Day 2: a lot of salmon

I used to limit my kombucha consumption because the price of it can easily get out of hand, but since I’m forgoing most other sweet treats for the next 30 days, I think I can allow myself the splurge.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself after spending $$$ on a bunch yesterday.  I bought a few other things too, which I’ll share when I try them.

Since we were out for most of the day, I was a little bit limited in my meal options.  I had planned ahead for breakfast and packed a tupperware full of banola to enjoy with a coconut milk misto that I grabbed on the way to Fremont.

I had other snacks on hand, but wasn’t that hungry, so I just stuck to my banola and coconut milk drank.

I woke up feeling fantastic by the way.  Even if the herbs are doing nothing, at least I’m resetting myself a bit with this dietary approach.

After P was done with OIT (more on that in another post) we drove back to my parents’ house and grabbed V and then got back in the car to drive to Davis.  So much driving.

I ate these kale chips and some carrots in the car with a kombucha as a pre-lunch snack.  These kale chips are the only ones I can find without garlic, so I bought a couple bags.  And they don’t have sugar in the ingredients either.  They are GOOOOOOOD.  I’m going to need to restock by day 4.  😉

Once home I finished off my lunch with more carrots and smoked salmon.

Still feeling great!  Drinking lots of water with my pills and otherwise.

For the record, I am not being super strict with tiny details (like nuts with skins vs. blanched nuts per the SCD protocol).  If I concern myself with those specifics I will go crazy and nothing will feel safe or acceptable. I said going into this that I wasn’t going to make any real hard and fast rules.  Grains and sugar are the areas I’m trying to figure out the most right now, in terms of how much I can have without sabotaging my effort or feel deprived (because I’m still working out as usual).

I usually try to avoid having fish (or anything else) in back to back meals, but the last thing I wanted to do once we got home was get back in the car to go shopping.  Being limited to what was already in our fridge meant leftover night.  And when I opened the fridge the salmon was calling to me – as was the head of leaf lettuce my parents gave me (they’re leaving town and gave me a bunch of perishables).  I used my new salad spinner for the first time!  It’s awesome!  Why did I wait so long to invest?!  [It cost nothing from Ikea so it was hardly an investment, but for some reason I still had to talk myself into getting it]

I used a balsamic vinaigrette that I had gotten the previous day from the WF salad bar, but I definitely should have made my own because it definitely had garlic in it (plus sugar) that made my gut feel a bit off.  I had been doing so well, so it was bound to happen.  Ordinarily I would have put dried cranberries in it too, but I held off on the added sugar.  I was also tempted to add pecans but since I basically had a bowl of nuts for breakfast, I reconsidered that too.  Avo and salmon was plenty good in the end.  And exactly what I was craving.

I finished off the salmon (so good), but saved the extra lettuce for another day.  I pre-tossed it in the dressing though, so I’ll have to see if it affects me in a smaller portion or if it was a fluke.  It was pretty minor as far as symptoms go, but I like that I’m being good about blogging all this so I can get totally in tune with the food I eat and the cause and effect relationship it has with my body.

Now I think I need a break from salmon for a while.

I knew dinner wasn’t going to hold me over until the next morning (I had such an off day of eats – but that’s what happens when you travel and just try to make things work as you go I guess) so I had HALF OF THE LILY’S BAR.  First off, this flavor was/is crazy good.  But can we please acknowledge the fact that I stuck to a respectable serving size!?!? Amazing. Yes, I would have preferred to stay strong and skip chocolate altogether, but I am being real with myself here.  I will get back on track this weekend when I’m home and surrounded by my own prep work so I can eat normal substantial meals.  I can’t find the bar to link to (only the milk chocolate one here) but if you can find the 70% dark chocolate with salted almonds it is dang good. It’s super salty with not too many nuts and has 18 g carbs (and <1 g sugar) for the 1/2 bar serving size.

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Comments (7)

  1. Junghwa

    Where do you buy smoked salmon? Or is it something you make at home? If so can you share recipe? Drooling over it!!! Btw I can’t wait to get my hands on those kale chips and chocolates!!

  2. Elise (Post author)

    My favorite (and most cost effective) is from Costco – I think it’s the Santa Barbara Smokedhouse brand? I also frequently get the Whole Catch brand from WF.

  3. Caroline @ Broccoli Hut

    Solid day of eats! That is by far my favorite flavor of the Lily’s chocolate–love the sweet and salty action. It’s kinda hard to find around here though.

  4. Elise (Post author)

    I’d never seen it before! It’s awesome. PS so glad you’re blogging again 🙂

  5. Courtney

    Have you tried the monk fruit sweetened chocolate yet? How was it? I am trying to avoid stevia at the moment (which is soooo hard!) and I miss the Lily’s so much! It would be nice to have an alternative.

  6. Elise (Post author)

    Haven’t tried it yet! Will definitely report back!

  7. Courtney

    Thank you! I haven’t seen it before, but if it is good, it would be worth seeking out on-line

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