Corn and bell pepper mini-muffins

Making cornbread from scratch isn’t that complicated, but when you have Trader Joe’s cornbread mix on hand, why add extra steps.  It’s ridiculously simple – calling for nothing more than eggs, oil, and milk. 

I made it dairy-free by subbing out the milk, but I did use an egg, so it’s not vegan.  Naturally, those weren’t the only changes I made.  One of these days I may follow a recipe exactly as it is intended…until then, here’s my take on TJ’s cornbread.


I subbed out the oil and instead used 3/4 cup corn which I roughly pureed in the food processor, leaving a few chunks of corn kernel portions to give the bread some texture.  Kinda reminded me of baby food.

I also chopped up 1/3 red bell pepper to make the recipe more unique and not seem so bread-from-a-box like (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 


In place of milk, I used water.


And instead of two eggs, I used one.  Once the batter was all mixed up, I spooned it into a PAM sprayed mini-muffin tin.


It baked for 30 minutes on 375, and voila!


How cute are these lil buggers!


I waited for them to cool (which was torture because they smelled even better than they looked) but finally I got to sample the mini-muffins. 


Ooooohhhh baby.  Can you see the kernel in that photo?  I do think adding in corn puree helped create the illusion of a more “home-made” cornbread. 


The inside was SO moist.  My main worry was how omitting the oil would affect the texture, but they weren’t at all dry. 

The size was dangerously perfect, I was having a hard time not popping them into my mouth one after another.  That sounded dirty.  You know what I mean.  Before I had even decided what to make with them for dinner, the tray was missing 1/4 the yield!!


I had some plain, some with hummus, and some more plain before settling on a cornbread and chili themed dinner


Bon Appétit. 

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Comments (0)

  1. Allyson

    yum! YUM!

  2. Katie

    I love corn muffins! Once I made them for a class in college for a project about “family traditions” – and I think I ate more than my entire class combined. They are a major weakness. Yours look perfect!

  3. MarathonVal

    OMG I am obsessed with cornbread. Although I prefer the nonsavory kind so that I can smother it in butter and honey. I’m famous for eating a bowl full of about 1/3 cornbread, 2/3 butter and honey lol…

  4. mayapamela

    I love TJ’s mixes. They’re as good as homemade. One of my favorites is the pancake and waffle mix, to which I just add water and it’s great. Try the pumpkin pancake mix, it’s so fluffy. And because I can do single portions of the mix I can easily make pancakes just for myself whenever I want, which is much harder when making homemade pancakes.

  5. cbrady3

    Would have never thought the cornbread would turn out after making so many healthy substitutions! But GREAT – can’t wait to try it!!

  6. Christine

    Mini muffins (mini ANYTHING, really) are super dangerous for me, because I just keep eating them like they’re nothing and then realize that I’ve eaten a TON. Oops. These look pretty great, though. Actually, reading this post has definitely got me craving chili and cornbread…

  7. Brown On Rice

    Oooo, I wanna make those. Mini and delicious.

  8. twobooswhoeat

    the corn in there looks soooo good! I love using that mix. Jalapenos are good in it too!