fluids, fluids, fluids

Yep that’s the name of the game. Fluids. Today was a fairly productive day, as far as days off go. Although the day’s news was mostly bad, (GI appt, OB/GYN appt, employee health appt since I had to get clearance to return to work…) I am still optimistic that I have now hit rock bottom and from here on it is only going to get better. So, that said, I started the day off nice and early today (had to compensate for yesterday’s sleep in) with an ff misto/latte with homemade starbucks coffee and a new type of milk. They were out of the skim plus lactose free kind at the grocery store last time I went so I went for the next best thing. It is antibiotic free, no hormones added – so even though it isn’t organic, it is almost as good. I only had one cup rather than the typical 2, also I am out of vanilla ff creamer, so I used a bit more milk than usual instead, which is why I surprised that I only had one cup.

Isn’t that a delish looking mug full of caffeine love.

Then I had a handful of dates before I headed off to start the day outside the apartment. I didn’t take a picture though, sorry!

After my doctors’ appointments, I was kinda bummed out, so I decided to treat myself to some sushi. I got this yummy roll at our whole foods and it is vegan, wheat free, and very good. I have had it before so I knew exactly what it tastes like. It is made with organic brown and sweet rice, organic carrots, organic kale, toasted nori, texturized vegetable protein, and some other good stuff. It wasn’t quite enough to fill me all the way so I popped a few more dates in my mouth and then I was good to go.

Another view…

Also, the doctor told me to increase the fluids in my diet (hence the title of this entry) so I had a Snapple and propel water with lunch. I am trying to be a good obedient patient after all. Then after lunch I headed right back out for more errands. I stopped on the way home and bought myself a pretty bracelet at urban outfitters as a present for getting through the day (after the kind of exams I had to have, I think I deserve a little gift). By the time I got back home I needed a little pick me up before I went to the gym. So I had some more of the yogurt covered raisins I got yesterday as well as some dried cherries. The dried cherries were WAY good. Even though they kinda make me feel full (code for bloated), they are totally worth it because they are so good, especially between handfuls of the yogurt covered raisins.

I know I forgot to take a picture (again), but I had already downed them! They were THAT good…

After that little snack, I was good and ready to hit up the gym, so I waited an hour to digest, and then hit the road to run my heart out. My work out was fair, again. I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, but I feel like I’m not getting the work out I used to. I maybe need a change up in routine or something, I feel like I have hit a plateau with the elliptical. I need to inject some life into my work out somehow. I am still pondering taking classes, but I am nervous about looking like an idiot and I also don’t want to make reservations, which are required at most of the classes and times I am interested in. It is too much of a commitment for me, I need flexibility in my gym time and also bathroom allowances! Either way, I have to find something new and soon. Blah can only last so long before it turns to bored. And I have the 10K coming up, so I really have to get my buns in gear. I don’t want to get my ass handed to me on the 31st – and that is super important!

Here is my masterful dinner creation. It is a salad of organic baby romaine lettuce, tofu, carrot slaw, and dried cherries. The rest of the tofu is below, which I put on the second plate of the same salad I made. It was quite good. I used plain balsamic vinegar as dressing. It will be a repeat dinner in the future, I can guarantee it.

Laundry under way and Olympics playing in the background, I began thinking about what dessert should be for tonight. And, yes I had even MORE fluids at dinner too. Snapple and propels aplenty.

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