Feliz apple pie oats

There are one million reasons my mom deserves a party.  The most obvious one is that today is her birthday, but the most important one is that she deserves it. 


She had the grueling task of raising three kids who didn’t say no to a single activity.  I love you mom.  I will never be able to thank you enough for the years that you devoted to raising us.  Beyond being my girl scout leader, class volunteer, and team mom; the hours you clocked as my personal chauffer, paper editor, lunch packer, and cheerleader are what impacted me the most.  I don’t know where I’d be without your love, support, and guidance. 

[This is easier said in hindsight, because that night you made me rewrite an entire paper because it didn’t make any sense was not one of my favorite moments]



I celebrated in my own way.  By sleeping in ‘til noon and making apple pie for breakfast. 

Please note: I am not as lazy as that last statement makes it seem – I worked night shift last night and my body is still completely out of whack from the time change.  Apparently I don’t bounce back from travel as well now that I’m a bit older (I realize attempting to stay up all night in the hospital is probably the most ridiculous thing to do in my situation, too, but that’s life my job). 


So about these apple pie oats.  I’ve made them the past 3 days now because I’m definitely addicted (and being able to make my own oats is still a novelty after such a rough time finding dairy free breakfast options in Europe). 


The ingredients don’t necessarily have to be illegally smuggled substances, but it makes it more rebellious and therefore more enjoyable. 

Apple from Madrid, muesli from Morocco (and peanut flour from TJs). 



  • 1/2 cup muesli (with dried fruit & pieces of dates)
  • 1/4 cup peanut flour
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp nondairy milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 granny smith apple, chopped
  • stevia (to taste)


Add everything except the apples and mix well, then add in apple slices and re-stir until apples are coated in peanutty oaty goodness.


Microwave for 2 minutes.


You can add more liquids as needed (if the apples are fully submerged, they cook more).


Et voila!  Feliz apple pie oats!


It’s good hot and/or cold – both are equally delish.  My most recent creation was topped with greek yogurt, so you can give that a shot too if you’re down. 


You will 100% love this.  Unless you’re not a fan of apple pie or rainbows or winning.  In which case, perhaps you should reevaluate things. 

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Comments (19)

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)

    That looks awesome Elise. I know what to do with the ton of Peanut Flour I bought from TJs before the “being discontinued” notice hit.

    Happy Bday to your mom. Job well done. I have 1. I cannot imagine 3!

    She’s amazing 🙂

  2. teabagginit

    those look great! i’ve never actually had muesli. how is it different than regular oats (besides having dried fruit included)
    also, mom’s rock.
    especially moms in cal gear. 🙂 i was up there this weekend and it was so hard to come back down to central ca. i miss the berkeley & oakland so badly!

  3. Jan Hocker

    What’s with the granny smith apple??? Last time I told you that was my favorite apple, you sort of rolled your eyes and….oh, well. Love, G-ma. And your mom does deserve a big thank you on her birthday.

  4. elise

    That’s pretty much all muesli is so far as I can tell!

  5. grace

    aww such a sweet post. GO BEARS! 🙂

  6. brothern8ture

    Your mom sounds like she put up with a lot 😉 I am sure she enjoyed it, just as my mom enjoyed her 12 years as a chauffeur, personal chef, therapist, grief counselor, and even personal trainer! 🙂 Happy Bday Elise’s Mom!

  7. actorsdiet

    yum. happy bday to your mom!

  8. czechvegan

    Happy birthday to you Mom!!! That apple pie oatmeal looks delish 🙂

  9. katie

    These look really good elise! I have to maybe make this! I think I have a bowl like that at home!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  10. Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport

    So sorry you had such a hard breakfast time in Europe. I never have a problem.

    I do love smuggling good back and forth, though usually it is getting them back to Madrid. I successfully smuggled 2 lbs of peanut flour this last time! Which makes this recipe totally possible.

    Happy Birthday to your Madre!

  11. hippierunner

    Happy Bday to your momma!!

    I think I should reevalute things because I’m not a fan of apple pie but those oats are tempting me.

  12. Jan

    Can I substitute w/w flour (or spelt) for peanut flour since I can’t find it anywhere? The closest Trader Joe’s is 5hrs away 🙁

  13. elise

    I think so?! You may have to cook it a bit longer in the micro (3 mins?). I bet coconut flour or almond meal would be great too. The peanut flour just adds a peanutty flava flave that you may miss out on with ww or spelt flour.

  14. lou

    why can i get peanut flour??

  15. lou


  16. tickledtofu

    Ah dannnng that looks SO good! Who doesn’t like apple pie?

  17. Katie

    Haha, I’m a fan of those things. I probably like these then…huh? Actually, there’s no doubt – all ingredients are things I love, and it only takes 2 minutes…it doesn’t get better.

    Happy birthday to your mama, too!

  18. janetha @ meals & moves

    Happy birthday to your mom! Are you sure she isn’t your sister??

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