Checklist fun


Who doesn’t love a nice organized to-do list?

This past week was a little different because Kyle was out of town a few nights working.  But he came home to sleep a little bit in between (night shifts).  And he wanted me to pack all his food so he wouldn’t eat crap on the road.  Hence the need for a very mapped out menu.  I can’t stay organized without it all written out nowadays.  My head is too full of other crap (like the tune to head shoulders knees and toes…make it go away!).

Breakfast prep:

  • breakfast burritos <— so easy
  • hash browns (made in the oven, see below)
  • pancakes (pre-made batter so it was ready to go in the AM)
  • hard boiled eggs (also for snacks & lunches)

IMG_2052 IMG_2041 IMG_2047

Lunch prep:

  • mac n cheese casserole
  • tomato “meat” sauce pasta (with TVP)

IMG_2093 IMG_2157 IMG_2159

Dinner prep:

IMG_2053 IMG_2055 IMG_2056 IMG_2062

Snack prep:

  • make protein balls
  • chop veggies (for lunch salads too)
  • hard boil eggs


Not gonna lie, it’s a lot harder now that I’ve got a kiddo.  Nap times are so freakin’ clutch.

I’ll share what I did with all this prep soon.  I also have a vegan crock pot meal plus an AMAZING new recipe that I’m now obsessed with.  Seriously, get ready to have your mind blown.

But for now I’m going to get ready for a Memorial Day BBQ/housewarming party.  I think I’ll start by making a checklist.  😛

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Comments (26)

  1. Lori

    Now girls, listen up – that’s LOVE, making food for your fella 🙂

    And gotta love the list, I wouldn’t get thru a workday without one.

    Had a lovely warm winter day here today, brunch & sunshine and walks with the puppy (8 year old lab x border collie). Back to work tomorrow, fella off to Melbourne for work – life goes on!

    Howdy P x


  2. Beth

    Elise, do you have the recipe for your protein balls? Enjoy your Memorial day open house. Hope to see pics.

  3. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    This is impressive!! I REALLY need to get better about food prep. I have the food planning down pretty well, but prepping would certainly help to save me a lot of time during the week.

  4. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    What protein ball recipe do you use?

  5. Elise (Post author)

    nope. no recipe. just winged it.

  6. Elise (Post author)

    no recipe. just winged it.

  7. Beth

    How did you make it? I have no idea how to even attempt to make one. I would appreciate it greatly.

  8. Elise (Post author)

    i didnt write it down. if i had, id post the recipe, but i dont remember.

  9. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    It’s so nice that you and Kyle are both committed to eating and living healthy and put the time into making that possible even when your out of the house. I can’t wait for this new recipe, your meals are always so healthy and creative.

  10. Courtney

    I am obsessed with making to-do lists, check lists, grocery lists, lists to organize all of my lists…I would be lost without them!


  11. sarah

    There are huuuuundreds of protein ball recipes out there, look it up!

  12. sarah

    And the award for Best Wife goes to..*drumroll*…Elise! You must really like Kyle or sumthin :D.
    I admire your organisation, I was not blessed in that department. Pretty sure I’ve never made a checklist , for anything, ever.
    But that pan of brussels sure makes me happy. That looks about right for one serving for me :p, ( I <3 brussel sprouts so dang much).

    Hope the BBQ was FUN!

  13. Beth

    okay, sorry.

  14. Kathleen


    I am newly on a low fodmap diet (last few weeks) and I am love love loving your site. I am trying to read every post I can and love the food you eat.

    I have a son who was born the month before yours (Jan. 5th) and am trying to get my IBS-C under control. It is hard though but my goodness eating low fodmaps makes such a world of difference. I went to a party today where the options were veggie tamales, rice, beans, avocados and fresh salsa and I went to town on that since I am breastfeeding too and hungry. I also had tons of fruit. I will have to keep it low fodmaps tomorrow. Sigh.

    Anyway I wanted to tell you that although I am vegan, I never had seitan. I am now in love. I made a BBQ version of seitan before but it tasted like bread. I like it super chewy too. I will have to try your recipe, I have been eating upton’s.

    Your site is motivating me to be more dedicated to eating low fodmaps. My issue lately has been getting vegan cake at WF and then eating the whole slice and getting sick. Must stop now. Also I think eating high fodmaps affects my son as well. I hear that babies inherit the gut flora of their mother’s. He is gassy, miserable and constipated now that I have been eating so much wheat and sugar. Do you notice a change in your son if you eat high fodmaps?

  15. Emily

    Lists save my life. Literally. Working two jobs and taking care of myself is enough of a battle- I can’t even imagine having a husband and baby as well! Props to you. (:

    I can’t wait for the crock-pot recipe! I’ve been wanting to bust mine out again soon.

  16. Becky

    How is that Nutribiotic rice protein? I’m always on the hunt for new vegan protein powder that’s not pea protein.

  17. Elise (Post author)

    i like it! its pretty neutral. the vanilla is a good one. easy to mask when its not the main ingredient (like in pancakes or baked goods or something) but still has a semi chalky presence in smoothies (i like that taste/texture actually). clean ingreds list and good nutritional stats too.

  18. Elise (Post author)

    hi kathleen!!
    im so glad you find hhh helpful. and that the low fodmaps diet is working for you. ive been doing much better about it again now that i have my cooking mojo back post-partum. makes a WORLD of difference for sure.
    congrats on your little one 🙂
    i tried paying attention to when he was more fussy and not and it was too hard to try to figure out if there was a correlation. ultimately i think not, but ive been pretty good about not going off the walls w high fodmaps foods.
    i had never heard that about babies inheriting the gut flora of their moms. do you know when that starts? from birth? ill have to look into it. ive been considering trying to do a prolonged elimination phase followed by a re-inoculation of the gut w kefir and fermented foods to see if i could get some good bacteria back in the GI tract and see how i reacted to it. not sure yet how ill approach it. just doing research for now…

  19. Elise (Post author)

    i love you for both this comment and your other one 😛
    and i agree on the BS serving size for sure.

  20. Elise (Post author)

    we are so alike in so many ways. 🙂

  21. Elise (Post author)

    thanks nicole!

  22. sarah

    BS standing for both bull shit serving size , and brussel sprouts serving size, riiight?…ha 🙂

  23. Kathleen

    Yes, it is my understanding that a baby inherits the mom’s gut. This is another reason I need to be serious and heal.

    I learned about this diet through Dr. Joel Fuhrman site. He espouses a whole foods plant based diet as a way to prevent or reverse heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Anyway he has a forum which includes an “ask the doctor” section where members can ask a group of medical doctors who have similar beliefs some questions. One of the drs. is Dr. Mullin and she see to be particularly knowledgeable and ibs and the brain gut connection. She did a webinar on this topic and recommends strict avoidance of a list of foods for 3 months and then a one by one introduction of th eliminated foods to test for tolerance. She says we can heal ourselves in this way by consuming a high nutrient and avoiding those foods. It is super hard though, I plan to start tomorrow.

    I am getting conflicting information on the fermented foods and probiotics and I think the cause of the issues leads to one answer or another. If you have sibo ( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), the issue is too much bacteria in the wrong place so probiotics might make it worse.

    Do you feel like you have healed a lot since doing the low fodmap diet? It seems like you can tolerate more high fodmap foods.

  24. Kathleen

    What elimination diet might you do? I might join you. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! The constipation, bloating, gas, fogginess, nausea, lethargy, joint pain; I have had enough already and some foods not on the high fodmap list also seem to affect me.

  25. Kathleen

    Btw and sorry to keep responding-I was reading posts of your on migraines, nausea, feeling shaky after workouts-according to my gi dr., these are all gut symptoms. I have all of these and others. I even discovered the other day that I was confusing fullness with feeling ill from fodmaps. I always think I get full so easily but in actuality I get certain symptoms from eating too many fodmaps I mistake for fullness like stomach distention, bloating, joint pain, fogginess….I want to be cured already and am willing to do anything!

  26. Elise (Post author)

    no worries kathleen! i was referring to a very strict fodmaps free diet (or as close as i could). im looking into grain free and/or sugar free for a temporary option as well to try and reduce the excess bacteria in my gut. have you heard of the 4 Rs?

    you can google it more but that link is a good start

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