did i mention i’m free?

So, I think I forgot to mention that I am no longer on orientation…as of this week I am officially FREE. I now get all the credit when my patients make amazing recoveries. Woohoo!

Let’s just say, I am now thoroughly enjoying the fact that I don’t have anyone following my every step – for christ’s sake, I think I can dot my i’s and cross my t’s by now (it has been 6 months)!!
Ok, 5 am – Bruno’s coffee. 1 pm – lunch. Side note: I made a lunch, and didn’t even realize until I sat down to eat that I left it in the fridge. Soooo, I bought a (make-your-own) salad at Bruno’s with corn, carrots, cranberries, and a double serving of avo. Their salads are good, but muy $$$. Looks like I shall be having the lunch I packed for dinner.

Here’s the sando I had packed for my lunch. A street bread, hummus, ff greek yog, lettuce, and smart deli “turkey” (nothing too inovative). That wasn’t enough to fill me up though (duh!). So I had some stawberry lemonade and a vanilla silk soy yog (I don’t like this kind of soy yogurt, but it has been sitting in the back of the fridge forever…so I sucked it up and had it).

Needless to say, I will not be buying this brand of soy yogurt anymore.

At this point, I probably should have been full. But my mind is not as rational as it should be. In actuality here’s what was going on in the inside of my head “Oh, why not have some more food…I’m not full enough to pop yet, so I still have a ways to go…” And so away I went. I had the above pictured hummus with 5 pieces of bread. Yes, I ate the entire container of hummus. BTW, this is a NEW kind of hummus. After falling in love with Sabra, I was reluctant to try another brand, but at the same time, I was eager to experiment with healthier versions. I got this kind at our whole foods, it has less fat and was more grainy because of the veggies that are in it. I really do like it. Probably not quite as much as Sabra, but Sabra is an indulgence, I can’t really justify so much rich food.
Bed time, yes ANOTHER day of work tomorrow.
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