H2Oh No

This just keeps getting better and better…


Turns out denying the electricians access to our apartment yesterday may have been a blessing in disguise.  Now they can fix both the plumbing and the stove/oven “issues” at the same time while I vacate the apartment for greener pastures (by which, of course, I mean Starbucks).  That’s the only positive thing I can say about being without water for the majority of the day. 

I woke up early to clean the apartment and make myself presentable, and at 8:45 on the dot the doorbell rang and next thing I knew there were a dozen men invading my kitchen and living room. 

Tools belts on my pristine kitchen countertop. 

Work boots with who-knows-what all over them on my hard wood floors. 

For my sanity and theirs, I had to leave. 


So I grabbed a slice of pumpkin banana bread and my computer and walked to Starbucks. 

In my haste to get out the door I left my travel mug on the kitchen counter.  Annoying.


After hours of internet-filled fun, I found myself all out of errands requiring wi-fi access…and rocking an extreme coffee buzz.  I’ve been trying to limit my coffee consumption on non-work days to one cup (please disregard the fact that I still haven’t started nursing, so technically speaking ALL days are non-work day).  My tolerance must be shifting because after two cups of Estima blend I was feeling slightly jittery. 



It wasn’t a coincidence that I went to the Starbucks on Montana that was across the street from Whole Foods.  These things are very calculated. 


I’m pretty obsessed with Whole Foods’ soft pretzels.  They are ridiculously fluffy on the inside with a perfectly browned outside.  This one was still warm too. 


I’m going to have to make my own soft pretzels soon.  I think they could be simple enough.  The warm dough was the perfect vehicle for the egg-less tofu salad.


Feeling like a treat, I opted for a seasonal specialty. 


Gingerbread!  It’s not too early is it?  Maybe don’t answer that…

After finishing lunch, I was bored out of my mind and since I couldn’t think of anything else to do in the area, I decided to head back home. 

Unfortunately, the apartment was (still) a complete and utter DISASTER zone.

I could hardly even tell which room was the kitchen.  I did an immediately about-face and marched myself back to Montana Ave…


I went to a different Starbucks because I didn’t want the employees to think I was some java dependent hobo (I’d already spent over 4 hours camped out there, so it’s hardly rational that another hour would be the tipping point, but still…). 

Knowing my body probably couldn’t handle much more caffeine, I switched to tea (with almost as much soymilk as water). 


The rest of the afternoon passed by slower than blackstrap molasses in (a New York) January.  Tick tock. 

As much as I wanted to drive to the mall, I knew that would lead to $$$$.  So I refrained and kept plugging away at random internet tasks.  I went for a walk.  I chatted with my mom.  I read blogs.  And eventually, I returned to an empty apartment. 


For dinner, I went with comfort food…which for me, means sweet potato “fries” and a beast of a salad.


In the salad: romaine lettuce, chickpeas, almond slivers, crispy rice noodles, with a dressing of EVOO, Bragg’s liquid aminos, and nutritional yeast


Unpictured: a gallon or two of ketchup with the sweet potato fries.


After dinner, Kyle and I headed to a bar on Wilshire, called South.

Apparently ESPN voted it as one of the top 8 sports bars in America.  I don’t quite know why…it wasn’t really anything extraordinary…but whatever.  It was fun. 

The menu is VERY Southern, so it’s a good thing I had dinner beforehand.  Even the red beans & rice dish had sausage. 

Anyways, my sister and parents are visiting this weekend so I’ll be living it up with them.  Have a good one!

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Comments (16)

  1. Katie

    I’d like to hang out with you at starbucks all day and get jittery from coffee overload. Also, I think I’m stealing your fries/salad idea for my dinner tonight.

    Oh, and I had gingerbread yesterday – so it’s not too early. Or, if it IS, you are not alone. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I love WF’s gingerbread =). And the Starbucks one when it comes out!

    Not to be creepy, but I think we’re Santa Monica neighbors! I live just a few blocks from Montana and love reading your restaurant/outing posts! And agreed…South, not too impressive.

    Take care!

  3. Mama Pea

    Not to be Ms. Spammy Spammerton, but if you need a good pretzel recipe…


  4. elise

    I like it. Thanks 🙂

  5. elise

    Hi neighbor!!

  6. traynharder23

    the gingerbread is pretty good- what did you think ? molassy-sassy. i haven’t tried the cornbread, have you?

    hahah hey! santa monica! i was there today gymming it up!

  7. elise

    I realllly liked it perfect molasses-ness. Maybe a trip back today? Yeah. It was THAT good.

  8. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries

    How did I not know WF made soft pretzels like that? They look yummy not to mention that gingerbread!! Gingerbread and pumpkin bread are my FAVORITE. I must try WF’s!

  9. zoe (and the bealtes)

    trust me, we love our regulars! (i work at starbucks :))

  10. cleaneatingchelsey

    haha i <3 that

  11. cleaneatingchelsey

    Okay I hated it when I lived in an apartment and they would send people to do things! I also didn’t like that they had access to our apartment whenever – I dont think I could be a tennant again!

    I was just saying last week I wanted to make some pretzels!

  12. BroccoliHut

    So I’ve decided after reading this post that I might have to make a special trip to WF just to see if I can find one of those luscious pretzels!

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Nothing like moving into a bldg and all of a sudden every single repair has to be done…on your lease. Like why couldnt this sh*t have been handled 60 days ago or 6 mos ago or in a year when you wont be there anyway…omg I have this kind of luck. At least you dont have a kid w/ you to try to kill 4 hrs without water or power or a stove or whatever but still it’s highly annoying, i feel your pain!

    I love gingerbread. It’s never to early. Dare i say, not really a pumpkin fan and am truly reason for P Season to be over and for GBread season to begin!

    That said, your Banana Pumpkin Bread is the star of the season!

  14. Katie

    Oh god, that happened ALL the time when I was growing up. No hot water, no heat… oh, apartment living! Boo.

    I am kind of obsessed with soft pretzels but never have them! Ari’s brother sometimes gets the frozen kind and the kitchen always smells heavenly when he bakes ’em up.

    Have fun with your fam!

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