Day 30: the real end

This post is a bit overdue, but I figured it was a better late than never kind of thing, so I am going to at least bookend this journey here on HHH.

I finished!

I went to another stroller strides class on Friday – had a BLAST (AGAIN!) and next thing I know it’s noon and our kids are still playing at the park and we are chatting up a storm. I brought an iced chai tea with coconut milk and stevia that I cold brewed in the fridge.  I started cold brewing chai tea last week and haven’t gotten the right strength yet, but it’s still pretty good.  I’ll get it eventually…anyway I had the second half of my green berry smoothie from urban remedy, which was enough to get me to lunch.

I’m starting to realize that half an avocado may be too much for me in one sitting? It’s weird saying that, because I’ve always eaten that amount, but this lunch had me full for HOURS afterwards.  So full I didn’t even want dinner really.  I hate when I do that, and I never used to have problems until I started this SIBO protocol, so now I’m wondering if my gut was super out of whack and now I’m digesting food differently? Or maybe I just shouldn’t have a nut based bread AND avocado AND smoked salmon all in one meal.

It’s kinda a lot of fat, which probably contributes to my satiety the most?  At least in the absence of carbs…? I am happy to get more carbs back in my life again, that’s for sure!

Let’s build a humongous sandwich!!  First, take two thick slices of blender bread.  Then toast them realllllly well.

Pile on half an avocado.  Doesn’t matter if it won’t all fit.  Make it happen!

Then add the smoked salmon.

Yes, please!

The thing about being full is that I don’t feel uncomfortable or stuffed or miserable.  AT ALL.  I feel completely satisfied and that’s it.  It wouldn’t be a big deal at all if I just ate intuitively on my own schedule (I’d probably just wait until 8 pm to eat a light dinner or something), except my family relies on me to feed them!  So by 6 pm, it’s go time, regardless of how much I have eaten or how my hunger is.

The family had this.  It looked amazing.  It smelled amazing.  But I had no appetite.

I decided to make a salad because we were leaving to spend the night at my sister’s after dinner and I obviously had to eat something.

It was fine but whatever (who doesn’t like soft boiled eggs?).  I tossed the eggs, spinach and pecans in home-made balsamic vinaigrette too. I brought a kombucha for later and ended up feeling great when I went to bed – neither full nor hungry.

I was VERY happy to be waking up to a fun day with plenty of restaurant-ing on the menu though because the last few days of this diet have dragged on.  I’ve done all I can do, and I think I understand my body better going forward.

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Comments (2)

  1. Veronica Bottalico

    How do you feel the herbal treatment went? Do you feel better I just finished with Xifaxin and it didn’t help. Thinking about trying herbals.

  2. Elise (Post author)

    In the beginning I felt like there were definitely changes going on. My gut had some days that I think were pretty different in regards to my BMs that seemed to be the result of the herbs. And overall I feel like I’m better off now…but I’m not sure I did anything lasting…I can’t decide it a longer course would be any different though. 30 days alone was so hard for me. I was strict with my sugar and carb intake and now going forward I am not sure how much I have to continue to limit that or not…I’m kinda unsure of how much I can push my GI tract with non fodmap foods because it’s been so much better but that’s also because I’ve been so diligent with my diet. Sooooo…I wish I had a more concrete thing to tell you, but I don’t. I’m better off after these 30 days but not FIXED. I wish I could FIX my gut 100% but that may not be in the cards for me. So maybe set your expectations for that and then you can be pleasantly surprised at any improvement. Sorry the xifaxin didn’t help 🙁

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