Jan goal reeval/ new Feb goals

In hindsight, I realize my January goals may have been a bit ambitious.  I really did try to do a lot of them, so let’s see where I ended up.

1. Take my first yoga class (well, I did buy a yoga for dummies pamphlet and tried a class on exercise on demand TV)

2. Go to spinning class (yup, I heart spinning, I should really go more often) 

3. Make my own sushi (oops, maybe next month…)

4. Dinner at Candle 79 with Jess  (yup, although we went to Blossom instead)

5. Draw (yup)

6. Get a massage (well, I ended up going to Mexico, so I think that counts as my relaxing pampering treat for the month)

7. Visit friends in Philly (oops, maybe next month?)

8. Try a new vegan restaurant (Nanoosh)

9. Volunteer (All the orientation classes were full, but I did donate to Meghann’s cause, so I think that should count)

10. Read (Remember Me, Twilight, etc.)

So, now I have to figure out where I can improve and what my Feb goals should be.  Stay tuned!

February goals

1. Take a weekend trip somewhere

2. Volunteer

3.  Go to the dentist

4. Go to a new vegan restaurant with Jess

5. Take another spinning class

6.  YOGA!

7. Make my own sushi

8.  Massage!

I figured this time I’d go with a smaller list so I can make sure to really tackle all of them.  Plus Feb is short month AND several require scheduling far in advance, so I’m nervous they won’t work out for reasons outside of my control. 

Here I come February…

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Comments (3)

  1. ksgoodeats

    I think you did a fabulous job on your Jan goals and GOOD LUCK to Feb 😀

  2. Erin of Care to Eat

    I think you’re doing great! Those were some awesome goals! Glad to see you transferred the massage over to February 🙂

  3. carolinebee

    i LOVE LOVE your goals! They are such a good mix of “me-stuff” and “good kharma” stuff…i love that balance, esp the weekend trip one, sounds so fun! HM i vote you come back to LA and hang with me 😀 HA!!

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