Hawaiian Hiking

Since I got a question on my last post about this, and I feel like it’s a topic people are interested in, I will recap my answer.

Q: Any advice on how to squeeze in exercise while on vacay?  Those darn hotels make you pay (a lot!) extra to use their gyms.

A: Unfortunately it’s usually the really nice (read: really $$) hotels that give you free gym access, so unless you wanna shell out the big bucks, there are a few simple tricks you can use.

1)  All hotels have staircases, so if you are looking to do some cardio to get your heart rate up, do some intervals on the stairs.  You can create some good workouts with just a few flights, and most people use the elevators in multi-floor hotels, so you probably won’t encounter too many people. 
2)  Download workouts on your computer, iTunes, or bring DVDs with you.  Who says you cant do a quick sesh in the room, whether it’s with Jillian or yogadownloads.com there are tons of workouts available if you do some prep work before you leave.
3)  Health and fitness mags always have exercise activities/ideas in them.   You can follow a workout plan or modify it to meet your time/resources available.  No free weights in the room?  Grab some water bottles and lift away!


The most important thing is to PLAN AHEAD.  If you want to make sure you exercise while you are on vacation, you have to make it easy for yourself while you are there.  It’s so easy to think of excuses once you are in vacation mode, so the fewer obstacles, the more likely you are to stick to it. 

So bring exercise magazines & DVDs, make workout playlists, pack your gym clothes, and tell people you are traveling with ahead of time, you will be working out.  Who knows, you may just be their inspiration to follow suit!

However, when all is said and done, it’s important to remember, you ARE on vacation.  Balance is equally as beneficial to your health, so make sure you don’t forget that.  Know when to relax, and don’t feel guilty if you miss a day or don’t get in all the fitness routines you had planned.

Hope that helps 🙂


Personally, I’ve been staying pretty active while here in Maui (which is my idea of a vacation).  There is a fitness center, which we have access to as owners, but I’ve been running on the beach and swimming around in the pool/ocean more than anything else.  It seems pretty obvious, but I figure I can go on the treadmill or elliptical back in NY, so while here, I am going to enjoy the scenery.  Of course, my cardio here is NOTHING like it is back home.  I’ve never done more than 30 minutes, and I don’t really care to.  I just like getting my endorphins flowing.

Today we went on a hike, which involved lots of rock climbing, and even some swimming to get to certain areas.  There were gorgeous waterfalls (and even a naked couple bathing on the rocks) along the way…

SO fun!! 

Here we are at the beginning, in the (more wide open area) of the bamboo lined trail…


**Please disregard my ridiculous “outfit” – there were areas where you had to swim through Kombucha swamp water to get to the next part of the trail, so sneakers and a bathing suit were the most practical option.  Hideous as it was.

And we’re off!


Clearing/Waterfall #1  My dad went for a dip, but we didn’t stay long…because…


…if you zoom in…and look up…SURPRISE!  Sure, I’m a hippie and all, but public nudity is not exactly my cup of tea venti coffee.

Yeah, so we forged ahead…there were some seriously treacherous points in this climb, but eventually we made it to the top.  Has my paler than porcelain skin blinded you all yet?

IMG_2411 IMG_2409

After this, we had to leave our clothes and cameras on the rocks to jump in and swim to the last waterfall…


We had fun on the way back.  Such dorks.

IMG_2417 IMG_2421

Almost there…


Just one last muddy landslide to trip down gracefully descend.  Good thing there were bamboo ropes to hold onto.


We made it!

This was SO much fun, I loved that we had to find our way through bamboo forests and semi-submerged water trails…and had to hike and swim to reach the final destination…it felt like an adventure! 

Kyle’s flight arrives today, so he will be here the next whole week.  Hooray!!

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Comments (21)

  1. kialtny

    Came across your blog on a Google search (creepy, I know- sorry) LOL. Looks like you are having a great time & I especially love your tips on how to exercise on vaca. I’ll def be keeping that in mind when I go to Florida next month!!

  2. jenngirl

    Awesome pics! I think taking advantage of the scenery for some physical activity is definitely the way to go!

  3. Courtney

    Wow–those photos are so beautiful! Too bad about the public nudity because that waterfall looks SO freaking amazing…I am kind of surprised whoever was going sans clothing didn’t care that you and your fam were there and cover up! Whatever works, right?!

    Running on the beach sounds like a great vacay workout!


  4. Jessica (jesslikesithot)

    Gorgeous views, gorgeous bod! haha! I’m so glad you’re having a good time Elise, and glad you’ve been able to squeeze in some enjoyable runs on the beach-beats the treadmill and busy NY streets no?! 🙂

  5. ksgoodeats

    Ahh so much fun!! Hey – don’t knock the pale broads 🙂 When we have our hummus/coffee fest we can blind the world with our legs!

  6. Gena (Choosing Raw)

    Amazing photos! I am so envious.

  7. insideiamdancing

    wow…that scenery blew me away! I’d be all over those trails too and not spending time cooped up in a gym!

    enjoy your time with Kyle! 😀

  8. elise

    haha, well thanks for stopping by, no matter how you found me! have fun in florida! hope you’ll continue to read 🙂

  9. Suzanne

    Beautiful pics! I miss Hawaii so much, it hurts! Hey! Maybe that’s the cause of my back pain? Missing Hawaii?

  10. Lara (Thinspired)

    Beautiful! I am so jealous, but so glad you are having a great time!

  11. snackface

    Bahaha you killed me with the Kombucha swamp. So true, so true. I love the hiking pics. It’s absolutely goregous! Is that your fit mama with those killer abs? Who is that person? Goodness, get it girrrrl! And I appreciate the porcelain skin. I’m right there witchoo girl! Have a lovely time with Kyle! Yayyy!

  12. elise

    yup, that’s my momz. both my parents are in killer shape. thank you genetics 🙂

  13. emily

    HOW FUN! It looks so pretty and cool to walk through and explore!

  14. Katrina (gluten free gidget)

    Gorgeous pics! Hiking is the best vacay activity!

  15. Quinn

    It’s funny, but I enjoy working out so much more when I’m on vacation!

  16. Nicole of Raspberry Stethoscope

    Hey, sweet blog! I’m an RN too. Have an interview on Tuesday to hopefully start a Critical Care Internship program.

  17. elise

    thanks nicole! good luck!!

  18. Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum

    oh my gosh what a fun adventure!! It looks like you guys had a blasttttt 🙂

  19. julie

    Ahhh such a good time!! Have lots of fun now that Kyle is there!!

  20. Erin

    That looks like such a good time! I love your outfit! Sexy sexy!

  21. James

    I think the bathing suit-sneaker combo looks great! Your legs look way skinnier like that.

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