Day 9: up and downs

Here’s that beautiful baked dish that I made the night before.  I was literally throwing things into a mixing bowl while I was coming up with a concept of what I was going to make.

I had about a cup of shredded zucchini left and a very brown banana, which is why I needed to do something. Add in coconut oil, eggs, almond flour, stevia, salt and baking soda and you have a lovely little casserole bake.

Clumpy almond milk in my coffee…booo.

Mega cashew butter.  Yayyyy!

Like, MEGA cashew butter.

I smeared it everywhere and dug in.  I ate way earlier than I usually do because we had plans in San Francisco so I wanted to get on the road asap.

Seriously so perfect.  I am especially pleased with this breakfast and will be happy to eat it for the next week, or however long it will last.  The more nut butter on top, the better!

Field trip day!

I have no more of my food to share with you until dinner and that’s because I was distracted by these guys. And all the fun we were having.

Here they are having a snack break while we learned about pterosaurs.

Thank you California Academy of Sciences for having an allergy friendly cafe.  🙂

The “kids meal” comes with fruit and milk (but you can sub the milk for apple juice).  They get juice next to never, but it was a special day so why not.  Also, they were totally melting down due to thirst and hunger so I just needed to get food stat.  The lines were way long but the grill was the fastest, thank goodness, because it was looking to be the safest option for P.  They had a bunch of stations – pizza, salads and sandwiches, bowls, sushi, and grill.  Plus a dessert stand, coffee bar, grab and go fridge, and other random snacks (chips, pretzels, fresh fruit, etc).  By process of (allergy) elimination, I chose the grill station…which was good since the kids MIRACULOUSLY agreed on getting a hot dog (to spilt). I spoke with one of the chefs who seemed very knowledgeable about the items on the menu and told me the bread had dairy in it, so she showed me the GF option (udi’s) and I went with that.  Perfect!  Two slices of bread, one for each kiddo.  They also shared the fruit and hot dog.  Nicely, to boot.  V took the tomato and P took the lettuce, and the plate was basically left empty (both tried and disliked the pickle).

Once they were part way through their meal (and their blood sugar had stabilized) I took them with me to go to the coffee bar.  Then we were all happy.  Sitting with my almond milk decaf latte, hanging with my big kids, eating like a party of three.

I got this for myself too…because when this diet is done, I’m going to want this flavor.

We stayed way too late at the aquarium and didn’t get home til after 5 pm.  Oops!

I was beyond hungry by the time we got home.  Like my body had shut down.  Big time fail on my part.  I packed my pills and took them while we were out, though, so at least I didn’t totally shoot myself in the foot gut. But have you ever waited soooo long to eat that your body is beyond the hungry phase and then acts like it forgot how to work at all.  It’s like it’s shut down altogether but you know the second you get food it’s going to freak out and overreact and feel horrible.  Yeah. I’m ever so slightly familiar with this phenomenon and it is the worst.

Lucky for me I had a 2.5 hour drive home (Friday traffic, yay!) to brainstorm what to make for dinner. Taco salads!

Daiya cheese probably has things not fodmap friendly but I wanted it anyway, dangit.  Plus, I already knew my gut was going to react to food, no matter what I ate.  I have lived with this digestive system for 30+ years and there are certain parts about it that I have definitely figured out.

Almost forgot the avo!!  Phew.

I definitely had 30 minutes of weird pangs and gurgles and digestive discomfort and then it basically went away.  Odd.  That’s been the biggest change since doing this diet.  Any GI “issues” I have with my gut after a meal are so short lived!  I’m used to feeling gassy around the clock, to be honest, so it’s nice that it goes away so quickly.  I’m not sure if that’s related to the herbal supplements or the low fodmap diet.

I had kombucha later, and went to bed feeling quite good.

At some point I’ll focus less on killing the bad overpopulated bacteria and more on repopulating the good bacteria (meaning taking probiotics and prebiotics, some of which contain fodmaps, and increasing my carbs to include more starches).  IBS is so tricky that it’s hard to discern “die off” symptoms from my usual GI woes.

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Comments (4)

  1. Leah

    Your GI symptoms are EXACTLY mine. Gassy all day. Not eating for a while and knowing your gut is going to react to ANY food you eat. I always thought it was a mind game I played with myself. Or stress. Or food allergies. Or IBS. The ideas are endless in my head. Please keep posting your gi tips/diets/hurdles! I find your posts extremely helpful!!!! And as a fellow nurse, I feel like I should be more educated about this as well.

  2. Elise (Post author)

    I totally feel you!!

  3. Lesq

    I also have your exact reactions and that’s how I started following you all those years ago. It’s funny though after all these years of living with this problem that can be a downer on a daily basis, I have finally sorted it out. All my mountains and mountains of research and trial by error lead me back full circle to a diet that is not touted frequently in America. The young nutritionists push a diet that can heavily backfire on an IBS suffer. I kept realizing as I travel in Europe how wonderful I feel. Soooo with the help of a new doctor’s testing, my own insight(which I needed to reexamine and see through old fashion glasses) and finally listening to my father–a doctor who invented and developed drugs his whole life as a career, I am feeling much, much better. One example, was the way I ate nut butters and the way our body processes them. I would love to share some info with you if you so desire(I feel loyal to you for all the years of following) and if not I will forever stop my comments to this topic and tell you that your children are the cutest!!!! So inquisitive and happy little souls. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Have a great week.

  4. Elise (Post author)

    no no, please dont stop…i want to hear it all my email is edieden(at)gmail(dot)com. tell me anything and everything you can!!

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