chickpea cookies

Are you scared of the title?  Haha…don’t worry, I haven’t gone quite that hummus crazy (yet!).

But I did bake a batch of falafel today, which looked pretty damn similar to (how I would picture) chickpea pastries. 

But before I went to town in the kitch, I got my breks-face on.

IMG_3338 IMG_3340

Coffee.  Froth.  Bluebeezies.  Chobani.

I heart my antioxidants and Chobz knows how to do it right.  The store has been running on empty in the greek yogurt department, so I finally was able to re-stock.  I actually went to the grocery store at 9 am in an effort to avoid crowds and get some errands out of the way early in the day.  Even though I found it to be slightly less crowded, the intellectual capacity of the employees was definitely lesser, too.  Hmmm.  I was ready for a second breakfast when I got home.

IMG_3336 IMG_3341

Wawamelon.  Alvarado street bread.  Mozz Vegan Rella cheese.  Apple.


Hummus lurked it’s way into the meal, too…naturally 🙂


After my early morning grub session, I popped a grape Kombucha, and set to work in the kitchen.  I made big batches of quinoa, tofu, and falafel (lots of work coming up).

IMG_3136 IMG_3138

I’m not sure why the ingreds/instructions are also in French…but either way, I didn’t follow them.


As soon as I added in the water, I was immediately overwhelmed with the amazingly delicious aroma of falafel.  YOWZA!


This is 1 of 2 pans…and it only took 10 minutes to set the smoke alarm off finish baking.  So easy (and healthier than going the deep fried route). 

Maybe I should have made them a bit smaller, but now I’ll feel more dainty when I say I only ate 4 (as opposed to 20).

I ate lunch later, since my double breakfast action held me over pretty well into the afternoon…

IMG_3280 IMG_3330

I had a nice little massive platter of TWO apples (one yellow, one red) and the last bits of cheddar Vegan Rella “cheese” and then a bowl of quinoa with green goop and hummus.


Does this look like a HEAB creation or what!?  Mmmmm…

After some digesting time, I headed to the gym for a bit of cardio a$$ kicking.

20 min elliptical, 10 min bouncy hamster wheel, 10 min spinning bike, 20 min elliptical AND Jillian inspired core training = woo hoo


After I showered I had a chocolate Kids SuperFood, which provided the perfect post workout hydration, along with 500% of my daily green intake (I’m not sure what exactly makes this flavor a kids version exactly…but anyways).  I may have snuck a falafel ball, too.


Home-made falafel success!  Portion control fail.  I probably had about 6 unpictured balls on the side, but they were insanely good, so what’s a girl to do? 


I toasted the english muffin before lathering it in roasted red pepper hummus.


Of course I needed some greens in my din din, so I steamed some brocc and topped it with vegan parm, and then had muchos carrots with a drizzle bizzle of Country Bob’s All purpose sauce.  Oh, and did I mention I had more falafel?


I’m pretty sure I am going to have dessert, in the form of chocolate, soon.  But for now, I’m going to pack my lunch and get to bed. 

Happy 31st anniversary Mom & Dad!!  Seeing how your love for one another grows each and every day is the perfect model for a happy marriage (once I get past the ick factor)…LOVE YOU!!!

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Comments (29)

  1. VeggieGirl

    Fun kitchen creation!!

    Happy anniversary to your folks!!

  2. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    Ha ha – totally looks like a creation I would love. 🙂

    Falafels – YUUMMMM!!! I am so excited as I found the falafel flavored Sunshine Burgers at my Whole Foods yesterday. They really do taste like falafels…a flat version anyway. Your balls look better.

    Thanks for the shout-out my friend and Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad.

    Hope you enjoyed your chocolate.

    Have a good night!

  3. Abby

    The Hungry Hungry Hippie loves her balls…

    Happy Anniversary Elise’s parents! Your daughter makes delicious-looking eats!

  4. lilveggiepatch

    Falafel-style patties seem to be pretty popular today. They do look pretty yummy.

    Happy anniversary to your mom and pops!

  5. MarathonVal

    Awww, happy anniversary to Mom and Dad Hungry Hippie!!

  6. broccolihut

    Thanks a lot, Elise–now I have a may-juh craving for grape kombucha at 11:30 PM.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  7. insideiamdancing

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! 😀

    Ah, I think you have sparked a felafel craving. Why is it so addictive?! I might need to pull mine out of the freezer since my hummus supply is dangerously low. Was great while it lasted but over too soon (TWSS!)

    Dude- somebody got a sample pack from Kombucha to review for their blog. I’d shoot them an email if I were you!

  8. blueeyedheart

    How weird — Osem is an Israeli company, so why are the instructions in French?!

    Happy anniversary to your parents! 🙂

    <3 <3

  9. ksgoodeats

    Did you know that Sabra makes frozen foods too? I saw them at the store yesterday and just about jumped out of my skin – there were pastries with hummus filling. I almost bought it, next time.

    If only my monitor had a picture function because my eyes were legit POPPING out of my head when I saw all of the falafel/hummus creations on here!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Mama and Papa Hungry Hungry HUMMUS Hippie 😀

  10. julie

    haha your green poop looks good. uhh what? haha
    oh! thanks for the email back yesterday 🙂 (i should just respond to it instead of write thank you here, but i’m here haha)

    I LOVE apples & hummus kudos to you man! You should get a job with pita pit and make fallafel balls for them because they look deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiish

  11. Holly

    that falaf looks ah-may-zing! yay for everything hummus – too good. happy anniverse to the rents!

  12. homegirlcaneat

    Where is ziz French falafel bag from?!?!? I want to make so badly!!! I am just craving a falafel, hummus, wrap with more hummus on the side. MMMMM!

    HAPPY A-DAY to your parents!!! I was in love with your mom faster than she could write “WHOR..” on your sisters back! 😀

  13. Graze With Me

    Yum the falafel looks great! I’ve never actually had it, go figure. I guess the fried aspect always kept me away from it at restaurants. But I’ll keep an eye out for that DIY kind.

    Ahh, hummus. I have 3 different kinds in my fridge at the moment and am sure it won’t last long!

  14. Quinn

    Happy Anniversary to the ‘rents! That’s awesome they been together for so long!

  15. Courtney

    10 min bouncy hamster wheel?!?! WHAT is the “bouncy hamster wheel”?! It actually sounds kinda fun…I wanna try it!


  16. Kailey

    oh wow love that blueberry chobani yogurt 🙂 Its probably my favorite flavor!

    I just bought some falafel and can’t wait to make it! I’ll def. try baking it!

  17. elise

    i cant remember what the machine is called, but it’s such a ridiculous appliance…theres no way i burn any calories on it (i just do it until the real cardio machines are avail)

  18. Lara (Thinspired)

    Is the Jillian-inspired core training those damn scissor/oblique things?! I freaking hate those!! Good for you 😉
    Happy Anniversary to your parents…ask them what their secret is and let me know 😉

  19. elise

    i mostly just listen to her podcasts, ive never tried her workouts…that might just end our little love affair 😉

  20. elise

    i neeeeeed to find those!

  21. elise

    i like the way you roll 🙂

  22. elise

    haha..i was just waiting for it…

  23. elise

    oh no they di’int!!!!!!! shoo, homes, i need to get on that!

  24. elise

    totally weird right?

  25. elise

    lets do it. just do it, just do it, do it, do it!

  26. The Healthy Apple

    I love that Kid’s Chocolate Mix from Amazing Grass…my clients and their families rave over it…I could use it everyday…it’s delish…isn’t it?

    Have a great day.



  27. prettyladycmu

    This is totally random, but I just realized my parents and your parents have the same anniversary! Mine celebrated 32 years last week 🙂

  28. elise

    weird!!! haha. congrats to your parents too then 🙂

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