and 2 pairs of dress shoes (insert gasps here). He was on a mission.
Dinner was another salad (yes, I’m going to turn into a salad soon I am craving them for dinner every single night)! But it was so good it was not just another boring salad. I added in some leftover tofu edamame and corn mix below.

Also I added in more cherry tomatoes and raisins. Perfection.

Of course then my sweet tooth was calling…and yogurt covered raisins answered.

Then we went out to go see the movie Role Models on the late night. I was laughing my ass off the entire movie. SO funny. SO SO funny. Even though we got back after midnight, I still managed to find room in my tummy for some bread (4 slices of A Street) with hummus (sorry no pictures).

living like a grown up

The day after my birthday I had to work, so it was back to reality. The C pod was super mega patient overload (to quote black rob, it was “like whoa”). Each patient was so heavy, there should have been 5 more nurses at least, but of course there were just two of us left to hold down the fort. The day started off with a nice starbucks soy misto, but since I was running around like a mad woman all morning, my stomach was growling by 9 and eating itself by 10. Thank the lord I had my vegan oatmeal raisin cookie from the night before (my BDAY cookie!!). It was awesome! Dense (but not in a heavy way), crumbly, oaty, so good. I may have to find out the recipe.
I didn’t get away for a lunch break until way late in the afternoon, so it’s a good thing I had the cookie to hold me over. I made a sando with california style A street bread (see pic below).

The picture of the sandwich is nowhere to be found. My camera is dying. Now in addition to crappy pictures, they are spontaneously deleting, apparently. Anyways, for the record, the sando had smart deli “turkey” with hummus, mustard and lettuce. I also had a baggie full of dried edamame and raisins (can’t beat salty and sweet).

I hit up the gym after work, but only for a mini run. I was done after 30 minutes. I was really in the mood for comfort food. The weather got COLD all of a sudden, and I seriously wanted something warm and hearty. (Shockingly) I had the self control and presence of mind to come up with a healthier alternative. I settled on “Boca” chik’n nuggets with lots and lots of dip (I love mixing BBQ sauce with honey mustard).

I don’t know why they consider one serving 3-4 nuggets. I don’t even know what that MEANS? How do you eat 3-4? How do you not eat all of them? Confusing.

Wow, my camera is barely hanging on…

I ate a few dates and soooo many yogurt covered raisins, but all I captured was this little bit. Makes me look like I have moderation – well, looks can be deceiving!

the final countdown…

Yes, the days are dwindling…I will soon be on my own, saving lives. Work was work. I did manage to make it to the gym after 12 hours of slaving away.

I had a Bruno’s coffee (NOT sbucks!?) with a min amount of leche…I’m gonna try to reduce the $$ this week…and then for lunch I had a sando (seen below).

A Street cali style bread with lettuce, smart deli turkey, mustard and hummus. Can’t go wrong with classic…never fails.
My gym workout was kinda weak to be honest, but the important thing is I did go. I actually only ran for 30 mins because the 90210 ep was a rerun, and that was kinda the only thing that was motivating me to go in the first place.
I was salivating thinking of dinner the whole time…I heart HUMMUS!

First, pitas.
Second, veggies.

Also, apple slices.
And finally, the creamy classic hummus…(notice Kyle trying to steal my yummy food).
Then later I had some dessert (organic apple sauce)

…to which I added some cinnamon

Also, I had bunches of yog covered raisins…can’t help it.

the pink month

Welcome to October, my favorite month.

No work today, woohoo! But, my stomach was unhappy for some unknown reason, so my day off was not so fun. I spent most of it on the couch, and the rest of it in bed. I did manage to crawl to starbucks for a soy latte, which (surprisingly) settled my stomach momentarily.

Later I had some oatmeal. Arrowhead Mills has good stuff. I especially love their oatmeal. I mixed one of the original packets with flax with a maple apple spice packet. Then I added in a hunk of Kyle’s peanut butter (BAD Elise), a packet of Stevia, and a handful of raisins.

I swear I took a photo of the entire bowl?!? No idea where that went…

Anyways, I snacked on yogurt covered raisins and dried dates throughout the day. These bags are SO big, and yet I still managed to finish them off like it was nothing.

Kyle made dinner all by himself. Tortilla espanola in honor of my sister (she’s abroad in Barcelona). We have made it before. The recipe is so simple, and yet, it’s SO good!

All you need is 6 eggs, 1 Idaho potato, 1 yellow (or spanish) onion. First cook the diced potato in a pan with olive oil, then add in the chopped onion. Once the onion is cooked add in the eggs. Naturally, you can season as you want with S+P. After the bottom looks cooked and the eggs are almost cooked through to the top, it’s time to flip it (this is a very tricky process, which everyone does differently I think). We found the best way for us, is using 2 pans that are the same size. So when one side is done we just flip it into the other pan until the other side is done.

And here’s what you get!

Dessert was kettle corn.

Note to self: Tomorrow I need greens badly, I feel overly carb-y.


Another day of work. Another home-made sandwich.

You know the drill. Subway to work, starbucks run for an AM caffeine dose (grande soy latte), work work work work…

Here’s the rest of what I packed for myself. The apple was HUGE which is why I sliced it (to enjoy in multiple sessions). With lunch I had a soy latte and then another refilled cup of plain soymilk.

I (again) skipped the gym – this week is just NOT happening in the work out department! Instead, I had some dates and another soy latte on the way home from work. So much better than running on the elliptical!

New bread!!! (sorry the picture is so dark)

The newest product I bought to try out was sprouted soy crunch bread by Alvarado Street bakery. It is made with organic and live sprouted grains PLUS has extra soy protein. More importantly it is GOOD. This is by far my fav bread now. It’s soft, unlike Ezekiel’s breads, and I love the crust with the crunchy grains, as well as the nooks and crannies in the bread that allow more places for condiments to catch in…mmm.

I had a few pieces with hummus…

and a few others with a fresh organic avocado…
and finally a few more with avo plus vegan “chicken” spread…

Then I had a few more pieces with the last bit of hummus…this bread is dangerously good.

Dessert was dried edamame.