Color Scheme?

While looking at my latest food photos I noticed a trend…

IMG_2424 IMG_2352


IMG_2636 IMG_2332

My new polishes and my recent meals are far too similar in color scheme to be coincidental.  Looks like my subconscious has a preference for certain hues right now.  🙂

Top Left: corn meal grits with Bragg’s aminos and avocado
Top Right: spinach salad with quinoa, eggs, & carrots

Bottom Left: tempeh scrambler
Bottom Right: The Better Chip chips (love!)

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Comments (2)

  1. Min

    Hi Elise! I am with you!! it’s summertime and if we prefer colors in our clothing, makeup, jewelry, etc why not food?
    I am not strictly vegan, but I eat a lot of tofu, quinoa, lentils, so grains of all kinds, beans (esp chick peas), all sorts of colorful produce, Basically I prefer the “earthy” taste in foods. And yes I share your immense love for HUMMUS!!

  2. Courtney

    Ummmm…I am sorry, but you are missing an *essential* ingredient in all 3 of your meals. Nutritional Yeast! Where is your nutritional yeast girly?!? No meal is complete without it in my opinion… 😉


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