Erin Go Bragh

Oh happy day!  I love St. Patrick’s Day for several reasons:

  • The start of March Madness
  • Kyle’s birthday
  • Green themed everything
  • Boozing (to the nth degree)
  • Random phrases like “sonny” and “me lucky charms”


Of course I am one of those people who takes the green theme above and beyond…so prepare yourself for what’s to come.


Green monster, complete with spinach, kale, frozen strawberries, mango, and Vita Coco


Natural sunlight.  Natural sugar.


Non-green joy.

After breakfast, I headed out for a run.  I made a quick loop in Central Park, came home and showered as quick as possible.  Why?  Because I wanted to be in the sun asap!  For this reason, my lunch was of the portable variety…


I finally managed to get my hands on some fatty medjools.  These babies were like the Donna Simpson of dates, which was especially delightful after going so long without them.  Does anyone know, is there an off-season for dates?  I say this because winter was a bit of a barren period for Whole Foods’ date supply.  They had wussy packaged ones without pits, but that’s not my scene.  The bigger the better.  Either way, I’m glad WF stepped up to the plate. 


Like yesterday’s MIX1 flavor, today’s blueberry-vanilla was exceptional.  And I’m not exaggerating.  I can seriously see myself bringing these to work for breakfast instead of coffee every day (instead of coffee you say?! – the horror).  I told you they were good.

While I was out basking in the sunshine, I had this Perfect Pumkin BoomiBar. 


T’was green, so I avoided pinching (it was quite delish as well).

I was oot ‘n aboot all day long, so when I got home I was definitely ready for dinner. 

For part of my dinner, I made what I am now going to refer to as my 40 cent meal.  Seriously, it was the cheapest thing ever.  Are you curious?


I have been craving Indian food for a while now…and so I present to you…

Split pea coconut curry

  • dried split green peas (20 cents worth)
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 2-3 drops lemon juice
  • 1/6 onion
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • Vita Coco coconut water
  • salt & pepper to taste

*measurements are approximated as I kinda seasoned without actually keeping track

After letting the split peas get soft (15-20 minutes), I drained the water and added in the Vita Coco water and the onions.  After those simmered for a bit I added in the spices and just like that it was done!


I spooned it over a steamed sweet potato, broccoli, and coconut quinoa.


I cooked the quinoa in Vita Coco coconut water instead of water.  OMG!  Everyone MUST try this!

irish flag

I can’t help but be a little proud of the color coordination…


Erin Go Bragh!

After dinner Kyle and I went on a walk, and we stopped into the ’Bucks for a decaf soy misto.  Mmmmm…


I ended the night with a trifecta of medjools.  Guess where I am heading tomorrow?  Home sweet home!

Since I will be out of town (and posting much less), I’m going to give you a little preview of what’s to come this weekend…


No, I’m not referring to pretzel chow sessions (although I’m not dismissing the possibility either…). 

I’m talking about the fact that Measure-Up bowls will be on sale in my OpenSky shop.  So bookmark it for the weekend, ok?  What else are you going to do with your tax return, right?  More details to come, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up since I got such enthusiasm after I showed them in my last post.

And yes, I had 3/4 cup of pretzels some time in the afternoon…who knows.  Some times photos find their way on my camera and I don’t even remember it happening.

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Comments (30)

  1. Ada

    After the Miami Half Marathon they handed out the Mix1 smoothies and I seriously drank three, they were so good!

    It was great running into yesterday and happy birthday to Kyle!!!! Have a great trip:)

  2. julie

    oh ma gaaaaaa have fun at home girl!!

    hahaha after i read the “oot and aboot” i pictured a canadian elf speaking the rest of this post. gross of me

    wow you’re an indian genius! i’m book markin this babes

  3. sarah @ syrupandhoney

    in california, date season is in the fall ( )

    but yeah, i couldn’t find them for a while and now they seem to be popping up! maybe it’s date season somewhere else 🙂

  4. Becky @ flybynyght

    OMG – your 40cent meal looks delicious! I’ve copied the recipe and hope to make it ASAP!

    btw – Canadian here and I totally DO NOT say oot and aboot 🙂 I have met a few maritimers that do though…

  5. Jenny

    I loveeeeee St. Patty’s for just making everyone have a little more fun of the day, green beer or not:) If only I was dating an Irishman for that awesome accent… a girl can dream!

    Hope you enjoyed your lucky charms:)

  6. Molly

    that is such a beautiful color combination of sweet potatoes and broccoli.. beautiful! is it just me or do you think broccoli is one of the prettiest foods to be captured in photo?

    hope you had a GREAT St. Pats Day!

  7. Brittany

    After seeing you eat sweet potatoes this way, I think i’m finally going to have to give up my fries and try it. I’d also LOVE to get my hands on some obese dates!! The bigger the better!

  8. ilanalala

    Yay green foods!
    I just picked up some beautiful medjools yesterday…they’re almost gone but I want to make them last as long as I can. So. So. Delish.

  9. Tara

    Split pea….mmmmmmm

  10. samantha

    it wasn’t like i forgot it was st pattys day, but i forgot to dress for the occasion. i wore pink and white and i looked like an easter egg! oh well, at least that holiday is right around the corner.

    yay, traveling home! have a safe trip.

  11. Angharad

    Have an amazing, amazing time at home! How exciting!

    I heart medjools. They are ridiculous are they not? No idea about an off-season though so I’m off to investigate!

  12. ksgoodeats

    E-bay-bay, that pea curry is genius! I hope you have a safe trip home – enjoy the fam damily time 🙂

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    the part bout pics on your cam and not even knowing it…OMG happens all the time to me!

    open sky. thanks for your explanation…yours out of 50 comments was the only one that made any sense Unique products. Duh. Ok, I get it now! Makes sense. I have see people put a bag of flax seeds for 10 bucks on there when i can get the same bag for 2 bucks at even WF’s. Ok, unique products.

    Iherb code. Crap. The only thing is that it must be your FIRST time shopping there or it wont work…Going to look into it…others have told me it worked but that was like 2 weeks ago, hope they didnt change it on me. But it’s for virgin shoppers and if youve been there before, it wont work 🙁


  14. janetha

    hahahah “me lucky charms” you crack me up! love the color scheme going on, clever girl!

  15. Graze With Me

    Stuff those fatty medjools with some crunchy almond butter and you’ll have my dream snack!

    I’m glad to hear you like the Mix 1 drinks, I’ve seen them before but usually prefer to make my own smoothies/protein shakes. I might have to give them a try sometime.

  16. Naomi (onefitfoodie)

    hahahah “the donna simpson of dates” Omg that had me laughing, just because of the analogy, but in seriousness that story is so so sad I just posted the vid on my blog of her explaining her story, I feel so sad for her
    I am CRAVING a green monster after looking at yorus in the wine glass! 🙂

  17. Katie

    That purple mix 1 is my absolute fave. Also, I’ve wondered about the “date season” as well – they’ve been scarce lately.

    Have so much fun at home – I hope the weather is balmy for you!

  18. Quinn

    Have not had a Green Monster since last summer. Weather is warming up, and yours makes me want one in a big way!

  19. BroccoliHut

    You’ve got me so curious about these Mix1 things–they sound awesome!
    PS I made a snack mix inspired by you yesterday: pretzels, almonds, & chocolate chips. Perf.

  20. elise

    they are sooooo good. im back from CA now, so we need to sched a dinner and peacefood!

  21. elise

    thanks for the info sarah…either way, im glad they are back 🙂

  22. elise

    haha…when i visited Vancouver the “oot and aboot” accent wasnt noticeable at all…i just like saying it 😉

  23. elise

    it totally is…also, its a brilliant flavor absorber with all those little branches…gorgeous pics AND delish – perfection

  24. elise

    great motto

  25. elise

    i know…its definitely not a food i can practice moderation with…mmmm

  26. elise

    you described it perfectly. they are ridiculous.

  27. elise

    they are realllllllllllllly good. i definitely recommend them.

  28. elise

    im in a serious green monster rut right now…going home made me miss them even more, so i guess there is something to look forward to in returning to nyc…

  29. elise

    seriously. i totally agree – date + AB = best snackage evah!

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