Story time after stroller strides.

Followed by a gobble delivery!

And all I have to show for food is this bag of Siete tortilla chips.

Tuesday afternoons are back to back gymnastics so I packed snacks for them to eat while the opposite one was in class. Apple and pear slices on the bottom, cucumber slices in the middle, and carrots on top.  I usually give them baby carrots, but opted for the shredded pieces instead because they take longer for them to eat, which is important when I’m trying to occupy them for long stretches.

Once we got home I got to work on a gobble meal.

I actually got the wrong order, but made it work.

Frying for my life!

The good news is that the smoke alarms didn’t go off.  The bad news was that I cooled the house down to 60 degrees because I had to open every door and window and fan at the end of this oil splattering mission.

It was very worth it, though.

Check out how perfect the breading and cooking is!  I’m way willing to pat myself on the back for this because it was pretty out of my comfort zone.

It was also a total mess.  My stove was looking tragic by the end of it.  Thank goodness for splatter guards or it would have been a real disaster.  Serious question: How do you flip things that are frying without frying your arm hairs off???

I made fried rice too.

Time for the finishing touches!

The chicken was breaded in a mix of flour, eggs, and Chinese 5 spice.  And then there was a mandarin orange glaze for serving.

The kids LOVED the meal (as did the adults) so much that we seriously could have eaten 10 more servings.  And yet, we still had two leftover pieces of chicken!  I swear the gobble portions are so generous!  It’s amazing given how much our family eats, but I guess I buy the 4 person amount and half of those are kids so it makes sense to have some extra.

I gave Kyle the burnt ones but he said they were super good and didn’t think they were too scorched.  Phew!

Their ornaments that they painted were finally dry and ready to be hung. 🙂

PS Here’s a link for anyone wanting to try gobble that gets you two free dinners.  I buy all of mine, so don’t think I’m getting free stuff to promote them.  I just think it’s fun to do every once in a while and want to share a deal.

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  1. kim

    elise, I saw a recipe on that you might like. It looked very easy and nutrient dense. It’s called “foolproof low carb super healthy fruity nut loaf. It calls for spelt flour but could probably substituted with almost any other kind.

  2. Elise (Post author)

    WOW, yum! Thanks for telling me – I’ll definitely check it out. I’ve never heard of that site, so I’m very happy to discover new blogs 🙂

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